Tian Yanzhen Appeared At The Black Watch Party As The World Premiere Of Citizen’s ‘little Black Watch’

Citizen, a world-renowned brand, recently organized a black-themed fashion party in Beijing and released a CITIZEN + Hebe signature limited edition watch set. Hebe appeared as the heroine of the party and unveiled the pre-sale signature that attracted much attention ‘Little Black Watch’ and became the world’s first user of ‘Little Black Watch’. High-level Citizens, Little Black Watch Art Consultant, International Jewelry Designer Long Zijia, Nature Conservation Association Zhao Peng, and people from the fashion industry in Beijing gathered at the Party to join the fans and join the party to ‘black’ the end.
   At the scene, Hebe interacted enthusiastically with the fans, telling her story of choosing Xiaohei, and sharing her wearing experience as the world’s first user of Xiaohei.
Black Watch Party: an assembly with attitude
   Since Hebe Tian Yan Zhen Yan was promoted to be the spokesperson for Greater China in 2015, the cooperation between the two sides has sparked many sparks, letting fans realize the other side of Hebe and sharing Hebe’s time experience with Citizen. This time, the limited edition signature collaboration has unearthed the ‘black’ side of Hebe’s character: chic, eclectic, and insisted that he not follow the crowd. All the people who agree with this attitude gather in ‘MeePark’ and share each other’s identification and understanding of ‘black’-Xiao Heibo is Little Hebe.

(Sumikawa Ryufu presented ‘Little Black Watch’, Hebe became the first user in the world)
   Under the attention of fans and Beijing fashionistas, Mr. Sumikawa Ryufu, Chairman and General Manager of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd., announced that Hebe has become the world’s first user of ‘Little Black Watch’. Thanks to Hebe for making Little Black Watch. Efforts, and expressed the hope that through the small black watch, Hebe’s candid and positive power will be transmitted to the fans.
   This ‘black watch’ inspired by Hebe is sharp and angular. Earlier, he made an extensive collection of netizens for the name of ‘Little Black Watch’. Hebe was enthusiastic about the fans’ brains. Hebe said: ‘The name of Black Watch is cool and the homonym ‘Little Hebe’ is very cute.’ At the scene, Hebe put on the first small black watch with his own hands, and was pleased to pose POSE, which caused fans to scream.

(Hebe tried on the big swing POSE on the spot, causing fans to scream)
   Talking about the original intention of choosing such a design, Hebe said: ‘The sight of this all-black one is very shocking. The design of black gold is very cool … The design of Lingge reminds me not to forget to keep my own Angles, brave persistence and pursuit of dreams, really make a new start to each day … ‘
   When asked about Hebe’s feelings about the watch, Hebe said frankly: ‘I’m really happy … and this watch is my favorite light and kinetic energy, it’s environmentally friendly.’

(The fusion of fashion and environmental protection is the “fashion gene” of Xiaoheibiao)
   This rare black design is also a new proof of Citizen’s ‘fusion of technology and beauty’: the black that makes it difficult for others to control, become a good partner for ordinary citizens’ daily collocation, and express their fashion attitude and taste through a small black watch, which is even more fashionable Combination with environmental protection. At the scene, Mr. Nobuyuki Tanaka, design director of Citizen Timepieces Co., Ltd., shared: ‘Designed with Miss Hebe full of fashion and charm as the prototype, the black case and bracelet-style strap, and the black dial are perfect. Combining outstanding fashion, the golden scale is embedded in it, creating a gorgeous beauty for women. ‘
‘Black’ out of character: cross-border cooperation that combines fashion and innovation
   In order to highlight the limited exclusiveness of ‘Little Black Watch’, Citizen specially invited international emerging jewellery designer Long Zijia to cooperate across the borders to become a special art consultant for ‘Little Black Watch’, which not only provides advice for the overall visual presentation, but also Create your own themed necklace exclusively for the limited set, so that the “Little Hebe” who wears each small black watch has their own unique mark. And this set of signature limited edition suits, in addition to Hebe’s strong imprint, is also working hard on the details. Limited edition watches are engraved with the double signatures of Hebe Tian Yan Zhen in both Chinese and English. In addition, the package is specially customized, which reflects the fashionable texture of black gold everywhere.

(Long Zijia talks about Xiaohei’s ‘personality gene’)
Speaking of inspiration for custom necklaces, Long Zijia said, ‘Black is a classic fashion that can tolerate all colors … In my impression, Hebe is actually a brave, textured, angular person, I would think ‘Hebe’s distinctive personality is marked by black, and the design of the watch’s diamond is represented by straight lines, which form an H for Hebe and a C for CITIZEN to commemorate the cooperation between the two sides.’

(Mr. Zhao Peng, Deputy Chief Representative of TNC China, gave a thank you letter and gift to Hebe)
   ‘Cross-border’ is not only fashion. In the dark tone, there is a insistence on correctness and a concern for public welfare. Under Hebe’s initiative, the Xiaoheibiao project will also support the Nature Conservation Association’s Yunnan Golden Monkey’s entire territory protection project, allowing young Hebes who agree with Hebe’s ‘black philosophy’ to do charity with idol and take this black attitude Carry it out. At the scene, Hebe talked about the rarity of the golden snub-nosed monkeys and the difficulty in protecting them, and even led fans in the audience to shout ‘I want to give you monkeys’. On the same day, Mr. Zhao Peng, Deputy Chief Representative of TNC China, brought a thank-you letter and hand-painted dian golden monkey pattern pillows presented by local villagers to Hebe. He thanked Hebe for leading the fans’ attention and support to the project.
‘Black’ Out of Tone: Little Hebes Carnival Together
   On the same day, Hebe wore the styling of the Citizen Advertising visual shooting in 2017. He interacted with the fans cordially and became a ‘star shop manager’. He served as a fashion colleague for the fans and caused a enthusiastic response from the fans. The amazing eyesight and eloquence of the ‘Hebe store manager’, who successively guessed the characteristics of the three fans, won the honorary store manager’s certificate from Mr. Ryufu Sumikawa, chairman of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd.

(Manager Tian was awarded the title of honorary manager)
   In the end, the fans gave a chorus to thank Hebe for coming, and the party ended in a warm and warm atmosphere.

(Live fans sang a group chorus led by Hebe)
   It is reported that Xiao Heibei will be launched in all major Citizen stores nationwide on July 10, so that fans who agree with Xiao Heibei nationwide can become ‘Little Hebe’.
   Hebe, He Be Yourself, Better Starts Now.