Watches Tell The Heart And Heart, Famous People Treasure Happiness Moments

Collect happy moments
 Life is a story about love, in which the timeless and precious moments condensed are accompanied by taste. Weddings, birthdays, birth of children, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, graduation ceremonies … These precious and rich emotional experiences, people always hope to retain precious memories forever, and always remember them when they are remembered.

That’s what the gift really means.
 Every time of celebration, the Baume & Mercier watch can always become an eternal witness of a happy moment. As a symbol of perfection in a fast-changing world, the prestigious models from the Swiss watchmaking family keep all precious and affectionate moments spent with our dear ones.
 200,000 celebrity lovers from all over the world keep up with the spirit of the brand and actively and enthusiastically share their anecdote on the origin of the celebrity watch on the Facebook®, the celebrity watch has always been a precious moment for their special commemorative moment in life gift.
 Strongly aware of the warmth and passion it brings, Baume & Mercier is destined to become a luxury brand that people can afford. Baume & Mercier presents the brand concept of artistic life, so that people fully realize the value of sharing good times, which also perfectly fits the Baume & Mercier’s motto: ‘Life is about moments’.

Celebration moment
 No matter which country you are in and which calendar you are using, the end of the year celebrations will always surprise people. Mexicans will wear red lingerie in the New Year in order to get love. The Chinese hang their wishes on a wishing tree. If a note full of wishes can be hung on the tree overnight, everything will be fine this year. The Spaniards will eat a grape seed every midnight at midnight, so that the next 12 months will be smooth sailing. But do you know Japanese customs? Japan’s New Year’s bell will ring 108 times to wash away all sin and face the new year with a whole new body and mind. In every corner of the world, Baume & Mercier watches adhere to the ancient tradition, celebrate the New Year, collect every bit of joy and hope. May the eternity be celebrated!

Ling Ni, Humberton, Caplan series: watch appeals
Admiration, friendship and love, a Baume & Mercier watch will be the best testimony of precious feelings in life.
 For her: Ling Ni series watches-smooth and soft lines, sexy and soft curves, and distinctive luxury temperament, perfect interpretation of the ultimate charm of women. The Lingni watch has a beautiful bezel and a simple design engraved with digital numerals. 27mm or 32mm diameter polished satin case, can be used with different materials strap; silver or mother-of-pearl dial, decorated with the brand logo, some models even have a diamond-set bezel.
 To each other: The Humberton series watches-perfectly adhering to the unique traditional craftsmanship of art decoration, inspired by Humberton’s seaside life, the famous square case perfectly combines stylish and simple design. Whether it’s a men’s or a women’s watch, it’s timeless elegance. The two-tone dial is atmospheric in size, with fine sanding, Arabic numerals and sapphire crystal.
 Give it to him: Kaplan series watches-deeply retro fashion sport design, the sharp curve of the back and glass mirror reminiscent of the soft contours of pebbles, the dial tone shows the retro beauty of the 1950s. The most notable feature of this series is that the rotor can be vividly displayed through the case back. These distinctive models are equipped with rounded glass mirrors and ‘Breguet’ hands, and are equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement with a flyback function made by Lajoux-Perret movement factory.
 For those who believe that life is art, Baume & Mercier specially introduces the Ling Ni, Humberton and Caplan series watches, and give them to loved ones as if sharing the ideal of life with the brand’s motto: Life is about moments.