2013 Geneva Watch Fair Full Focus On Roger Dupet

Since 1996, Roger Dubuis (Roger Dubuis) has been good at blending brand characteristics and professional technology with each other, thus enjoying a high reputation in the field of mechanical watches. The watch series launched by the brand, with its decisive spirit and passion, is pursuing the values ​​of perfection, integrity and excellence. Born in the Excalibur series in 2005, several new works were launched at the SIHH in 2013, which will become the focus of much attention at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie. The Excalibur Quatuor four balance wheel watch will be the highlight of this year’s Roger Dubuis launched at the SIHH watch exhibition.

  At first glance, the Excalibur Quatuor four-wheel balance watch gives a strong shocking feeling. There are four balance wheels around the four corners. There are two balance wheels on a watch. F.P. Journe once put two balance wheels on Chronometre a Resonance, so that they absorb each other’s energy, coordinate the frequency between each other, and make the watch more accurate. Even Roger Dubuis also launched the Double Tourbillon with two sets of balance wheels, but this time a total of 4 balance wheels appeared, but a groundbreaking initiative in the history of watch development.

In addition to the new watches, this time Roger Du’s booths were also very shocking, giving people a magnificent feeling.

 The eagle on Roger Dolby’s booth showed his wings flying high and his wings spread to 4.60 meters.

 The whole environment is not like a booth, but more like a ballroom
The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2013 SIHH brought by the special editor of the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so stay tuned. (Picture, text / watch home Mao Zhuang Yang Fan)

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013:
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Tian Yanzhen Appeared At The Black Watch Party As The World Premiere Of Citizen’s ‘little Black Watch’

Citizen, a world-renowned brand, recently organized a black-themed fashion party in Beijing and released a CITIZEN + Hebe signature limited edition watch set. Hebe appeared as the heroine of the party and unveiled the pre-sale signature that attracted much attention ‘Little Black Watch’ and became the world’s first user of ‘Little Black Watch’. High-level Citizens, Little Black Watch Art Consultant, International Jewelry Designer Long Zijia, Nature Conservation Association Zhao Peng, and people from the fashion industry in Beijing gathered at the Party to join the fans and join the party to ‘black’ the end.
   At the scene, Hebe interacted enthusiastically with the fans, telling her story of choosing Xiaohei, and sharing her wearing experience as the world’s first user of Xiaohei.
Black Watch Party: an assembly with attitude
   Since Hebe Tian Yan Zhen Yan was promoted to be the spokesperson for Greater China in 2015, the cooperation between the two sides has sparked many sparks, letting fans realize the other side of Hebe and sharing Hebe’s time experience with Citizen. This time, the limited edition signature collaboration has unearthed the ‘black’ side of Hebe’s character: chic, eclectic, and insisted that he not follow the crowd. All the people who agree with this attitude gather in ‘MeePark’ and share each other’s identification and understanding of ‘black’-Xiao Heibo is Little Hebe.

(Sumikawa Ryufu presented ‘Little Black Watch’, Hebe became the first user in the world)
   Under the attention of fans and Beijing fashionistas, Mr. Sumikawa Ryufu, Chairman and General Manager of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd., announced that Hebe has become the world’s first user of ‘Little Black Watch’. Thanks to Hebe for making Little Black Watch. Efforts, and expressed the hope that through the small black watch, Hebe’s candid and positive power will be transmitted to the fans.
   This ‘black watch’ inspired by Hebe is sharp and angular. Earlier, he made an extensive collection of netizens for the name of ‘Little Black Watch’. Hebe was enthusiastic about the fans’ brains. Hebe said: ‘The name of Black Watch is cool and the homonym ‘Little Hebe’ is very cute.’ At the scene, Hebe put on the first small black watch with his own hands, and was pleased to pose POSE, which caused fans to scream.

(Hebe tried on the big swing POSE on the spot, causing fans to scream)
   Talking about the original intention of choosing such a design, Hebe said: ‘The sight of this all-black one is very shocking. The design of black gold is very cool … The design of Lingge reminds me not to forget to keep my own Angles, brave persistence and pursuit of dreams, really make a new start to each day … ‘
   When asked about Hebe’s feelings about the watch, Hebe said frankly: ‘I’m really happy … and this watch is my favorite light and kinetic energy, it’s environmentally friendly.’

(The fusion of fashion and environmental protection is the “fashion gene” of Xiaoheibiao)
   This rare black design is also a new proof of Citizen’s ‘fusion of technology and beauty’: the black that makes it difficult for others to control, become a good partner for ordinary citizens’ daily collocation, and express their fashion attitude and taste through a small black watch, which is even more fashionable Combination with environmental protection. At the scene, Mr. Nobuyuki Tanaka, design director of Citizen Timepieces Co., Ltd., shared: ‘Designed with Miss Hebe full of fashion and charm as the prototype, the black case and bracelet-style strap, and the black dial are perfect. Combining outstanding fashion, the golden scale is embedded in it, creating a gorgeous beauty for women. ‘
‘Black’ out of character: cross-border cooperation that combines fashion and innovation
   In order to highlight the limited exclusiveness of ‘Little Black Watch’, Citizen specially invited international emerging jewellery designer Long Zijia to cooperate across the borders to become a special art consultant for ‘Little Black Watch’, which not only provides advice for the overall visual presentation, but also Create your own themed necklace exclusively for the limited set, so that the “Little Hebe” who wears each small black watch has their own unique mark. And this set of signature limited edition suits, in addition to Hebe’s strong imprint, is also working hard on the details. Limited edition watches are engraved with the double signatures of Hebe Tian Yan Zhen in both Chinese and English. In addition, the package is specially customized, which reflects the fashionable texture of black gold everywhere.

(Long Zijia talks about Xiaohei’s ‘personality gene’)
Speaking of inspiration for custom necklaces, Long Zijia said, ‘Black is a classic fashion that can tolerate all colors … In my impression, Hebe is actually a brave, textured, angular person, I would think ‘Hebe’s distinctive personality is marked by black, and the design of the watch’s diamond is represented by straight lines, which form an H for Hebe and a C for CITIZEN to commemorate the cooperation between the two sides.’

(Mr. Zhao Peng, Deputy Chief Representative of TNC China, gave a thank you letter and gift to Hebe)
   ‘Cross-border’ is not only fashion. In the dark tone, there is a insistence on correctness and a concern for public welfare. Under Hebe’s initiative, the Xiaoheibiao project will also support the Nature Conservation Association’s Yunnan Golden Monkey’s entire territory protection project, allowing young Hebes who agree with Hebe’s ‘black philosophy’ to do charity with idol and take this black attitude Carry it out. At the scene, Hebe talked about the rarity of the golden snub-nosed monkeys and the difficulty in protecting them, and even led fans in the audience to shout ‘I want to give you monkeys’. On the same day, Mr. Zhao Peng, Deputy Chief Representative of TNC China, brought a thank-you letter and hand-painted dian golden monkey pattern pillows presented by local villagers to Hebe. He thanked Hebe for leading the fans’ attention and support to the project.
‘Black’ Out of Tone: Little Hebes Carnival Together
   On the same day, Hebe wore the styling of the Citizen Advertising visual shooting in 2017. He interacted with the fans cordially and became a ‘star shop manager’. He served as a fashion colleague for the fans and caused a enthusiastic response from the fans. The amazing eyesight and eloquence of the ‘Hebe store manager’, who successively guessed the characteristics of the three fans, won the honorary store manager’s certificate from Mr. Ryufu Sumikawa, chairman of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd.

(Manager Tian was awarded the title of honorary manager)
   In the end, the fans gave a chorus to thank Hebe for coming, and the party ended in a warm and warm atmosphere.

(Live fans sang a group chorus led by Hebe)
   It is reported that Xiao Heibei will be launched in all major Citizen stores nationwide on July 10, so that fans who agree with Xiao Heibei nationwide can become ‘Little Hebe’.
   Hebe, He Be Yourself, Better Starts Now.

Exquisite And Elegant Rolex 31mm Oyster Perpetual Diary Women’s Watch

Fresh, exquisite, and elegant —— perfectly described the new 31mm gold-steel series of oyster-type permanent movement log-type women’s clothing with rich feminine design. The watch is inlaid with precious stones, matched with different materials such as 18ct yellow gold or 904L stainless steel, showing colorful colors, like a passionate and emotional poem, celebrating the carefree youth.
 The new journaling women’s 31mm gold steel series has a variety of materials such as gold, platinum and eternal rose gold, with a variety of surface designs and decoration to choose from. Through electroforming technology, the motif of the flower pattern is subtly imprinted on the dark rhodium or champagne, pink surface, giving this precision timepiece a unique design aesthetic.
 The 31 mm series of Oyster Perpetual Diary Women’s Wear offers two outer ring options: a triangular pitted outer ring, or an arched outer ring set with 24 or 46 diamonds. The design has a microscopic and playful sense of uninhibited and unique personality. Highlight it.
 The Roman numerals at six o’clock on the surface are set with brilliant diamonds, making the watch more attractive, as if it can forget the passing of time.
 The Rolex Diary Women’s 31 mm series is not only eye-catching in appearance, it is also distinguished in its interior. Equipped with a self-winding constant-motion oscillating weight movement to ensure that the watch moves accurately, allowing you to wear every minute of your life.
Model (case / strap): 178341/7216

Diameter: 31 mm
Material: Rose gold and steel
Outer ring: round arch outer ring set with 24 diamonds
Crown: Twinlock
Mirror: sapphire crystal, small window convex lens with anti-reflection coating
Water resistance: 100 meters
Movement: 2235 automatic winding movement
Frequency: 28,800 times / hour
Kinetic energy: 48 hours reserve
Surface: Chocolate, Roman numerals, Roman numerals with diamonds at six o’clock
Strap: Rose Gold and Steel Oyster Strap
Buckle: Oyster buckle with extended adjustable links

Model (case / strap): 178383/72163

Diameter: 31 mm
Material: Gold steel
Outer ring: the outer ring of the arch is set with 46 diamonds
Crown: Twinlock
Mirror: sapphire crystal, small window convex lens with anti-reflection coating
Water resistance: 100 meters
Movement: 2235 automatic winding movement
Frequency: 28,800 times / hour
Kinetic energy: 48 hours reserve
Surface: Silver, Roman numerals, Roman numerals with diamonds at six o’clock
Strap: Gold steel oyster bracelet
Buckle: Oyster buckle with extended adjustable chain links

Model (case / strap): 178274/63160

Diameter: 31 mm
Material: Platinum steel
Outer ring: triangular pit pattern outer ring
Crown: Twinlock
Mirror: sapphire crystal, small window convex lens with anti-reflection coating
Water resistance: 100 meters
Movement: 2235 automatic winding movement
Frequency: 28,800 times / hour
Kinetic energy: 48 hours reserve
Surface: Black rhodium, electroplated white rhodium flower pattern, Arabic numerals at 6 o’clock
Strap: 904L stainless steel memorial strap
Buckle: Crown invisible buckle

Citizen Launches New Solar-powered Radio Wave Watch

World Time Radio Watch super skyhawk
At the International Watch & Jewellery Show in Basel, Switzerland in April 2007, Citizen Watch & Clock Co., Ltd. launched a super-powered solar-powered radio-controlled watch-super skyhawk.
   This watch can receive standard time radio wave signals transmitted by signal towers in Germany, the United States, and Japan. Simply select the name of the city in which you can obtain the radio wave signals transmitted by the nearest signal tower and automatically adjust to the local standard time. The choice includes 43 cities in Europe, the United States, and Japan, bringing convenience to travel across time zones. The design of the dial is inspired by the dashboard of the aircraft, and is favored by business people who often travel around the world.
Citizen Radio Watch
The 35th Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair was held in Basel, Switzerland from April 12th to 19th, 2007. Citizen introduced a new series of solar-powered watches at the exhibition. As a green product, solar-powered watches embody Citizen’s ‘fusion of technology and beauty’ design concept.

Perpetual calendar
The 35th Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair was held in Basel, Switzerland from April 12th to 19th, 2007. Citizen introduced a new series of solar-powered watches at the exhibition. As a green product, solar-powered watches embody Citizen’s ‘fusion of technology and beauty’ design concept.

Multifunctional watch
The 35th Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair was held in Basel, Switzerland from April 12th to 19th, 2007. Citizen introduced a new series of solar-powered watches at the exhibition. As a green product, solar-powered watches embody Citizen’s ‘fusion of technology and beauty’ design concept.

Leopard Max Eco-Drive Dive Watch
The 35th Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair was held in Basel, Switzerland from April 12th to 19th, 2007. Citizen introduced a new series of solar-powered watches at the exhibition. As a green product, solar-powered watches embody Citizen’s ‘fusion of technology and beauty’ design concept.

Light kinetic energy sports watch
The 35th Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair was held in Basel, Switzerland from April 12th to 19th, 2007. Citizen introduced a new series of solar-powered watches at the exhibition. As a green product, solar-powered watches embody Citizen’s ‘fusion of technology and beauty’ design concept.

Singapore Patek Philippe

Capital LAURA Lan Siqing / Chinese well-known watch and jewelry critic / Life art writer / Founder of Imagination Studio went to Singapore for Patek Philippe . For Singapore, Patek Philippe specially designed limited editions in Singapore and Southeast Asia at this ‘Watch Art Grand Exhibition’. It may be an exaggeration to say that I came to see Anita Porchet. But it is true that in May of this year, I went to Anita’s house to harass and visit. She secretly showed me some of her ongoing plans. At that time, I knew she had prepared a lot of limited works for Patek Philippe’s exhibition in Singapore at the end of September. . At that time, we made an appointment to meet in Singapore, and I could actually see the completion of the entire work at the scene. This time Patek Philippe specially launched six limited-edition watch designs in special colors for the Singapore and Southeast Asian markets, including a limited high-complex three minute tourbillon watch Ref.5303R-010, but the scene was actually the most eye-catching Dozens of crafted decorative watches, table clocks, pocket watches and other limited works. In addition, dozens of antique watches and clocks have been loaned from the Patek Philippe Museum to display the world of watch and clock art in all aspects. Of course, my favorite thing is crafts and clocks. In this Singapore exhibition, Patek Philippe’s works are extremely excellent. I also think that Patek Philippe’s most exciting and inclusive crafts and clocks in recent years, showing wonderful works. Too many, I can only choose some styles I want to talk about. Master of Painted Masterpiece: 992 / 144G ORCHIDS AND HUMMINGBIRDS, an orchid-themed enamel-painted pocket watch, is one of the works of Anita Porchet. If you look closely at the right side, there is Anita Porchet’s signature: A. Porchet, which indicates that she completed it independently Hand painted. Of course, this work is based on the most popular flower species in Asia: the orchid, and it is also one of the few works by Anita Porchet who painted the orchid theme after cooperating with Piaget. The most magical part of the work here is its brushwork. It is quite a method of academic drawing of plant research in the early 20th century. The most difficult expression is the vivid pink hue layered on the petals of the orchid. , Has made Anita’s brains. Flowers and Birds Bamboo Forest Three Questions: 7000 / 50R titmice in the reedAnita This time prepared three most important painted styles for Patek Philippe. This small women’s three minute painted watch is also one of the masterpieces. Although some people think that the A.P signed work is more ‘valuable’ than A.Porchet, I think this work is the most artistic one of all A.P signed works. The technique of interlacing filigree painting and miniature painting is one of Anita Porchet’s best techniques. Usually Anita will blend or add micropainting techniques to the outline of filigree to complete more complex textures and color changes. In addition to the filigree outline, the works depict the vivid texture of bamboo leaves and bird feathers. The bottom background, Anita, uses micro-painting techniques to express the artistic conception of oriental flower and bird pictures with flowers and leaves in the mist, not only to the overall composition. At a deeper level, it is also the leader in enamelled painting to the height of art, and this depth is only Anita. Three major questions about painted world: REF.5531 WORLD TIME MINUTE REPEATER In May, what kind of design did I see in advance at Anita’s house? This is Patek Philippe’s most famous painted watch in the world time zone. Ref.5231 and Ref.5131 are the most classic styles. The five continent patterns are painted in the center with enamel. Patek Philippe not only invited Anita to draw a bird’s eye view of Singapore’s urban area especially for this exhibition, but also added a three-question function to paint this picture, which is about the size of a penny coin. You can’t imagine Anita. It is how much effort and focus it takes to form this colorful aerial view of the city. The trees, rivers and houses represented by blue, green and red colors, as if we are overlooking Singapore from above on a drone. Take a closer look at where the A.P agency name is? Nanyang wax dyeing style: 20092M & 20091M BATIK ON BLACK / BLUE clocks used enamel paintings, most of which have strong limitations on totems. It is not the interpretation of western paintings that are oriental animals, flowers and leaves. This time Patek Philippe boldly chose not to Chang Yue went to the clock to paint the stage of Nanyang wax-dyed classic totem, and painted silk enamel on the clock. In fact, these two batik painting themes are not unusual for people who are familiar with Nanyang batik, and even rare for Nanyang, but the precious thing is that Patek Philippe faithfully presents it with enamel painting, and adds a little enamel painting to the technique Level, this is also the style that breaks the traditional Western-style Patek Philippe painted clock, which really makes people happy. These two clocks are not the work of Anita Porchet, but they are one of the styles that I think is worth collecting. Singapore’s historical scene reappears: 992 / 150G OLD PORT OF SINGAPORE 2013 Munich, 2015 London, 2017 New York, Patek Philippe is not uncommonly special limited style at each station’s watch art exhibition, but the Singapore exhibition, Patek Philippe is also doing its best. One of my favorite works is the monochrome-grade painted pocket watch depicting the old Singapore harbor. In this exhibition, Patek Philippe really used a lot of thoughts on the watches decorated with traditional handicrafts, and used all the techniques: gold carving, enamel painting, fine inlay, etc., even the enamel painting also showed a full range Various techniques. Among them, this old Singapore port painted with monochrome enamel is amazing. Monochrome enamel must be based on white enamel, then covered with dark monochrome enamel, and then use a fine carving knife to scratch the depth of the pattern. This harbour map is complicated and detailed, and the lighthouse on the shore is even golden yellow. The embellishment of the lights, vivid and reminiscent of the historical scene, is also a noble tribute to Patek Philippe for this exhibition. Unparalleled inlay craftsmanship: 997 / 104J AROWANA FISH AND WATER LILIES Wood inlay craftsmanship has gradually become mainstream in the use of clock face dials, and the public is no stranger to the creation of this technique. But Patek Philippe’s picture depicting the golden dragon fish’s leisurely travel is, in my opinion, the best work in woodwork inlay, and it can even be said that no superior work has yet appeared. Wood inlay is a collage wood chip that cuts the totem of the design into different blocks. Of course, the technique is to completely close and vivid lines flow, but even outstanding works can only be like puzzles, it is difficult to conceal their craftsmanship. Place. However, the golden dragon fish of Patek Philippe is very delicate and colorful in the treatment of fish scales. The layers of lotus branches and water waves are extremely vivid and delicate. This is also the realm of rare woods and mosaics, which is also here. One of the favorite works in the second exhibition. There are too many wonderful works this time. I can only choose the few reviews I admire above. The others can only be viewed through the pictures on the screen. Patek Philippe reproduced Geneva in the exhibition’s furnishings. In the special store scene, watchmakers and craftsmen have also moved to Singapore for demonstration and exchange, and mobilized dozens of collections of the Patek Philippe Museum, so that people who enter the exhibition can fully experience the art of watchmaking represented by Patek Philippe. Of course, the six watches specially created by Patek Philippe for the Singapore Exhibition have been widely inquired by all parties, but the styles ordered for VIPs in Singapore and Southeast Asia are preferentially reserved. Fans who want to come to other regions want to, but I am afraid that Hard to get. Among them, the large and complicated three-question tourbillon Ref.5303, which shows the tourbillon and the three-question timekeeping device on the front, is presented in a hollowed out way. This is not only Patek Philippe’s very complicated watch with the tourbillon exposed, of which the red The outer rim of the face plate is also the main color of the limited edition in Singapore. Ref.5303R-010 Minute Repeat Tourbillon Watch Singapore Special Edition 2019, rose gold case diameter 42 mm, equipped with R TO 27 PS manual winding movement, energy storage 40-48 hours, limited to 12 pieces. The world time zone code Ref.5930, the red transparent enamel machine engraving process in the center of the watch face, bold and vivid. In addition, Ref.5067, 5167 two Aquanaut plum red styles are also very colorful. Perhaps what I love most is the ref.7234 made of stainless steel and 37.5 mm diameter case. The blue dial with blue tannin strap is also the most inquisitive limited edition model, but in Singapore I am afraid that other guests are also hard to find. Ref.5930-011 World Time Zone Chronograph 2019 Singapore Special Edition, white gold case diameter 39.5 mm, equipped with CH 28-520 HU automatic winding movement, energy storage 50-55 hours, limited to 300. Ref.7234A-001 Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 2019 Singapore special model, stainless steel case diameter 37.5mm, equipped with 324 S C FUS automatic winding movement, energy storage 35-45 hours, limited to 400. This exhibition is about to end on October 13, 2019. There are still a few days left. Friends who happen to be in Singapore can also visit it. Admission is free but reservations are needed. I have learned a lot from this experience. Big show. Join the Lochi Friends Circle Search for daxiedeluola Lochi WeChat, enter Lochi’s circle of friends, and have the opportunity to join the Lochi cousins.

Introduction To Athens El Toro Platinum Watch

Ulysse Nardin (Athens)
EL TORO platinum watch
The combination of the perpetual calendar and the second time zone is a masterpiece carefully crafted by Athens. This watch has a platinum case and is limited to 500 pieces. The watch uses the brand’s latest movement, which has many features, such as the use of the crown to quickly adjust the date display in both directions, and the two-time synchronized adjustment of the time and date in the second time zone by the button.
Case: square platinum case, with ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal transparent cover, can show the movement of the movement.
Dial: Silver dial with vertical stripes, hollow hands, two large Arabic numerals and round hour markers.
Movement: automatic mechanical movement, 34 jewel bearings, 45-hour power reserve, COSC certified astronomical watch.
Functions: hours, minutes, retrograde small seconds, oversized date display, second time zone, perpetual calendar.

Ingenuity, Walk Into Cartier’s Future Door

Cartier is a wise elder and an educated teacher. It quietly points us to the perplexity and gives us inspiration for life. It transforms abstract time into eternal art, so that people can appreciate the philosophy of life carefully.

  The Cartier Time Art Exhibition is one of the largest timepiece art exhibitions open to the public. It has been held in Zurich, Switzerland and Singapore. This exhibition in Shanghai will be from historical heritage, style evolution, aesthetic design through Cartier’s collection of works, master craftsmanship, watchmaking essence, complex movements, innovative technologies, and multimedia video and live demonstrations by watchmakers and craftsmen. From multiple perspectives, it provides a valuable opportunity for the majority of audiences to explore the evolution and cultural influence of art and crafts in the field of watchmaking.

  Although each exhibition hall has a different theme, what impressed me most about this grand exhibition was Cartier’s future door. Seeing this miracle, I understand why Cartier is so respected by people. This is Cartier’s last showroom, which showcases the research of Cartier’s new innovation laboratory. The exhibition hall was specially designed by curator Tokuhito Yoshioka. He interpreted this innovative world to visitors from a new and unique perspective, allowing people to cross the door of time and discover the wonderful world of the future.

  As a pioneer in the field of watchmaking, Cartier has always insisted on innovation and bold breakthroughs, and has led the development direction in each era. In the name of Innovation and Development, Cartier’s ID series concept watches subvert the inherent watchmaking tradition and open up a whole new direction for mechanical watches. In this area, I am fortunate to witness two unique concept watches: IDOne, the world’s first mechanical watch for life without adjustment; IDTwo, which can provide a high-performance power reserve of up to 32 days in a standard-sized case Watch. It completely overcomes the aging lubricants encountered in daily watch wear and the inaccuracy caused by impact, gravity, magnetic force, and temperature changes, which fundamentally solves the problem of adjusting the watch and creates a timeless and precise Miracles make the dream of the watch without adjustment a reality.

  Neither the IDONE nor IDTWO concept watches will be released for sale. However, they are testbeds to validate design concepts, some of which have been mass-produced in Cartier’s fine watchmaking series. In the future, Cartier will continue to advance the development of the ID concept watch project and create new technologies that can advance the most advanced level of mechanical timing accuracy.

  Since the first wristwatch was sold in 1853, Cartier watch creation has evolved over the past 100 years. Its design tradition originates from the simple geometric figures of the Art Deco period, and is deeply influenced by 18th-century Asian art, Egyptian architecture, and animals. The diverse influences of portraits and pop art in the 1960s not only reflect popular elements and design styles from different periods, but also leaders, and this leadership position is constantly evolving. Just like today’s fine watchmaking series, it underscores the rich heritage of the brand since the beginning of the twentieth century.

  This heritage not only continues to this day, it is also an indispensable key element of Cartier’s personality. Similarly, the outstanding concept watches Cartier IDTWO and IDTWO also show that, no matter in the past, present or future, creativity in the field of watch innovation has always been a vital part of Cartier.

  From the beginning of the twentieth century to today, despite the richness and diversity of Cartier’s timepieces, it is invaluable to maintain a coherent and unified vision. Throughout the various changes and combinations of Cartier’s design, an all-encompassing visual perception has never changed, making his work known and confusing.

  The reason why Cartier mechanical timepieces can show their long-lasting charm is not only the result of superb design and superb craftsmanship, but also the complementary and harmonious interpretation of the two. The fascination of mechanical clocks is not only reflected in the design, but the vitality contained in them also seems to be closely related to our lives. It is this fusion of mysterious mechanical vitality and its external design that has allowed Cartier to make the most of his passion for watchmaking.

Summary: In Cartier’s world, nothing is impossible. The door to the future brings us more thinking. The future is where you stand on the side of the present door, looking to the side of the future door, full of curiosity and longing. With the yearning for the door, it is the ignorance and yearning for the future that gives me more courage to chase. The beauty of life is always shown in her progress. Life is a one-way line without a return journey. Everyone moves forward with all his time and makes full use of every time to surprise his future self. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
Exhibition Information

Exhibition Hall: Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum, 7th floor (200 Huayuangang Road, Shanghai)
Duration: July 19-October 12, 2014
Opening hours: 11: 00-19: 00 (closed at 18:00), closed on Mondays

French Muller Franck Muller Debuts-news Franck Muller

Casablanca is one of FRANCK MULLER’s classics. It is full of intoxicating feelings of the Art Deco era of the 20th century. The style is elegant and changeable. This time, the series has transformed into a touch of dynamic color, adding vitality to this summer. The Casablanca exterior retains the harmonious curve design of the classic Cintrée Curvex. The styles are available in orange, yellow, green and blue time scales. The color and appearance can be varied. In addition, the stainless steel case and dial are plated in black PVD, and matched with a black or color rubber strap that matches the time scale, the color contrast is more modern.

FRANCK MULLER launches Casablanca with its ever-changing colors

 FRANCK MULLER actively infused the essence of modern avant-garde into classic creations, making the Casablanca watch more unique and individual

Casablanca watch classic Cintrée Curvex curve design, with changing colors

Casablanca watch, stainless steel case and dial with black PVD finish

Casablanca watch with 8888 C DT self-winding movement

Four German German Glashütte Watches

Compared to the top Swiss watch brands, Glashütte Original from Germany not only emphasizes luxury decorative craftsmanship, but also complicates functions that emphasize playfulness to attract consumers. It also hopes to have the rigorous requirements of Germanic logic and practical functions Sex, as well as the design that meets the needs of fashion and life, resonate with the wearer, allowing the watch to truly fit into the wearer’s daily life and accompany him through every moment of life.

     As the only German brand under the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch group, it originated from a cluster of watchmaking workshops in eastern Germany, a small village called Glashütte. Although the German watchmaking industry is not the largest or most influential among the general public, it is definitely one of the oldest countries in the development of the watch industry. The first pocket watch in 1530 history was born here. Unlike the watchmaking industry in Switzerland or other countries, the focus of German watchmaking efforts is not just to manufacture complex timepieces, but also to develop precision and durable timepieces, and to strive to improve the error rate of the timepieces produced; after the Industrial Revolution, the Germans With its stubborn, pragmatic, and pursuit of perfect nationality as its German nationality, it continues to study the technology that meets the ‘daily needs’ as its core, and is reflected in German watchmaking. This principle is still the principle pursued by Glashütte watchmakers, and Glashütte Original, formerly a state-owned watchmaking organization, has designed classic watches that combine art and practical functions one after another in a German-style sophisticated style And watchmaking shakes the table.

     At the opening press conference of the ‘ART & TECHNIK salutes German classics’ Glashütte Original sapphire watch, the brand chose the Pano series, Germany’s first eccentric faceplate, as the main axis of the watch exhibition: Yilin supermodel Wu Pinxuan took the lead in the coolness of silver long dress The ladies appeared, holding the latest PanoMaticLunar XL rose gold moon phase watch, wearing the PanoMaticLunar classic moon phase watch on the left wrist, with the feminine rigidity and softness, explaining the low-key gorgeousness of the moon phase profit and loss change; and Cai Kangyong As a ‘number one watch fan’, with a classic black three-piece suit, paired with the PanoMaticCounter XL counter watch for the first time in Taiwan, showing its intellectual and elegant gentleman image.

     The topic and practicality of the PanoMaticCounter XL counter watch, the black surface looks serious, but the four circles formed by the eccentric hour and minute display fully show a few interesting. The PanoMaticCounter XL is equipped with a 96-01 movement composed of 584 homemade parts. In addition to the German-style eccentric face plate configuration, it has a classic column wheel flyback chronograph, a large calendar display, and a patented two-way refining. Function, keenly accumulate and save power. Glashütte Original’s exquisite mechanical process technology at the same time accurately shows the German people’s attention to detail and practicality. In addition, PanoMaticCounter XL uses a new two-position counter module, which uses gear machinery to precisely perform complex counting functions, allowing users to record all meaningful numbers in life.

Not Willing To Be The King Of The Court, The Darling Of The Nba All-star

The 2019 Charlotte All-Star Game has come to an end, and countless exciting moments in the game are still impressive. As Wade’s last All-Star trip, the “Zhan Wei Connection” that countless viewers longed for was staged on the court again; Nowitzki, who participated as a specially invited player, scored three points and three points. Long-range firepower ignited the audience; Brother Zi repeatedly slammed the game to the climax. I thought that the MVP was in hand. I never thought that the Durant of the Browns had a strong onslaught in the later period, reversed the game and successfully won the All-Star MVP title. This All-Star game can be said to be very enjoyable.



Canway Connection

James’ popularity has always been high, because on the court, he is the king. Not only has the general physical fitness of Godsend, but also possesses strong and comprehensive basketball skills. In this All-Star game, James and Wade got a chance to connect in the second half. The two made a fast break in the frontcourt. Wade held the ball offline and tacitly threw the board. James took both hands after receiving the board Dash, handsome!

Once Wade passed the ball to James, he did not look back because he believed that James would definitely be deducted. But this time it turned around. Some netizens commented emotionally: ‘Why look back this time? Because I can’t see it anymore.’

Wade and James

James and eldest son Brownie James

Zhan Huang, who was born in 1984, is also 35 years old. His eldest son has perfectly inherited his genes, possesses muscle lines and high explosive power beyond his peers, and is a rising basketball star.

James wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Collection (No. 15711OI.OO.A006CA.01) (similar model)

James wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Collection (No. 26400IO.OO.A004CA.01)

Nine of the ten watches worn by James are Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore series watches, not only because he has a relationship with Audemars Piguet, but also because the style of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore series is indeed closer to James Together. In life, Emperor Zhan still does not diminish the style of the king, and the fashionable single product comes in handy, creating a beautiful landscape.

James wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Collection (No. 26408OR.OO.A010CA.01)

James wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Collection (No. 26470OR.OO.1000OR.01)

Family of five

When referring to the little emperor James, it is necessary to mention the other of the Big Three, his good partner-Dwyane Wade. Wade’s last NBA All-Star Game was brilliant and came to an end. The glorious soldier left the field. His lightning streak may not be seen again, but his glory on the court will never be forgotten.

James and Wade

Wade’s fashion taste is very famous in the league and has his own fashion consultant. In life, he often took photos with his lover, Gabriel Eunion, and showed great affection.

Dwyane Wade and Gabriel Eunion on China High Speed ​​Rail

Dwyane Wade and Gabriel Eunion

Wade is similar to James’s preferences in terms of table selection. The watches with the highest appearance rate on his wrist on weekdays should be Hublot and Jinlao.

Wade wears Hublot Classic Fusion Watch (No. 541.CO.1780.RX)

Wade wears Hublot BIGBANG series watch (No. 441.OM.1180.RX)

Wade wears Hublot Classic Fusion Watch (No. 511.NX.7170.LR)

Wade wears Rolex Day-Date Watch

Wade and girlfriend

Wade with girlfriend and elder son

In this year’s All-Star game, LeBron also has a stylish big coffee-James Harden. Although there is no particularly dazzling performance in the All-Star, Harden is unstoppable in personal performance. In the regular season, he has scored a high record of more than 30 points in 31 consecutive games, which is expected to refresh everyone’s knowledge and obtain the regular season MVP.

James Harden

As a Mesozoic NBA superstar, Harden has a profound taste in fashion and dressing. The exquisite and stylish dress is completely different from his rough and bloody on the court. Move the show wherever you go.

Harden wears Richard Mill Men’s Watch (No. RM51-01)

Harden’s watch selection taste is exactly the same as his dressing style, and he prefers flamboyant but trendy watches, such as Richard Mill.

Harden wears Richard Mill Men’s Watch (Reference: RM50-03)

Harden wears Richard Mill Men’s Watch (No. RM011LOTUSF1TEAM)

哪个 Which moment of this year’s All-Star game has made you enthusiastic? Which lens makes you cry with tears? As time passes, White Wade, who we once adored in blood, will withdraw from this stadium that gives him glory. It is hoped that he can leave no regrets in the future games and draw a full stop.