Zodiac Watch Series Big Penultimate Panerai Year Of The Pig Zodiac Watch Pam00859

PANERAI is a brand that launched the zodiac watch earlier in the watch industry. They started to create the brand’s first zodiac watch since the year of the ox in 2009, and the upcoming year of the pig will be their 11th. The works of the zodiac watch, through the same series, the same design, the same craft and different zodiac theme patterns, for collectors who are interested in collecting Panerai zodiac watches, this will be the penultimate in their collection Two puzzle pieces.

Since the Year of the Ox in 2009, Panerai has launched zodiac watches for 11 consecutive years. In 2019, PAM00859 still combines the golden thread intarsia technology of the brand’s zodiac watch series to present the characteristics of the open-hearted zodiac.

Small three-pin + date practicality
Luminor Sealand – 44mm (PAM00859) is like the previous Zodiac watch from Panerai. It is a rare brand with a cover. After opening the cover, the face plate shows the simple function of small three hands plus date Design, but including luminous hands and time-mark fonts have maintained the style of Panerai. However, this watch is special in that the dial and function are not its focus, but the special decoration process and the pig year zodiac pattern.

The craftsman needs to engrave the pig and background pattern on the stainless steel cover, and then fill the gold thread and beat it until it is completely close to the pattern.

Sparsell gold thread intarsia
Panerai uses an ancient technique called ‘Sparsell’ on the cover of PAM00859. First, the craftsman must engraving the pig and background decoration and the Chinese characters ‘pig’ on the metal cover, and then Inlay multiple layers of gold wire in the pattern, and then tap the gold wire until it fits into the pattern completely. This year’s pig’s zodiac gold thread intarsia has extra geometric decorative patterns as before. The black outline of the protagonist pattern is particularly prominent on the stainless steel cover, while the close gold thread adds a lot of gorgeousness to the watch. Breath, just wearing it on your hands to feel the beauty of this traditional craft is enough to be intoxicating, so you need to open the watch cover to see if the time will be more troublesome, but this is no longer the point.

In addition to this feature of the cover, Luminor Sealand also has Panerai’s famous crown bridge design. With a large diameter of 44mm, it displays the original Pei style.

Rare circulation of less than a hundred
The 44mm stainless steel case is covered with an automatic P.9010 movement. It has two barrels that can output three-day kinetic energy together. At the same time, the hour hand can also be adjusted independently, increasing the convenience of the watch owner. Sex. Don’t look at it as a collection-oriented application. In fact, its waterproof performance is also 100 meters, so it is more than enough for daily wear. As always, the limited edition of PAM00859 Year of the Pig Zodiac Watch is limited to 88 pieces, which means auspiciousness, but also means that people who can really get this special edition are actually quite limited.

Luminor Sealand Year of the Pig Zodiac Watch

PAM00859 / Stainless steel material / P.9010 self-winding movement / Hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / Sparsell gold thread inlay cover / Sapphire crystal surface / Water-resistant 100 meters / Diameter 44mm / Limit 88 pieces / Reference price : 160,000 RMB