Athens Original Homemade Movement Models Adhere To The Road Of Independent Brands

With the invention of the new movement UN-118, in the innovative application of avant-garde materials, Athens Watch has once again confirmed its leadership in the watch industry. Athens has always been committed to improving product quality, and at the same time, it is committed to extending the life of watches and ensuring resistance to external pressure. Diamonds are always the most ideal material. The UN-118 movement launched in 2011 is completely designed and manufactured by Athens. It uses the patented DIAMonSIL escapement, with a homemade oscillator that can be tuned with 4 screws, and a silicon 1.1.1 spring; DIAMonSIL is A revolutionary alliance of silicon and synthetic diamonds. Polycrystalline diamonds are grown on unprocessed silicon crystals through nanotechnology. New technology combines polycrystalline diamonds and silicon crystals into one, making it lightweight and easy to design. Brand new materials. It is a very lightweight but hard material that reduces friction and has the advantage of eliminating the need to add lubricant to the escapement!
Acquisition of enamel artisan Donzé Cadrans SA continues the traditional master craftsmanship
   The dial of the new ‘Navigation Observatory Watch’ adopts the exquisite enamel dial hand-made by the globally recognized enamel dial expert and the latest member of the Athens Watch Group, Donzé Cadrans. Athens Watch announced in 2011 the acquisition of Donzé Cadrans SA, an expert in advanced enamel painted dials. At the time, Francine and Michel Vermot, the helms of Donzé Cadrans, said that this would not only ensure the company’s long-term development, but also provide its expertise and skills to a company that had been in the 1980s. A watchmaker who has reintroduced the art of enamel painting and has always had a profound influence on the development of Donzé Cadrans. For the past 25 years, enamel art has been a key and enthusiastic series of watches developed by Athens. The acquisition of Donzé Cadrans has carried out Athens’ continuous development and vertical production strategy, and at the same time reflects the watchmaking tradition of Athens.
Adhere to the road of independent brand development
    Since the death of Rolf. Schnyder, the former president of Athenian Watch, the outside world has always paid close attention to the next development direction of Athenian Watch; the evolution and development of watch parts and materials has become the development direction of the Group in recent years, and as an independent brand of Athenian Watch, As early as more than ten years ago, I began to invest in the research and development of innovative materials and gradually apply them to watches. At the same time, I plan to apply these results to the strategy of developing my own movement. Unlike most brands, the future development path of Athens , Will not be limited to other movement manufacturers; in the next four years, Athens will be committed to increasing the production of homemade movement UN-118, and gradually replace the basic movement models.
    Athens last month formally announced its investment in Ochs und Junior to strengthen the business cooperation between the two parties. The cooperation between Athens Watch and Ochs und Junior is part of the long-term development strategy of both parties. First, it aims to further strengthen the mutual cooperation between the two parties; second, it also aims to consolidate and maintain the long-term cooperation between Ulysse Nardin and the talented watchmaker Dr. Ludwig Oechslin. The story of Athenian and Dr. O’Kling began in 1983. The brave and visionary Rolf. Schnyder bought the Athenian watch, and gave him full support for a watchmaking and design genius to help him develop his superb watchmaking skills. For more than 20 years, Dr. Ludwig Oklin has been given full play to his talents in Athens. He has planned to create several milestones in the history of watchmaking: the Galileo astrolabe with a gold world record, a single crown can An unusual dual time zone perpetual calendar adjusted forward and backward, the Sonata Bell with the world’s first 24-hour countdown alarm; and Freak Wonder Carrousel, the movement is used to display the time, Freak Wonder With many innovations, it is also the first wristwatch made of silicon as the escapement wheel, and the advent of this most representative model also opened the Athens watch to the foresight of investing in new materials and precision technology, and extremely Visionary leading development road.
     The footsteps of Athens always follow the belief established by Mr. Rolf, adhere to the road of innovation and research and development, continue the correct concept and direction, and show the strength and pride of independent brands!
Nautical Observatory Rose Gold Limited Watch
     Equipped with the UN-118 self-made movement, with the official Swiss Observatory certification, it has an excellent 60-hour kinetic energy reserve display and an oversized small seconds indicator, and the date is displayed at 6 o’clock. It also has the ‘Quick Set’ feature that Athenaeum prides itself on, allowing you to quickly adjust the date forward / backward. 18K rose gold model with snow-white glaze enamel dial, limited to 350 pieces worldwide.

Richard Miller And Baba Watson Launch Rm 055 Black And White Legend Limited Watch

Richard Miller and PGA Championship champion Bubba Watson have collaborated again to launch two special RM 055 watches, each limited to 90 pieces, only available in the United States.

Richard Miller RM 055 ‘White Legend’ Limited Watch

   Like the previously released Baba Watson series watches, including RM 038 tourbillon Baba Watson, RM 38-01 tourbillon gravity sensor and RM 055 Baba Watson, RM 055 ‘Black Legend’ and RM 055 ‘White Legend ‘They are all made of lightweight and sturdy materials, with extremely hollow finishes.

Richard Miller RM 055 ‘Black Legend’ Limited Edition

   The new limited-edition watch has a barrel-shaped case and a three-piece structure. The upper and lower bezels and the ring are respectively made of NTPT carbon fiber and sandblasted titanium. The ‘White Legend’ model is equipped with a white inner ring, hands and crown padding; the ‘Black Legend’ model is equipped with a red crown padding, and the logo and strap are matched. The RM 055 black and white legendary limited edition watch is equipped with Caliber RMUL2 manual-winding movement. This movement can withstand external force shocks of more than 5000G, ensuring that the watch can still accurately operate during the fast and powerful swing of professional golfers.

No Matter How Old This Year, I Will Always Bring My Own Halo

With filters, I know how important light is to beauty. With age, I understand that the halo is more glorious than any Apple Light.

Laura Lan, the main writer of ‘The Capital’, is a well-known watch and jewelry critic in Chinese. Appreciation of fine mechanical watches and clocks, also has unique insights in various fields such as jewelry, life, culture and art. Established ‘Attractive Studio’ to engage in professional copywriting, consulting, and lectures.

When I was young, I was dark-skinned, and I was always laughed at by others. Later, when I lived in Europe, my skin started to turn white because of less sunshine. Now I am much whiter than my average companion. I was most afraid to walk into the elevator, and I had to be forced to see myself reflecting in the metal surface. Under that pale light, my face was dim, let alone the white lamp that died in the bathroom of the office building. I even connected the mirror. I dare not take photos. Pursuing light is the most difficult and endless issue in all artistic creations. Thorough grasp of the light source can be like a Dutch painter Rembrandt vividly capture the momentary expression; just like the British romantic painter Joseph Turner leaves a thrilling scene pulse. Light contributed to the birth of the world. In the turbulent world, both Western and Eastern civilizations began after the close connection between heaven and earth. Pangu Kaitian said that it was the first time that the light penetrated the world. Into the beginning. The work is taken from the sound and light work ‘TIMÉE’ by French visual art creator Guillaume Marmin. I have always had a special feeling for light. The reflection and refraction of sunrise, sunset, and moonlight. The stimulation, retention, and layering of light to the sight have formed our favorite film, photography, and art creation. In the game of light, we cannot know what spiritual vibrations can bring to us. If we do not understand the interaction with light, we cannot create the design interest of jewelry. The work comes from New York photography creative artist Lucea Spinelli. There is a halo called Tubogas. One of the most important and oldest materials for making jewelry in human civilization is gold. But like all gems and metals, gold reveals solid and dazzling gold through the reflection of light. Gold has always played an important role in ancient Western civilization. Gold is also an important precious metal used as a symbol of currency and power. Goldsmith craftsmanship has developed from the sixth century BC to the present, but there is a kind of craftsmanship that appears briefly and disappears instantly. Tubogas, a gold craftsmanship that appeared in the 1940s, represents the world’s vigorous development of industrial science and technology. At the same time, it also represents the important era significance of stopping the war and moving towards peace in the world. Tubogas is a metal working process that is wound in a loop with precious metals. Due to the Second World War in the late 1930s and early 1940s, the demand for jewellery and jewellery began to diminish. At that time, the Italian government even issued an order prohibiting all precious metals and precious stones. The precious metals were put into production for military purposes. visible. But what’s wonderful is that one that has been unique to Bulgari so far: the Tubogas gold craftsmanship sprouts at this time. At present, only Bulgari owns and continues to create Tubogas craft jewelry or watches. Tubogas literally translates as ‘gas pipe’, but it is indeed named because it looks very similar to gas pipes and sports car exhaust pipes. This cute name is very difficult to make. Although similar craftsmanship may be seen at the end of the 19th century, Tubogas, the word representing the progress of industrial manufacturing technology in the world, has another meaning in gold craftsmanship. Bvlgari antiques watch collection with Tubogas bracelet. The Tubogas process is simply based on a wooden or copper material substrate. Two long gold pieces are wound on top. Without welding, the two gold pieces are tightly and solidly wound into shape. The base is removed. At this time, two tightly wound gold pieces form a metal ring, which has excellent flexibility and is suitable for wearing around the neck and wrists. In the Tubogas process, long metal sheets are wound around wooden or metal fixing sheets to shape. After the metal foil is wound and shaped, the centrally fixed base is pulled out. In the late 1940s, many jewelry watch brands created with Tubogas craftsmanship, but after the 1950s, Tubogas craftsmanship was no longer seen. Instead, Bulgari started a series of creative Tubogas crafted jewellery in the 1960s. Jewellery and watches.

BVLGARI antique collection jewelry and watches, production time from 1960 to 1980.

Tubogas craftsmanship was mostly gold in the late 1940s, but the Serpenti white gold watch created by Bvlgari in 1960 was similar in hardness and ductility. Gold has a different platinum material. From the 1960s, Bulgari has developed Tubogas craft watches made of gold, rose gold, white gold, stainless steel, and even ceramic materials. It can even mix three different shades of metal together. Layer of Tubogas process. Tubogas craftsmanship is not only inherited and carried forward in the hands of Bulgari, but now it has become a unique symbol of Bulgari watches and jewelry creation. Bvlgari’s Serpenti Tubogas three-color gold watch, created in 1960, combines three layers of gold, white and rose gold. Tubogas is mostly used on Bvlgari’s snake-shaped watches because of its entwined ring shape. Jewelry works also appear on the neck ring chain with ancient coins or other metalworking processes. Although not many in all Bvlgari pieces. But among the wonderful antique works, my favorite is a Tubogas bracelet made in 1975 with transparent enamel. Two large round gold balls on the two end devices of the Tubogas bracelet, used on the surface of the gold ball Machine-carved lightning patterns are then fired in transparent orange and brown enamel. This kind of metalworking process and traditional decorative craftsmanship, with an avant-garde and bold yet special contemporary style design, sets Bulgari’s distinctive style and style. Be explicit. Tubogas enamel bracelet in yellow gold, created by Bulgari circa 1975. After nearly 40 years of development, Tubogas’ creation has become proficient for Bulgari. In 2018, Bulgari first put Tubogas craftsmanship into the design of Lucea series watches. Lvcea’s lightweight round case is connected with horizontal lines. Tubogas ring bracelet, the seemingly conflicting combination is not an accident. For the first time, the Lvcea series introduces Bulgari’s iconic Tubogas bracelet, launching the 2018 new Lvcea Tubogas halo watch. Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, senior director of Bvlgari watch design, mentioned that when I designed the Lvcea watch, the design of the two horizontal line lugs above and below the round case was to match the Tubogas bracelet, because the shape of Tubogas is also A combination of horizontal lines, but until now the Tubogas technology has really been put on the Lvcea series. The conflicting geometry of circles and horizontal lines is also Fabrizio’s favorite design style. Blending two seemingly irrelevant objects with a unique design vision is the biggest feature of Italian style and Lvcea Tubogas. The special charm of the model. Lvcea Tubogas halo watch, rose gold case with diamond-set bezel, 33 mm diameter, equipped with Bvlgari self-made automatic movement. It is said that Lvcea means ‘light’ in Latin, and the Lvcea round case is combined with the Tubogas ring strap, like a small ring-shaped sun, which scatters an indescribable light. While searching for inspiration in the article, I searched for a lot of materials and accidentally found Lucea Spinelli, a New York-based photography artist. She created light-themed photography with moving images, chasing the aesthetics of light’s visual persistence effect. With imagery. New York photography creative artist Lucea Spinelli’s light art creation. People’s pursuit of light, from the invention of fire, is the beginning of civilization and a force for humanity to move forward. I am afraid of darkness and pursue light, but when I ca n’t get all the light forever, I choose to be my own aura, to build my own aura with richer experience and inner. And if you want to add something to symbolize and contrast this state of mind, maybe the little sun like Lvcea Tubogas can do it. Lvcea Tubogas halo watch, made of rose gold and stainless steel, 33 mm in diameter, equipped with a Bvlgari self-made automatic movement, priced at 85,000 yuan.

Richard Miller Opens First German Boutique In Munich

Miller Miller is pleased to announce the official opening of the brand’s first German boutique. The store is located at the eastern end of Maximilian Avenue in the four royal avenues of Munich. After opening a series of boutiques in Europe and the Middle East, Richard Miller ushered in another exciting moment, the grand opening of the brand boutique in Munich.

    Peter Harrison, CEO of Richard Miller Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: ‘Germany is a new market for Richard Miller and we are excited to open our first boutique in Munich. Having a place in the historic city, Everyone at the company is excited about sharing the brand’s fine watchmaking, art and joiedevivre enthusiasm. ‘
   Constructing the store’s exterior wall based on a historic building was a challenge, and the elegant architectural style became a source of inspiration for Richard Miller’s artistic director Mélanie Treton-Monceyron. In the built environment dominated by traditional stone carvings, Richard Miller’s innovative and technical capabilities are fully interpreted. The new boutique has two floors and covers an area of ​​160 square meters, showing Richard Miller’s masculine aesthetics.

    The interior design of the store is in neo-Gothic style with meticulous selection of decorative materials. The wall is decorated with black leather, and Makassar black sandalwood is like frosted stainless steel trim, which truly returns to the original brand. During natural light scattering, the curves are softer, highlighting the modernist design style. The boutique showcases sports, womenswear, lifestyle, tourbillons and limited edition timepieces in new ways.
   Cracks and mirrored glass connect the first and second floors, adding a modern touch to the boutique. There are workshops in the store, and watchmakers are dispatched to ensure that every wearer and collector of Richard Miller watches is satisfied.

  The Richard Miller Munich boutique is located at 34 Maximilian Avenue, and is open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

True Love-jaquet Droz New Year’s Gift

Since the eighteenth century, the Grande Seconde series has been an avant-garde pure aesthetic design that has never been seen before. It has witnessed the passage of time and is one of the most breathtaking achievements in the history of watches. The intersection of the two eccentric display disks led to the intersection of Roman numerals and Arabic numerals; the knot intersection of the two timed inner disks represented infinite number symbols.

Grande Seconde Circled Women’s Watch

   Jacques Dro Grande Seconde Circled watch, its gems are dazzling under the light, exposing superb jewelry setting technology. The art of timing makes the noble and gorgeous under the glittering diamond. Make you happy every time you wear it. Two cleverly crossed dial designs bring you another sense of joy: the hour and minute hands are set in the dial at 12 o’clock, and the longest second hand is set in the dial at 6 o’clock, which is a traditional timekeeping A challenge and breakthrough in the system. The pure white mother-of-pearl dial is fixed with gold rings by blue steel screws, condensing all of Jacques Dro’s imagination, like drawing the most crazy painting on a blank canvas. This dial structure started in the 18th century La Chaux-de-Fonds watchmaking factory in Switzerland. Its watchmaking technology is presented on this gorgeous bezel set with diamonds, and 18K white gold with diamonds The case is even more impressive.

Grande Seconde Circled J014014272

White mother-of-pearl dial
18K White Gold Inner Ring and Case
Inner ring set with 248 diamonds
Case with 88 diamonds
Buckle set with 24 diamonds
Total diamond weight 2.186 carats
White silk strap
Self-winding movement
68-hour power reserve
39 mm diameter
Suggested retail price: 292,000 RMB

Grande Seconde Quantième

   The Grande Seconde Quantième watch is an all-black dial watch that Jacques Dro has always been avant-garde and innovative. This process was pioneered by Jacques Droe. The dial is first immersed in a chemical solvent, so that it is covered with a perfect dark coating. Subsequently, the individual parts on the dial are cut integrally. This process requires careful carving of the time scale, and if necessary, frosting, to give the dial a unique gloss and a new texture, showing the beauty of simplicity.

   The calendar indications are all inconspicuous and understated by the hands at 6 o’clock, designed to highlight the sharp contrast between Roman numerals and Arabic numerals on the watch, and the brand’s timeless geometric balance layout for 300 years. The Grande Seconde Quantième watch is perfectly proportioned. The material reflects the effect of light and shade. The dial’s metallic light and uniform color complement each other, exquisite. This reinterpreted historical watch has a rounded shape, designed to reflect a unique modernity, and watch lovers will surely appreciate it.

Grande Seconde Quantième J007030241

All black technical dial
Display panel is finely matte
Stainless steel case
Self-winding movement
68-hour power reserve
Date at 6 o’clock
43 mm diameter
Suggested retail price: 80,000 RMB

Jacques de watch & clock co.

Since the founder Pierre Jacques De Roy founded the first watch factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1738, Jacques Rodriguez has stood the watch altar with unswerving enthusiasm, continuous creativity and the highest craftsmanship. The typical Arabic numeral ‘8’ design on the dial is the symbol of Jacques de Loire, and the technique of the big fire enamel is the model of the brand’s ultimate craftsmanship. As early as the 18th century, Jacques de Dro has created complex mechanical devices that are fascinating. Among them, the three most famous automatic puppets: writers, painters and musicians, have been displayed in Geneva and Paris in succession. And Queen Marie Antoinette’s thumbs up. At that time, it was not only favored by the royal family in Europe and Russia, but Jacques Drault also gained the favor of the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in the distant China. At present, the Beijing Palace Museum also has a collection of Jacques Drault’s works. In 2000, Jacques Droux watch company joined the Swatch Group, and then committed to carry forward the expertise of the brand creator Pierre Jacques Dro, and continue to write the legendary history of the brand. Nowadays, the values ​​of pursuit of elegance and willingness to travel in the Enlightenment era are still the core philosophy of the brand: Jacques Dro watch always integrates design, materials and professional skills with its sophisticated watchmaking machinery. Just like the brand’s acclaimed purpose-to push the art of watchmaking to the extreme, in order to bring you more enjoyment.

Zodiac Watch Series Big Penultimate Panerai Year Of The Pig Zodiac Watch Pam00859

PANERAI is a brand that launched the zodiac watch earlier in the watch industry. They started to create the brand’s first zodiac watch since the year of the ox in 2009, and the upcoming year of the pig will be their 11th. The works of the zodiac watch, through the same series, the same design, the same craft and different zodiac theme patterns, for collectors who are interested in collecting Panerai zodiac watches, this will be the penultimate in their collection Two puzzle pieces.

Since the Year of the Ox in 2009, Panerai has launched zodiac watches for 11 consecutive years. In 2019, PAM00859 still combines the golden thread intarsia technology of the brand’s zodiac watch series to present the characteristics of the open-hearted zodiac.

Small three-pin + date practicality
Luminor Sealand – 44mm (PAM00859) is like the previous Zodiac watch from Panerai. It is a rare brand with a cover. After opening the cover, the face plate shows the simple function of small three hands plus date Design, but including luminous hands and time-mark fonts have maintained the style of Panerai. However, this watch is special in that the dial and function are not its focus, but the special decoration process and the pig year zodiac pattern.

The craftsman needs to engrave the pig and background pattern on the stainless steel cover, and then fill the gold thread and beat it until it is completely close to the pattern.

Sparsell gold thread intarsia
Panerai uses an ancient technique called ‘Sparsell’ on the cover of PAM00859. First, the craftsman must engraving the pig and background decoration and the Chinese characters ‘pig’ on the metal cover, and then Inlay multiple layers of gold wire in the pattern, and then tap the gold wire until it fits into the pattern completely. This year’s pig’s zodiac gold thread intarsia has extra geometric decorative patterns as before. The black outline of the protagonist pattern is particularly prominent on the stainless steel cover, while the close gold thread adds a lot of gorgeousness to the watch. Breath, just wearing it on your hands to feel the beauty of this traditional craft is enough to be intoxicating, so you need to open the watch cover to see if the time will be more troublesome, but this is no longer the point.

In addition to this feature of the cover, Luminor Sealand also has Panerai’s famous crown bridge design. With a large diameter of 44mm, it displays the original Pei style.

Rare circulation of less than a hundred
The 44mm stainless steel case is covered with an automatic P.9010 movement. It has two barrels that can output three-day kinetic energy together. At the same time, the hour hand can also be adjusted independently, increasing the convenience of the watch owner. Sex. Don’t look at it as a collection-oriented application. In fact, its waterproof performance is also 100 meters, so it is more than enough for daily wear. As always, the limited edition of PAM00859 Year of the Pig Zodiac Watch is limited to 88 pieces, which means auspiciousness, but also means that people who can really get this special edition are actually quite limited.

Luminor Sealand Year of the Pig Zodiac Watch

PAM00859 / Stainless steel material / P.9010 self-winding movement / Hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / Sparsell gold thread inlay cover / Sapphire crystal surface / Water-resistant 100 meters / Diameter 44mm / Limit 88 pieces / Reference price : 160,000 RMB

Tag Heuer Monaco (Monaco Series) Presents A New Bold Tone

Brown sun print, white mother-of-pearl, black lacquered: Three new TAG Heuer Monaco (Monaco series) watches were launched in September, once again demonstrating their prominent status.

   TAG Heuer Monaco is one of the most recognizable watches of the 20th century. Its design leads the future of watchmaking and breaks tradition and disrupts tradition. In 1969, TAG Heuer won the praise of the world with the legendary ‘Chronomatic Caliber 11’ chronograph, setting a precedent.
   The three new watches are water-resistant to 100 meters, with a square case and a quartz movement. They are precise and reliable.
   White mother-of-pearl models set with diamonds, and brown sunburst models are adorned with rose gold. For added comfort, the black lacquered and white mother-of-pearl models are paired with crocodile leather straps.
   With the introduction of the new watch, TAG Heuer will further enrich the iconic watch series.

Lvmh Group Jewellery And Watch Division Chairman Resigns As Private Equity Partner

After leaving the post of chairman of the LVMH Group’s jewelry watch department on March 1, FrancescoTrapani, the fourth generation heir of the Bulgari (extended location information) family, quickly changed his status: he joined Italy Private equity fund Clessidra serves as Executive Vice-Chairman and becomes a shareholder and partner of Clessidra.

RapTrapani has been in charge of Bulgari since 1984 and has grown the family business into Europe’s second largest jewelry brand with annual sales of 1 billion euros. In early 2011, he led the historic transformation of the LVMH group.

Despite leaving LVMH’s specific management work, since the Bulgari family (through a share swap) is the second largest shareholder of LVMH, Trapani is still a member of LVMH’s board of directors and also assumes the advisory role of Group Chairman Arnault.

Trapani will help Clessidra develop an investment strategy for the fashion and jewelry industry. Clessidra acquired a 70% stake in Buccellati, a jewellery brand in Milan, Italy last year, and is now in exclusive negotiations with Italian menswear brand Harmont & BlaineSpA.

Poetic Painting On The Wrist Vacheron Constantin Presents The Art Hall

Each watch is like a person with independent characteristics. The dial is the most brand-recognizable. Generally, people who are not very familiar with watches are more likely to choose a watch. They must be to a large extent Seeing the edge, the carving and decoration of the dial have become the finishing touch in the process of making the watch. Speaking of Vacheron Constantin, more people may think of the Malte series. Men prefer simple mechanical watches to meet their needs directly, but women prefer fine taste. Appropriate decoration is not artificial, but further reflects the beauty of connotation. .
  The busy pace of life usually makes people have no time to pay attention to the flowers and plants of the natural landscape. Due to different occupations, they may not know much about the art of sculpture or dance. When all this is on your wrist, I believe you will slowly understand Beauty of another world. Below, the Watch House presents you with several watches with artistic characteristics. The Métiersd’Art master series models launched by Vacheron Constantin perfectly reflect the technical essence of the brand in the field of watch decoration art. From enamel painting, jewelry inlaying, movement hollowing to hand-carved parts, the exquisite craftsmanship of the brand’s artisans is revealed everywhere.
 Finely embroidered flower
  Embroidery is one of China’s outstanding national traditional craftsmanship. Its exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful patterns have long been famous all over the world. Different patterns are drawn with fine embroidery threads thinner than hair. The body, the characters can have a vivid look, the flowers and birds can show a kind of intimacy … interesting, creative. Suzhou embroidery in Suzhou, Hunan embroidery in Sichuan, Shu embroidery in Sichuan, and Guangdong embroidery in Guangdong have their own characteristics and are known as the four famous embroidery in China. Vacheron Constantin once again innovated and applied this wonderful craft to the watch. The masters of gems and carvings paid tribute to China’s tradition of embroidery for thousands of years with amazing skills.

  The pattern engraving of this Vacheron Constantin watch is very catering to women’s aesthetic taste. There is a wonderful pen and flower taste, and it only takes a glance to make people remember. As a kind of Chinese aesthetic image, flower itself contains beautiful meaning, symbolizing beauty, harmony and happiness, and the brand embodies the classic expression of Chinese embroidery to the fullest. Outlined with a pink gold filigree process, it is topped with flower-patterned rubies, hematite and garnet. The delicate and elegant gems are cut and carved with gem carving techniques, and are embellished with finely carved gold leaves and flower stamens, which have the same effect as the precious fabrics decorated with silk threads in Chinese embroidery.

  The veins and round petals show a great attention to detail, giving this decoration a deep and charming effect. Fine and extraordinary ruby ​​carving is a huge challenge. Each pink opal has been individually cut and ground, and is paved with other opals on the dial. The gemstones are separated by only 0.5mm platinum lines.

  ‘If there is no inner beauty, any outer beauty is incomplete.’ Victor Hugo’s words are the best interpretation of Métiersd’Art’s ‘FabuleuxOrnements’ series, a carved movement It perfectly matches the decoration on the dial. The 1003 ultra-thin movement equipped with this watch is made of 18K yellow gold with a thickness of only 1.64 millimeters. The gear system is carved into a delicate lace shape using the engraving process, which fully demonstrates Vacheron Constantin’s professional skills in the field of decorative arts. In addition, the movement of the Master of the Series watch also has the Geneva mark, which is not only an affirmation of the quality of the watch, but also a recognition of the brand’s premium quality.
 Ballet art dancing on the wrist

  Dance may be a body art that shows talents and expresses inner thoughts in the hearts of every girl. It is the art of movement expression of the human body that uses the body as the language of ‘mental communication’ in the three-dimensional space. The peacock dance reveals national customs, modern dance is free and innovative, and ballet is classical and elegant. ‘Ballet’ originated in Italy and flourished in France. The word ‘ballet’ was originally a transliteration of French ‘ballet’, which means ‘jump’ or ‘jump’ dancing’.

  On the stage of ballet and opera, the pink ballet shoes on the actress’s feet are so beautiful and elegant, and dancing on the stage with a dreamy dance skirt, reminiscent of this is a noble art. Vacheron Constantin watchmakers once again demonstrated the essence of the high-temperature open flame gray enamel painting art, and re-interpreted classical ballet art through the well-known paintings of French Impressionist painter Edgar Degas.

  We can see that the pattern on the dial subtly shows the performers’ every move: the wrinkles of the ballet gown, the lace details on the ballet dress, the smooth texture of the ribbon around the neck, the petal ornaments on the hair, the transparency of the tulle and cotton The texture, softness and skillful dance postures … every detail appeared vividly in front of our eyes. The dancers gliding over the wooden floor stage in the main hall of the theater, leaving a shadow of shadows among the lights and shadows. This picture is full of classic charm and artistic atmosphere. Through the watch to re-interpret the beautiful moments of Paris dancers, it can be seen that this work embodies the infinite patience and hard work of Vacheron Constantin design masters.
 Free Flying Hope Pigeon
  This exquisite watch showcases many aspects of Vacheron Constantin’s fine arts: gold carving, enamel craftsmanship, gem setting and faceplate carving. It perfectly displays the superb craftsmanship on this unique watch. Its value is not the price but the price. It is the meaning of artistic taste and brand.

  On the 18k gold dial, red pigeons are made of translucent enamel and white pigeons are made of milky white enamel. Red and white pigeons fly in space. While conveying the concept of peace and friendship, they stagger the outline of the third pigeon. , The layers are clear and looming; the golden pigeon outlined is engraved by hand, and the body, wings and tail are displayed in three different patterns, which are quite delicate. At 10 o’clock, there is a diamond-studded pigeon, which is quite dazzling, and becomes the finishing touch of the round dial. Its surface is set with 40 brilliant diamonds, weighing 0.08 carats. The watch is paired with a hand-stitched checkered crocodile leather strap, which is soft and delicate, revealing a low profile in luxury.

  This Vacheron Constantin master watch series is accurate in timing and beautiful in shape. It not only cleverly arranges the use of space, but also demonstrates the level of Vacheron Constantin in the above four processes. For Vacheron Constantin, contributing to the flourishing development of traditional arts and crafts is not only a promise, but also a responsibility. Vacheron Constantin hopes to support the excellence of traditional arts and crafts by promoting the training and inheritance of professional skills, and to show the importance of traditional arts and crafts in the field of contemporary design by demonstrating the importance of traditional arts and crafts.
 Lifelike Flower Temple

  ‘The Temple of Flowers’ has been published for more than two centuries and has been regarded as a classic bibliography by the academic community. The whole book is printed with 90 editions of color plants, which is an unprecedented book on botany. The exquisite pictures are fascinating and the results are moving. The natural and innocent style of painting and the coordination of harmony make this atlas still have irreplaceable artistic value to this day. Mr. Solten turned his knowledge of plants into science with his interest, but Vacheron Constantin integrated the culture of plants into his watches. Both can be described as the same goal.

  White lily (Virgin’slily) is the twentieth figure in Mr. Solten’s ‘Temple of Flowers’, and it is also one of the most popular flower species. It symbolizes purity and virtue. The moving trumpet-shaped white flower always appears in the most beautiful stories, and it is used as an important emblem from the Byzantine Empire to the French royal family. In order to highlight the extraordinary beauty of the lily, Mr. Solten’s atlas deliberately chose a dark background. This masterpiece of the flower temple series of art masters also follows the same contrast design. The flower faceplate combines the skills of a number of master craftsmen, and the vivid work results reproduce the details of the flowers one by one. The delicate stamens are lifelike, and the delicate petals are set against a delicate machine-engraved pattern to make the enamel refract a few real textures, and the details of the flowers are clearly visible.

  In addition, each watch has the supreme imprint of Geneva quality, and Vacheron Constantin has always adhered to this imprint and fully catered to the expectations of customers who are increasingly demanding.
  The Master of Flowers Ladies’ Watch series, limited edition of 25 pieces. Among them, 20 are bright diamond-shaped bezel-set bezel-set styles, and 5 are rectangular-shaped diamond-set bezel-set styles. Vacheron Constantin’s timepieces are not only tools of timepieces, but also the epitome of contemporary culture and history. Such watches are very valuable and memorable for collectors who love watches.

In summary: Vacheron Constantin’s craftsman is an artist himself. Passing emotions through his works is not only to leave a memory of the brand’s growth process, but also to bring back a wearer’s memory. These works convey time in a unique artistic way, telling different art stories from different places. Here you can not only get accurate timing, but also be influenced by art. The above article presents the artistic design of the brand for everyone, mainly focusing on the pattern design and engraving of the dial. For more information about other technical or parameter aspects of the watch, you can pay attention to other articles of the Watch House. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Baselworld 2018: The Crater Is You! Omega Speedmaster ‘dark Side Of The Moon’ Apollo 8 Chronograph Lunar Watch

In 1968, the astronauts on Apollo 8 became the first people to see the dark side of the moon with their own eyes. Fifty years later, OMEGA pays tribute to this task with the launch of a new chronograph. This highly collectible watch is based on the famous lunar watch equipped with the 1861 calibre, decorated with unique and gorgeous decoration, and also equipped with a see-through dial.

OMEGA, which has deep roots in the mission to the moon, launched a new lunar watch in 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission.

This Speedmaster watch is lined with a black perforated leather strap with yellow rubber lining. Its unique design is in the same vein as the Apollo 8 pioneering spirit. The entire watch is made of stylish black ceramic, and the dial is perspectively treated to present the black movement in the watch. The most striking thing is that the movement beautifully displays a realistic lunar surface image by laser. The surface of the movement’s splint on the side of the watch represents the bright view of the moon full of craters. Represents the side of the earth looking towards the moon.

The watch is made of black ceramic with a black movement inside, and the chronograph hands should be highlighted in yellow to enhance the visual effect by contrast.

The watch features yellow lacquered chronograph hands, while the tachymeter scale and crown are coated with white Super-LumiNova. The words ‘Speedmaster’ and ‘Tachymetre’ are also designed in yellow.

The edge of the transparent case back is engraved with a classic quote from the astronaut Jim Lovell during the mission to strengthen the connection with the theme. At the same time, the precise structure of 1869 can be seen under the case

The 1869 movement is a gorgeously decorated new version of Omega’s famous 1861 movement. The brand uses lasers to engrav the front and back of the movement with three-dimensional patterns like craters.

In addition due to James. In front of the dark moon before Apollo 8 departed from Lovell, Jim Lovell said to the ground control center that the last sentence was ‘WE’LL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE’ We will meet you again on the other side) and become a classic bridge in this task, so the watch is also engraved with the words on the transparent bottom cover to highlight the creative origin. The laser on the surface of the case back shows the dark side of the moon that only astronauts can see, and on the one hand it also displays the 1869 movement inside the watch.

Speedmaster ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Apollo 8 Lunar Lunar Watch

Ceramic material / 1869 manual winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / table diameter 44.25mm