The Ultimate Interpretation Of Ultralight And Transparency Richard Miller Rm 56-02 Sapphire Crystal Tourbillon Watch

The RM056 sapphire crystal tourbillon double-tracing chronograph launched by Richard Miller three years ago is a milestone in the watchmaking technology. Never before has there been a sapphire Such a complicated case made of crystal for such a complex movement. Its sequel, RM56-01, is even made of sapphire crystal for the substrate, plywood and three wheels. Today, this transparent legend in the field of watchmaking has continued in Hong Kong. Richard Miller’s latest RM56-02 sapphire crystal tourbillon watch, in addition to using a large number of sapphire crystals to create transparent parts, has also cleverly adopted RM27. -01 steel cable suspension type mechanical structure.

The base plate in the RM56-02 movement is made of sapphire crystal. The movement is completely suspended in the sapphire glass case. It is fixed by four specially-made four steel cables with a thickness of only 0.35mm. The 9-point device is used to adjust the tension of the steel cables. The arrow-shaped indicator below 12 o’clock is used to show whether the entire cable structure is normal to ensure the normal operation of the movement.

  The manufacturing process of this watch is very complicated, and only 10 watches will be issued worldwide. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)