Radar Opens Newly At Marina Bay Sands Hotel In Singapore

(February 2014, Singapore) The relocation of the radar meter at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore was completed, and it was first moved to # B1-86 / 87. The store has been completely renovated, and the smooth lines are said to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. The beautiful lighting and comfortable carpets always welcome visitors.

   On February 11th, this brand-new radar shop was officially opened. Black is the main point for this store. Black glass and black cloth panels, plus mild lighting decoration, are waiting to welcome every visitor. The simple lines and design reflect the brand’s minimalist philosophy. Simple and luxurious, it is precisely the design concept and reputation of the radar table.

   There is a VIP area inside the radar watch store, which is another highlight of this watch store. Separately separated locations allow shop assistants to provide better services to customers. This area also provides customers with newspapers and leisure magazines in order to achieve the most comfortable environment. There is also a small book reading area in the store, where carefully selected design books are placed for customers who visit the store to read. In addition, the corner of the store also displays the international design awards obtained by the radar table, and a small exhibition of the production process of the radar table material, showing you the innovative materials that the radar table is proud of.

   New address: Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore B1-86 / 87. For more brand news, please stay tuned for Watch House. (House of watches / text Ruan Ruan)