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Capital LAURA Lan Siqing / Chinese well-known watch and jewelry critic / Life art writer / Founder of Imagination Studio went to Singapore for Patek Philippe . For Singapore, Patek Philippe specially designed limited editions in Singapore and Southeast Asia at this ‘Watch Art Grand Exhibition’. It may be an exaggeration to say that I came to see Anita Porchet. But it is true that in May of this year, I went to Anita’s house to harass and visit. She secretly showed me some of her ongoing plans. At that time, I knew she had prepared a lot of limited works for Patek Philippe’s exhibition in Singapore at the end of September. . At that time, we made an appointment to meet in Singapore, and I could actually see the completion of the entire work at the scene. This time Patek Philippe specially launched six limited-edition watch designs in special colors for the Singapore and Southeast Asian markets, including a limited high-complex three minute tourbillon watch Ref.5303R-010, but the scene was actually the most eye-catching Dozens of crafted decorative watches, table clocks, pocket watches and other limited works. In addition, dozens of antique watches and clocks have been loaned from the Patek Philippe Museum to display the world of watch and clock art in all aspects. Of course, my favorite thing is crafts and clocks. In this Singapore exhibition, Patek Philippe’s works are extremely excellent. I also think that Patek Philippe’s most exciting and inclusive crafts and clocks in recent years, showing wonderful works. Too many, I can only choose some styles I want to talk about. Master of Painted Masterpiece: 992 / 144G ORCHIDS AND HUMMINGBIRDS, an orchid-themed enamel-painted pocket watch, is one of the works of Anita Porchet. If you look closely at the right side, there is Anita Porchet’s signature: A. Porchet, which indicates that she completed it independently Hand painted. Of course, this work is based on the most popular flower species in Asia: the orchid, and it is also one of the few works by Anita Porchet who painted the orchid theme after cooperating with Piaget. The most magical part of the work here is its brushwork. It is quite a method of academic drawing of plant research in the early 20th century. The most difficult expression is the vivid pink hue layered on the petals of the orchid. , Has made Anita’s brains. Flowers and Birds Bamboo Forest Three Questions: 7000 / 50R titmice in the reedAnita This time prepared three most important painted styles for Patek Philippe. This small women’s three minute painted watch is also one of the masterpieces. Although some people think that the A.P signed work is more ‘valuable’ than A.Porchet, I think this work is the most artistic one of all A.P signed works. The technique of interlacing filigree painting and miniature painting is one of Anita Porchet’s best techniques. Usually Anita will blend or add micropainting techniques to the outline of filigree to complete more complex textures and color changes. In addition to the filigree outline, the works depict the vivid texture of bamboo leaves and bird feathers. The bottom background, Anita, uses micro-painting techniques to express the artistic conception of oriental flower and bird pictures with flowers and leaves in the mist, not only to the overall composition. At a deeper level, it is also the leader in enamelled painting to the height of art, and this depth is only Anita. Three major questions about painted world: REF.5531 WORLD TIME MINUTE REPEATER In May, what kind of design did I see in advance at Anita’s house? This is Patek Philippe’s most famous painted watch in the world time zone. Ref.5231 and Ref.5131 are the most classic styles. The five continent patterns are painted in the center with enamel. Patek Philippe not only invited Anita to draw a bird’s eye view of Singapore’s urban area especially for this exhibition, but also added a three-question function to paint this picture, which is about the size of a penny coin. You can’t imagine Anita. It is how much effort and focus it takes to form this colorful aerial view of the city. The trees, rivers and houses represented by blue, green and red colors, as if we are overlooking Singapore from above on a drone. Take a closer look at where the A.P agency name is? Nanyang wax dyeing style: 20092M & 20091M BATIK ON BLACK / BLUE clocks used enamel paintings, most of which have strong limitations on totems. It is not the interpretation of western paintings that are oriental animals, flowers and leaves. This time Patek Philippe boldly chose not to Chang Yue went to the clock to paint the stage of Nanyang wax-dyed classic totem, and painted silk enamel on the clock. In fact, these two batik painting themes are not unusual for people who are familiar with Nanyang batik, and even rare for Nanyang, but the precious thing is that Patek Philippe faithfully presents it with enamel painting, and adds a little enamel painting to the technique Level, this is also the style that breaks the traditional Western-style Patek Philippe painted clock, which really makes people happy. These two clocks are not the work of Anita Porchet, but they are one of the styles that I think is worth collecting. Singapore’s historical scene reappears: 992 / 150G OLD PORT OF SINGAPORE 2013 Munich, 2015 London, 2017 New York, Patek Philippe is not uncommonly special limited style at each station’s watch art exhibition, but the Singapore exhibition, Patek Philippe is also doing its best. One of my favorite works is the monochrome-grade painted pocket watch depicting the old Singapore harbor. In this exhibition, Patek Philippe really used a lot of thoughts on the watches decorated with traditional handicrafts, and used all the techniques: gold carving, enamel painting, fine inlay, etc., even the enamel painting also showed a full range Various techniques. Among them, this old Singapore port painted with monochrome enamel is amazing. Monochrome enamel must be based on white enamel, then covered with dark monochrome enamel, and then use a fine carving knife to scratch the depth of the pattern. This harbour map is complicated and detailed, and the lighthouse on the shore is even golden yellow. The embellishment of the lights, vivid and reminiscent of the historical scene, is also a noble tribute to Patek Philippe for this exhibition. Unparalleled inlay craftsmanship: 997 / 104J AROWANA FISH AND WATER LILIES Wood inlay craftsmanship has gradually become mainstream in the use of clock face dials, and the public is no stranger to the creation of this technique. But Patek Philippe’s picture depicting the golden dragon fish’s leisurely travel is, in my opinion, the best work in woodwork inlay, and it can even be said that no superior work has yet appeared. Wood inlay is a collage wood chip that cuts the totem of the design into different blocks. Of course, the technique is to completely close and vivid lines flow, but even outstanding works can only be like puzzles, it is difficult to conceal their craftsmanship. Place. However, the golden dragon fish of Patek Philippe is very delicate and colorful in the treatment of fish scales. The layers of lotus branches and water waves are extremely vivid and delicate. This is also the realm of rare woods and mosaics, which is also here. One of the favorite works in the second exhibition. There are too many wonderful works this time. I can only choose the few reviews I admire above. The others can only be viewed through the pictures on the screen. Patek Philippe reproduced Geneva in the exhibition’s furnishings. In the special store scene, watchmakers and craftsmen have also moved to Singapore for demonstration and exchange, and mobilized dozens of collections of the Patek Philippe Museum, so that people who enter the exhibition can fully experience the art of watchmaking represented by Patek Philippe. Of course, the six watches specially created by Patek Philippe for the Singapore Exhibition have been widely inquired by all parties, but the styles ordered for VIPs in Singapore and Southeast Asia are preferentially reserved. Fans who want to come to other regions want to, but I am afraid that Hard to get. Among them, the large and complicated three-question tourbillon Ref.5303, which shows the tourbillon and the three-question timekeeping device on the front, is presented in a hollowed out way. This is not only Patek Philippe’s very complicated watch with the tourbillon exposed, of which the red The outer rim of the face plate is also the main color of the limited edition in Singapore. Ref.5303R-010 Minute Repeat Tourbillon Watch Singapore Special Edition 2019, rose gold case diameter 42 mm, equipped with R TO 27 PS manual winding movement, energy storage 40-48 hours, limited to 12 pieces. The world time zone code Ref.5930, the red transparent enamel machine engraving process in the center of the watch face, bold and vivid. In addition, Ref.5067, 5167 two Aquanaut plum red styles are also very colorful. Perhaps what I love most is the ref.7234 made of stainless steel and 37.5 mm diameter case. The blue dial with blue tannin strap is also the most inquisitive limited edition model, but in Singapore I am afraid that other guests are also hard to find. Ref.5930-011 World Time Zone Chronograph 2019 Singapore Special Edition, white gold case diameter 39.5 mm, equipped with CH 28-520 HU automatic winding movement, energy storage 50-55 hours, limited to 300. Ref.7234A-001 Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 2019 Singapore special model, stainless steel case diameter 37.5mm, equipped with 324 S C FUS automatic winding movement, energy storage 35-45 hours, limited to 400. This exhibition is about to end on October 13, 2019. There are still a few days left. Friends who happen to be in Singapore can also visit it. Admission is free but reservations are needed. I have learned a lot from this experience. Big show. Join the Lochi Friends Circle Search for daxiedeluola Lochi WeChat, enter Lochi’s circle of friends, and have the opportunity to join the Lochi cousins.