The Second Edition Of Hamilton’s Behind-the-scenes Heroes Ceremony Announced In China

On June 17, 2013, the launching ceremony of the second edition of Hamilton Hamilton’s behind-the-scenes Heroes Ceremony China (Hamilton BTCA for short) was grandly held at the Swatch Art Center on the Bund. The full name of Hamilton BTCA is Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards. It was launched in 2006 by Hamilton, a watch brand that advocates ‘careful and courageous’. It aims to pay tribute to the staff behind the film. Facing the vigorous development of Chinese movies, in 2012, Hamilton and ELLE MEN magazine brought BTCA to China. The judges of this ceremony are still authoritative and professional, with the director of China Partner Chen Kexin, the famous actor Wu Junmei, and the famous writer Su Tong joining. Director Chen Kexin attended the launching ceremony as the chairman of the current jury, announced the award setting and selection scope, and shared the unforgettable experience of working with partners behind the scenes.

 As a leading figure in the film industry, the director of the current BTCA jury, Chen Kexin, is well versed in the methods of film shooting and management. He did not hesitate to praise the staff behind the scenes. From ‘Story of Two Cities’, ‘Sweet Honey’, ‘If Love’, ‘Martial Arts’ to the current ‘Chinese Partner’, etc., the success of these films has been The dedication of the hero after the opening. The success of each film depends not only on the stars, but also those who have been working behind the scenes. Their meticulous creativity and courage to do the film are also worthy of everyone’s respect.
 In the selection, the ‘Second Hamilton Behind the Scenes Heroes Contest’ continued the first rule and set a total of 11 Chinese-language film awards. The awards ranged from September 2012 to June 2013. the film. The primaries continued from 2012, and 50 film journalists from across the country were invited as judges. They selected 5 finalists for each award, and the final awards were evaluated by the jury led by Chen Kexin. Held in Shanghai at the end of August 2013.

 At the first China version of the BTCA awards ceremony held in Beijing Water Cube in September 2012, as a guest of honor, Xu Zheng, who was producing ‘Taiyu’ at the time, said that many Chinese film creators have reached the international level, hope There are more staff members participating in this award. ‘At that time, no one thought that this’ Taiwan ‘set a box office high for domestic movies in the near future. While people paid close attention to domestic movies, Hamilton in 2012 The behind-the-scenes heroic grand ceremony began to push the behind-the-scenes of Chinese movies to the front stage.
 In 2013, Hamilton and ‘ELLEMEN’ continued to work together, through the heroic behind-the-scenes of Hamilton, to let the public understand the behind-the-scenes of the movie, and understand the more vivid, comprehensive and emotional film industry. Support heroes behind the scenes, and support Chinese movies that have always been up.

 Hamilton was founded in Pennsylvania, USA in 1892, and is famous for its innovative design and texture modeling. It is a member of the Swiss Swatch Group. The 120-year legend has allowed Hamilton to ‘carefully dare to act’, to create precise and reliable watches with top Swiss craftsmanship, to express the boldness and freedom with the American watch and clock culture, and to convey the concept that ‘only you can improve yourself before you dare to be ahead’. Hamilton has appeared in more than 400 Hollywood films such as ‘Men in Black’, ‘Tiger Dragon Power’, ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Return of Superman’, etc., and is known as ‘Hollywood Star Watch’. Its relationship with Hollywood for more than 60 years has made Hanbiao a symbol of the film industry, and it has also made Hanbiao understand the great contributions of filmmakers behind the scenes. Since entering China in 2006, Hamilton has been amazed by the development of Chinese films, and is determined to bring ‘Hamilton’s behind-the-scenes heroes ceremony’ to China to support Chinese movies and inspire those behind-the-scenes workers who are vital to the film industry.
 ‘ELLEMEN Rui Shi’, as an international high-end men’s lifestyle magazine, not only focuses on simple material success, but also focuses on the strong heart of men, and the true disposition to dare to do something. Since its launch in 2011, it has been committed to tapping A variety of free and easy, individual style. From the beginning of the micro-film ‘Rise of Legends’, many cover characters in the future combined with the selection of hot films, to numerous interviews and special topics for filmmakers, until the in-depth film review column of each issue, ELLEMEN has been working with Chinese films together. Row. The editors who have been in close contact with countless stars and directors realize that behind a glorious glory, there are countless unknown names to carry silently, and these names also need to be watched and supported.

 When ‘ELLE MEN’ and Hamilton Watch met, the same belief made the path to support Chinese movies clear. The behind-the-scenes heroic festival was willing to bring the hardships of the film industry to everyone, in a country full of infinite possibilities. In the film industry, we should give more respect to the filmmakers who are already present, and give the filmmakers who are ready to enter the scene more beauty and love. I hope that the increasingly powerful Chinese film can bring us an open and diverse cultural pattern.