Raymond Wemb Became The Official Timing Partner Of The Royal Albert Hall

Swiss luxury watch brand Raymond Weil recently announced a new music marketing cooperation with London’s most prestigious concert hall. The brand will become the official timing partner of the Royal Albert Hall.

 The Royal Albert Hall was built to fulfill Prince Albert’s (Victoria’s husband) ‘s last will to build a central hall, which aims to promote public awareness and appreciation of art and science. The concert hall is surrounded by museums and sacred places for knowledge, and was once known as ‘The Nation’s Village Hall’.

 Since its opening in May 1871, the Royal Albert Hall has hosted many performances, including opera, ballet, classical music, and popular concerts and movie premieres in recent years. It has now become the world’s most popular venue one. The most well-known event in the concert hall is probably the annual BBC Summer Getaway Concert, which lasts for eight weeks, during which there are wonderful classical concerts and other various performances every day, and there are live broadcasts of this by the BBC.

    ‘Music has always been regarded as the essence of Raymond Weil’s brand, and we are very happy to be the official timing partner of the Royal Albert Hall. The brand’s watch series names such as Parsifal, Maestro, Champagne City (Nabucco) and so on all contain exciting stories and beautiful melodies, and music is the source of Raymond Weil’s inspirational design. ‘—— Elie Bernheim, Raymond Weil Global Vice President.

 Raymond Weil plans to use its music marketing capabilities to celebrate its signing as the official timing partner of the Royal Albert Hall. At that time, the brand will launch multi-channel media promotion activities, make full use of global markets, extensive social media networks, and strong advertising and public relations capabilities to promote the unique services of Royal Albert Hall to customer groups around the world. .

 ‘Music and luxury watchmaking have many things in common: artists, musicians, composers, designers, watchmakers-all need to be of the highest level of creativity and precision. Raymond Weil and the Royal Albert Hall The new collaboration marks everything that our brand symbolizes and will inspire Raymond Weil and the concert hall’s unique pursuit of supporting a variety of musical styles and advocating musical inspiration. ‘— Olivier Bernheim, CEO and President of Raymond Weil .

 The collaboration between Raymond Weil and Royal Albert will begin in early July 2013. For more details, please visit the official website of Raymond Weil: http: //www.raymond-weil.com