Ultra-thin Watches: The Showdown Of The Ultimate Skills Of Top Brands

In the world of watches, steady and heavy or thin and light are always different choices. Although large-size heavy-duty watches became the new trend of watches, it is clear that ultra-thin watches that combine minimalist aesthetics and superb technology are more suitable for summer. Watch manufacturers have realized that thin and light models are more humane.
Hundreds of parts melt into millimeter space
     In some people’s opinion, it is an rude act to look at a watch while talking in business. The watch should be hidden under the shirt cufflinks and slide out silently, so as not to hang on other things. The reason for thin watches.
     Therefore, lightness does not mean that the content is exaggerated. On the contrary, many ultra-thin watches are now pursuing not only aesthetic minimalism, but also the innovation and technical excellence of mechanical materials. Ultra-thin watches are more difficult to manufacture than ordinary watches. It is not easy to put three-digit parts in a few millimeters of space, let alone ensure their normal operation. Ultra Thin watches are one of the sharpest factions in watchmaking. Only the best brands can stand on the stage of ultra-thin watch confrontation and win respect with refinement.
    Almost from the 1950s, there was an ‘ultra-thin contest’ between top watch brands. Generally speaking, mechanical watches, manual winding watches, the movement should be considered thin at about 2 mm, if the automatic winding, the movement grasped within 5 mm is very good. From 66 millimeters in 1550 to 2 millimeters around 1800, people’s research in precision and meticulous machining has made surprising progress. The world’s number one record is broken again and again, and no one can predict who will eventually win the product. Today, although the interpretation of complex functions such as the perpetual calendar and tourbillon has never been abandoned, the overall trend of the development of mechanical watches is still lighter, more accurate and thinner.
Hublot Ultra-thin Skeleton Watch
    For the first time in the history of the Hublot brand, an ultra-thin skeleton watch: a 45mm diameter dial with a homemade ultra-thin movement measuring just 2.90 mm thick. The completely hollow design concept shows the watch’s internal structure more clearly and intuitively under professional eyes, fully showing the balance between ultra-thin appearance and maintaining the brand’s dynamic fashion.
    With the grand launch of the Piaget Altiplano skeleton ultra-thin watch, it once again achieved two world records and raised the limit specification to a new level: the world’s thinnest self-winding skeleton watch (5.34 mm), equipped with the world’s thinnest Automatic winding skeleton movement (2.40 mm). Success does not come in a vacuum, thanks to Piaget’s unique expertise in ultra-thin mechanical movements for more than half a century before it can reach another peak.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Ultra-thin Power Reserve Display Master Series
    This ultra-thin watch adds a new technological innovation to the legendary reliability and minimalist look of the Master series-an extremely delicate manufacturing process. The 39 mm diameter case of the Master Ultra Thin Réserve de Marche series is an interpretation of the simplistic to the essence and its horological philosophy, without any extra embellishment on the case back or appearance.
    The Jaeger-LeCoultre 938 automatic movement possesses all the properties of an accurate timepiece, as well as a vibration frequency of up to 4 Hz and a 43-hour power reserve display. The watch has the well-known ruggedness of Jaeger-LeCoultre movements, while also complying with the requirements of the watch’s structural designer, keeping it as thin as possible, and finally achieving its wish, creating a movement with a thickness of only 4.9 mm. In this way, the watch assembler can fit it into a case with a total thickness of only 9.85 mm, which is also as thin.
    As one of the ‘four people’ of ultra-thin watches, Vacheron Constantin has left many records of slim watches since the 19th century, and reached a considerable technical level in the 1950s and 1960s. For example, the 1003 movement launched in 1955 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the brand, with a diameter of 21.10 mm and a thickness of only 1.64 mm, became the smallest mechanical movement in the world at that time.
    Probably no one will question Patek Philippe’s dedication and commitment to ultra-thin watches. This paragraph is a reinterpretation of Patek Philippe’s ultra-thin women’s Calatrava Ref. 4897 in 2009. Of course, R refers to this rose gold, and there are 72 top Wesselton round diamonds on the bezel. However, these are not enough to show its beauty-please flip the watch to the side, does it have a sharp feel like a blade? The Caliber 215 bracelet is only 2.55 mm thick, and the entire watch is only 6.35 mm thick.
    The 1966 series, which was first launched in 2006, is an ultra-thin classic series that contains the elegant image style and top technology level of the watch factory from the day of its birth. In the past 5 years, many ultra-thin watches have gained popularity. This year’s latest 1966 Palladium limited series uses rare members of the platinum family, palladium with excellent hardness and abrasion resistance as the carrier, and interprets the unique and thin temperament of the 1966 series. The simple and beautiful appearance design conceals the homemade GP3300 automatic movement composed of hundreds of parts; the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions are the date display and the small second hand, respectively.
    Compared with the simple route that most ultra-thin watches follow, Audemars Piguet seems to prefer the sword to go too far. As early as 1978, the first ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch with automatic movement was released. This year is even more so for the ultra-thin perpetual calendar of the Jules Audemars series, which pays tribute to the brand’s watchmakers. After perfectly accommodating all the complicated functions such as day of the week, date, month, moon phase, leap year display and so on, the thickness of the perpetual calendar mechanism is only 4 mm, which is amazing; the large and small dials are simple and convenient, and the instructions are more Is orderly and clear.