The Latest Official Price List For Rolex 2019, The Most Expensive Is Actually 4.75 Million!

On September 1, 2018, Rolex officially released the ‘Reference Price List’ of Mainland China for 2018-2019, and publicized all the official domestic public prices for sales. Although there are many watch price inquiry websites on the Internet, not only are there no accurate prices for the special and rare Rolex, but even the price update of the regular models also lags behind. Watchoosy today released Rolex’s latest ‘Reference Price List’ and shared it with watch friends. Among the watches that Rolex is currently selling, the cheapest is the Ref.176200 of the Oyster Perpetual series, the official domestic price of 39100 yuan, and the most expensive is the Ref.116769-TBR of the GMT series. This watch is made of 18K white gold. The material, dial, bezel, case, strap, and buckle are inlaid with diamonds, and even the side of the strap does not leave a dead corner, so the structure of the strap is different from the conventional model. The entire watch consumed 30 carats of diamonds, and its public price was as high as RMB 4,756,500. During this time, the domestic price of the most popular Ref.116595 Rainbow Di also was exposed. Among them, the basic model is 753,900 yuan, the starry dial version is 89,1800 yuan, and the starry dial + starry strap The edition is 1,537,900 yuan. In addition to the different prices of Rolex watches due to model and function, there will also be price differences due to the different dials and straps. In addition, the exclusive reference version of Rolex Mainland China’s ‘Reference Price List’ for the 2018-2019 release by Rolex is the most complete version, so there are 37 pages. It is recommended that watch friends collect and use it.