With A Precision Chronograph Watch, Let The Troubles Of Late Be Swept Away

Being late is always dealing with people to a greater or lesser extent. Presumably everyone has had a late meeting due to a timing error on the watch or the appointment did not arrive as scheduled. Then a precision chronograph watch is the only option to get rid of the lateness.
Recommended watch: Athens Sonata Bell

 Accompanied by the unique design of the Sonata bell, and its precise performance that cannot be ignored. The Sonata Bell is a mechanical watch with its own patented self-winding movement. It took seven years for the dream team, engineers and technicians of Athens Watch to develop this homemade movement, showing unprecedented precision and multiple functions. The movement combines 22K gold automatic disc and silicon anchor escapement. The anchor escapement and escape wheel are made of silicon, which is an innovation. The silicon balance spring and the highly acclaimed Athens inertia balance wheel have further improved the accuracy of the Sonata bell watch, which is another innovative result of the Athens watch. The brand is constantly exploring and applying novel materials, producing all silicon watch parts through its group member Sigatec.
 Related watch information: Choosing to hide the perfect perpetual calendar system to operate under the faceplate, without revealing this sophisticated mechanical component, is purely a technical consideration. This perpetual calendar watch not only can accurately indicate the day, date and month, but also has a moon phase disk to watch the moon’s profit and loss. This C. 58 million calendar module is unique in that it consists of a disc that rotates only every 4 years on its axis. The grooves of different depths on the edge of the disc represent different lengths of the month mechanism. More specifically, different from the clockwise moon phase disk design, Mr. Gerd-Rudiger. Lang follows the anti-clockwise moon phase etiquette of the ancient pocket watch, making the subverted traditional moon phase more attractive.
Recommended watch: Bell & Ross BR01 Paratroopers Tourbillon Watch

 Bell & Ross’s original goal: to become part of the history of traditional Swiss watchmaking, to design the ideal professional timepiece to face the challenges of extreme environments and situations. The Bell & Ross watch, which brings together the expertise and intelligence of a large number of watch designers and aviation control dashboard experts, has become an important piece of equipment for astronauts, pilots, divers and bomb disposal experts.
Recommended watch: Alpina World Time Zone Watch

 The world time zone watch is equipped with a movement modified from Startimer Manufacture’s own movement AL-710. The new world time zone movement ensures that all functions of the watch can be easily operated by simply turning the crown. What’s more worth mentioning is that the price of this watch is much lower than other equally high quality world time zone watches. In addition to having excellent features, reasonable prices make Alpina world time zone watches even more icing on the cake.
Recommended watch: Roger Dubuis limited edition watch

 As one of Roger Dubuis’s finest examples of precision machinery in the 21st century, Excalibur Quatuor has once again surpassed the limit of precision and is a breakthrough in modern watchmaking. Due to the effect of gravity, as the wrist swings, the position of the watch changes continuously, which results in running errors. Although the tourbillon can partially solve this problem, Excalibur Quatuor offers a new solution. Excalibur Quatuor’s four balance springs work in pairs and are carefully laid out to instantly offset running errors caused by position changes. In other words, the one-minute offset of the gravity of the tourbillon, the Excalibur Quatuor can be offset instantly.
Recommended watch: Franck Muller seven-day power reserve watch

 The master of the watch, Pierre-Michel Golay, explained that the barrel-shaped seven-day power reserve series is retro in beauty, because of its exquisite craftsmanship and precise movement design. With a 7-day power reserve, time has become even more precious. To achieve this performance, a barrel is added to the movement. The window at 11 o’clock shows the remaining energy at all times and the seconds at 6 o’clock. This pure, classic lines and precise, well-balanced proportions are an ideal match for the design, and its shape highlights the characteristics of the FRANCK MULLER barrel.
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