Richard Miller And Baba Watson Launch Rm 055 Black And White Legend Limited Watch

Richard Miller and PGA Championship champion Bubba Watson have collaborated again to launch two special RM 055 watches, each limited to 90 pieces, only available in the United States.

Richard Miller RM 055 ‘White Legend’ Limited Watch

   Like the previously released Baba Watson series watches, including RM 038 tourbillon Baba Watson, RM 38-01 tourbillon gravity sensor and RM 055 Baba Watson, RM 055 ‘Black Legend’ and RM 055 ‘White Legend ‘They are all made of lightweight and sturdy materials, with extremely hollow finishes.

Richard Miller RM 055 ‘Black Legend’ Limited Edition

   The new limited-edition watch has a barrel-shaped case and a three-piece structure. The upper and lower bezels and the ring are respectively made of NTPT carbon fiber and sandblasted titanium. The ‘White Legend’ model is equipped with a white inner ring, hands and crown padding; the ‘Black Legend’ model is equipped with a red crown padding, and the logo and strap are matched. The RM 055 black and white legendary limited edition watch is equipped with Caliber RMUL2 manual-winding movement. This movement can withstand external force shocks of more than 5000G, ensuring that the watch can still accurately operate during the fast and powerful swing of professional golfers.