What’s ‘careful’ For These Brands For Eye-catching

After two consecutive years of decline, the demand for watches has risen again in 2017, and more and more markets have begun to pick up, but many are still sluggish. When the watch business is not easy to do, major brands have made some changes for economic benefits or communication effects. So, what are the ‘careful opportunities’ these brands have for eye-catching? Let’s look at it from three aspects:

   First, some brands innovate from a technical perspective. In recent years, Lange has produced a complex watch every year. This year, it has launched a TRIPLE SPLIT watch, which is the world’s first mechanical chronograph that can perform multiple hours comparison. The additional tracking hands on the minute and hour dials allow this watch to perform stepped and reference time calculations over a range of up to 12 hours. This Lange watch shows us a more complex mechanical structure and top-notch watchmaking technology.

   Piaget launched the thinnest automatic watch and the thinnest manual concept watch at SIHH in 2018. The thickness is only 2 mm. Regardless of practicality, at least it has technically prevailed.

    Getting the attention through technical improvements is the most normal idea, but it is also the least pleasing. The cost of research and development is high, and it takes time. Besides, there are not many people who really know how to do it. Most people just watch it lively. It may be wrong to say that, and I also do not want to be like this. People who do solid work should not be left out. But think about the old drama bones and the little fresh meat that are down-to-earth in the entertainment circle, and everyone may understand this.

   Second, some brands are surprisingly successful in design. At SIHH in 2018, Henry Moser launched a new ‘SWISS ICONS’ watch, bringing together the iconic features of many mainstream brands to form a ‘Swiss watch hodgepodge’. Although this watch is not for sale, it has attracted a lot of attention and is definitely a successful marketing case.

   Last year Jacques Dro launched a new automatic doll watch. On the dial is the scene of Cupid in the car driven by a butterfly. Gently pressing the button on the crown, the butterfly fluttered lightly, and Cupid dragged the butterfly past. The scene is very poetic. At this year’s Geneva watch fair, the Athens watch also launched a moving watch, which is also attracting attention.

   Let’s talk about Cartier, this year, we will continue to take luxurious style and strange style. The high-end jewellery watches launched on SIHH are really fascinating. These gorgeous watches studded with jewellery and diamonds have never lacked attention, and no woman can reject the joy brought by this sparkle. For example, this RÉVÉLATION D’UNE PANTHÈRE watch has a total of 900 small gold beads on the dial. When the gold beads fall from one side to the other, they will pass through the surface of the plate, and will be guided by a special liquid on the surface and a specific track , So that the gold beads slowly fall, arranged in a specific order, showing the appearance of a cheetah. I just ask you, isn’t he high, is he foreign? However, the high-end western style is true, and the price is also true. Perhaps some watches are born to be looked up to.

   In order to attract people, these brands are also suffocating, but it is also possible that the brand made these changes not just to sell watches, after all, there are still few people who can buy these unconventional watches. However, it is also a pleasure to think about the results and make bold innovations. Perhaps you can also find a few friends. The so-called mountains and rivers are difficult to find.

   Third, some brands have hired new spokespersons and started to pursue eyeball effects. I have to say that this method is the simplest and fastest. As mentioned in the 2017 annual financial report released by the Swatch Group, the new brand ambassador Wang Junkai attended the Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day event. The Swatch special edition watch he wore was sold out within a few hours. Look, this is the power of fans, so the brand’s method of inviting new spokespersons is really enough. Looking at the spokespersons of some brands now, Bulgari has invited Wu Yifan, Longines has Zhao Liying, Tag Heuer has invited Anglebaby, Swatch has invited Wang Junkai, which one is not a traffic niche, which one does not have many fans . Just from Wang Junkai’s birthday, the epic humiliating gift sent by fans is enough to see the power of the idol, and love him to contract the entire universe for him, so why ca n’t he love him to buy a watch that he endorses?

   Although this method treats the symptoms but not the root causes, but occasionally a little surprise, it is still possible to brush a wave of presence. And I have to say that if some spokespersons’ word-of-mouth and acting skills are online, and the brand’s temperament is consistent with the spokespersons, it is even more icing on the cake.

Summary: The watch business is not easy to do. Of course, it is understandable that various brands adopt different strategies. After all, it is the survival of survival that is the last word.