Tag Heuer Becomes The Official Timekeeper And Official Watch Of The French Professional Football League

Tag Heuer, the Swiss pioneer watch brand, has become the official timekeeper and official watch of the French Professional Football League (LFP). This is following the Super League with England Football League (and Manchester United Football Club), German Football League A, Spanish Football League A, Major League Soccer, Caltex-Australia Football Club, Asian Football Federation, China Football Association Super After the League, the Japan Professional Football League, and the recent International Champions Cup in the United States, a new partnership between Tag Heuer has further strengthened the brand’s position in international football.

   In the French Super Cup against Paris Saint-Germain in Monaco, Tag Heuer and the French Professional Football League announced a partnership. TAG Heuer will become the official timekeeper and official watch for all Ligue 1 events, consolidating the brand’s position in international football. This unique partnership enables Tag Heuer to appear in the French Football League, the French League Cup and the French Super Cup.
   Football is the most influential sport in France. The French Professional Football League provides a powerful media platform for brands by connecting TAG Heuer to all important events and TV channels, including Canal + Group and Bein Sports. In addition, the fourth official instruction board will also be decorated with the Tag Heuer brand logo.
   Jean-Claude Biver, head of the watch division of LVMH Group and CEO of TAG Heuer, said: ‘Football unites different generations and all levels and is a great medium for us to share passion, emotion, perseverance and team spirit. This partnership has won My heart is enough to represent the brand image of TAG Heuer in France. ‘
   Didier Quillot, Executive General Manager of the French Professional Football League, added: ‘We are very pleased that the French Professional Football League and Tag Heuer have reached a cooperation agreement. Like other top European leagues, the French Professional Football League has signed a contract with the distinguished sponsor of Tag Heuer, and They will also benefit from the popularity of Ligue 1. ‘
   TAG Heuer has been using the brand’s technical expertise for competitive sports to further push the boundaries of timing. From racing cars to football to eight major international marathons, TAG Heuer is one of the most popular brands in sports timing.

Deep Sea Star Iwc 2000 Automatic Watch

The prototype of this watch is a diving watch specially made for minesweeping divers in 1982. It was designed by the legendary designer Ferdinand A. Porsche. The Ocean Time 2000 Diver’s Watch, as its ‘civilian’ model, has an unprecedented water resistance of 200 bar, which has become a collection myth. Its follow-up models, the Ocean Timepiece GST and the Ocean Time 2000 Automatic, all share the same purpose: to create top diving instruments for ambitious professional divers and diving enthusiasts. Today’s watch home brings you the IWC Marine Time Series 2000 Marine Timepiece, reference model: IW358002.

The new Ocean Time 2000 automatic watch has perfect performance and can provide a reliable backup system under water, even for extreme underwater operations.

Case diameter 46 mm, made of titanium
The case of this watch is made of titanium and the case diameter is 46 mm, thus returning to the original design route. The large case size makes the dial clearer and provides more space for the sturdy IWC 80110 movement.

With a sapphire crystal
The watch uses a beautifully shaped dome-shaped sapphire crystal glass. The mirror is treated with anti-glare treatment on both sides. The thick and sturdy mirror provides excellent protection for the dial to ensure that the watch can continue to be safe during diving. Running.

Gear crown with mechanical feel
The crown is made of stainless steel, with gear-shaped grooves carved on the sides, and the surface is also covered with matte rubber coating, showing a low-key sporty temperament. The overall design of the crown is relatively large, making the winding feel very comfortable. The top of the crown is engraved with the IWC logo of IWC, which symbolizes its brand identity.

With a black rubber strap
This watch is equipped with a black rubber strap. The soft and skin-friendly properties of the rubber material make this watch very comfortable to wear. The waterproof and corrosion resistance of the rubber material is very suitable for applications and folds on the watch. The design allows the watch to be worn outside of a diving suit, which can adapt to the tightness of the diving suit.

Case thickness approximately 20.5 mm
The case of this watch is made of stainless steel and has a thickness of about 20.5 mm. It looks domineering, and the polished and delicate case shows a shiny metallic luster. The gear-shaped one-way rotating bezel, while facilitating rotation, also adds a bit of mechanical temperament to the watch, making the watch more masculine.

The lugs are simple and tough
The lugs use a simple and tough straight line shape, which is very in line with the overall temperament of the watch. The lugs and corners are polished finely, the mid-band is soft, and the angled back design allows it to fit the wrist and ensure comfortable wearing.

Watch with a pin buckle
This watch is equipped with a pin buckle. The shape of the buckle is tough, finely polished, and very easy to use. The pin buckle is engraved with the ‘IWC’ mark on the buckle, which highlights the brand identity.

Large luminous hands
The black dial is engraved with stripes to greatly enhance the legibility of the model. The two large hands are filled with fluorescent material in the center, and the hands and scales can be clearly seen even in extreme environments.

Equipped with safety diving system
The bezel is equipped with a safety diving system, and the one-way rotating bezel is used to ensure that when the dive is timed, misoperation will not cause the scheduled time to increase, so as to avoid the danger of sound when diving. The hands, hour markers, scales, and bezel scales are coated with luminous coating, which can be clearly read even in dark environments.

3 o’clock position with date display window
At the three o’clock position of the dial is equipped with a practical date display window. The shape of the window is simple, the layers are delicate and clear. The design of the white text on the black background is in harmony with the dial as a whole, and the reading is clear at a glance.

The watch is water-resistant to 2000 meters and equipped with an 80110 automatic mechanical movement.
This watch has a dense bottom design and is water-resistant to 200 bar (about 2000 meters). The bottom of the watch is engraved with the classic diving helmet of a deep-sea diver as the theme. The case is equipped with an 80110 self-winding mechanical movement, which can provide a power reserve of up to 44 hours.

Summary: The Marine Time 2000 automatic watch made of titanium metal is water-resistant to 200 bar. It implements the Schaffhausen IWC’s tradition of creating high-pressure watches for ambitious professional divers and diving enthusiasts. The pleasure of experiencing a watch is by no means limited to its precise performance, which is not bad. Between the squares, you can admire the ingenuity of ingenuity, precision and imagination, you can appreciate the interplay of time and eternity, the boundaries and infinity, and the time-honored natural law and its own unique taste. Perfect fusion. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Jacques De Lo Presents The New Masterpiece Grande Seconde Tourbillon Mother-of-pearl, Combining Feminine Charm With Superb Watchmaking Craftsmanship

Jaquet Droz presented the first timepiece with tourbillon at the 2017 Basel Horological Fair for the first time.

   The Grande Seconde has a place in the watchmaking legend of Jaquet Droz. This watch was born in the age of Enlightenment and revolutionized the watchmaking conventions of time only with its bold design. Pierre Jaquet-Droz ingeniously turned time into a fascinating glory feather, shining the imprint of travel. The Jaquet Droz brand was born in the eighteenth century, and the Grande Seconde condenses the spirit of this era.

   Today, Jaquet Droz reinterprets this classic model, creating a new model for women’s watches. For this reason, the artisan masters choose mother-of-pearl, a material that can shine brilliantly. The mother-of-pearl is delicate and fragile. It requires extremely delicate and ingenious techniques to prevent it from breaking. With a long tradition of mineral dials, Jaquet Droz is able to master a complete production process and once again create beautiful works. The magnificent moire effect complements the 39mm diameter red gold case, bezel and buckle set with brilliant-cut diamonds. The Roman numeral hour and minute indexes add a touch of elegance to the watch, contrasting with the blue steel hands. The Grande Seconde Tourbillon Mother-of-Pearl with a white satin strap contains secrets: the white gold mother-of-pearl is decorated with white mother-of-pearl, and the movement bridge is decorated with fan-shaped Geneva stripes.

   The Grande Seconde Tourbillon Mother-of-Pearl is exquisite and delicate, precious, exuding a soft and graceful temperament, and is equipped with a classic masterpiece of watch complications: the tourbillon. The function of the tourbillon is to offset the effect of gravity on the mechanical device and show the infinite charm of the precise mechanism. For the first time, Jaquet Droz equipped the tourbillon with a silicon pallet and a balance spring, giving this dazzling masterpiece a high degree of precision. Silicon is a magical material, flexible and hard, does not oxidize, and is not affected by magnetic fields, non-extreme temperature differences and air pressure. The silicon balance spring ensures that the Grande Seconde Tourbillon Mother-of-Pearl is accurate and reliable for a long time. The Grande Seconde Tourbillon Mother-of-Pearl has a 7-day power reserve, has an elegant design and excellent technical performance, is exquisite and precious, and precious. This model is limited to 88 pieces. The contour of the number 8 echoes the dial design, which sparkles with the soft light of mother-of-pearl and the brilliant light of diamonds.
   ‘Some watches tell time, some tell a story’

Honey’s Tanabata Warm “Wrist” Love Blancpain Tanabata Watch Recommended

Love is an eternal topic for human beings. When the Qixi Festival arrives, the story of the Cowherd and the Girl is mentioned by clichés. You can always find the shadow of your love in the romantic night. No matter if your love with Ta is separated from each other, but you are in regret, as if you are looking at Xingyue; or you are cuddling, embracing, and loving each other … On the occasion of Qixi Festival, Blancpain can interpret the true meaning of love for you .

Star Moon Lovers

On the night of Qixi Festival, even if you are thousands of miles away from your lover, the warm affection on your wrist is a declaration of love that is indifferent to each other. Blancpain’s full-calendar moon phase watch has a balanced and beautiful layout. The month and the week window are symmetrical in the middle. It is like a couple in love in love, side by side, echoing the six-pointed and slightly mysterious moon face, which is unforgettable. The Blancpain women’s full-calendar moon phase watch, the dial of the white mother-of-pearl is decorated with diamond scales, like the stars around the full moon, symbolizing the constant love for distant lovers. The men’s semi-hunting watch has perfect side face, with moon phase display function, worn on the men’s wrist, showing tenderness.


Chinese New Year Tanabata, love is lingering. Perhaps the best love is not just vigorous, but even more affectionate and interdependent. Choosing this couple’s watch as a gift for the Star Festival is the highest proof of lingering love. The ten fingers interlocked at the moment, creating a harmonious and romantic atmosphere of love. The Blancpain women’s small seconds retrograde watch, the white mother-of-pearl dial is surrounded by two diamonds, closely intertwined, as if a couple in love ignite each other. The Villeret classic series perpetual calendar moon phase men’s watch, with a red gold case and a white large fire enamel dial, highlights the gorgeous gentleman style.

Lin Zhiling Changchun Helped Launch Longines Soymia Series New Product

On July 28, Lin Zhiling appeared in Changchun as the elegant ambassador of Longines, unveiling the new Longines Saint-Imier series watch. Lin Zhiling deserves the name of elegance, and the ‘Blue Carpet’ style is once again stunning, and she generously shares her growth in the movie, which makes people look forward to her exciting new works. Longines Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling and Longines China Vice President Li Li cut the ribbon for the opening of the Paris Spring Store
    Lin Zhiling, known as the ‘Goddess’ and elegant icon, has been sculpted specifically for Longines’ ‘blue carpet’ every time. Every time it is stunning, this time she wears a lace elegant skirt with feather hat It is even more graceful, with a British aristocratic style. The Soyimme stainless steel rose gold watch worn on the wrist is the finishing touch of the whole body, adding elegant details and showing extraordinary taste.
Lin Zhiling’s perfect interpretation of Longines Soymia series
     This time he came to Changchun, which is known as the ‘Cinema City’. This year, Lin Zhiling felt much moved to focus on the big screen. Lin Zhiling shared his new movie with the enthusiastic audience at the scene, whether it is the ever-changing look in the ‘Fuchun Mountain House’, the noble sadness in the classic ‘101 Proposals’, or the Chinese-Japanese co-production film ‘Sweet Chocolate’ The innocence and beauty of that elegance, the elegant and timeless experience, sublimation, just like the Longines watch Somia series masterpiece Tiancheng.
    This time Lin Zhiling specially shot a group of gorgeous blockbusters, with elegant elegance and good looks, but also an exhibition of cello art for the movie ‘101 Proposals’. In the blockbuster, Lin Zhiling embraces the cello and reveals the aura in the nobleness. A tune sounds as if ringing in his ear, elegant and touching.
Longines Global Elegance Ambassador Ms. Lin Zhiling wore a new Soymia series watch, which is extremely elegant

Tissot New Definition Of Time Halma Power Latest ‘mechanical Power 80’ Movement

The courage to innovate is an integral part of Tissot’s DNA, and it is also the core idea of ​​Tissot. Adhering to this concept, Tissot has developed a high-performance movement with cross-age significance. Today, Tissot can’t wait to share the latest timepiece innovation with all timepiece lovers — the Powermatic 80 Automatic movement. This is the crystallization of the cooperation between Tissot and ETA, the world’s largest movement manufacturer. Both parties work together to push the performance of the movement in terms of precision and power storage to new limits, and continue to improve the accuracy and power reserve of watch movements The result of challenging the limits. A new interpretation of ‘time’.

 Powermatic 80 Automatic movement

 Join forces to break out of the cocoon

 ‘Innovation, from tradition’ is the brand spirit of Tissot, while ETA is good at the development of precision movements. The combination of the two parties can be described as a strong and powerful team. It is because the two companies successfully supported and carried each other that this new movement emerged. The movement improves the traditional clockwork structure, the escapement mechanism, the balance wheel structure, and improves the travel time accuracy and durability. The movement of the mechanical power 80 movement remains stable, realizing the precise operation of the watch.

 80-hour precise rhythm

 The perfect grafting of traditional watchmaking experience and innovative materials is the secret of Tissot’s success, and it has been proven time and again in practice. The mechanical power 80 movement also follows the tradition and applies professional experience to innovative materials, which not only highlights the extreme precision of Tissot’s century-old watchmaking, but also achieves an impressive power reserve of 80 hours!

 Traditional mechanical watches usually have a barrel, which stores 36 hours of power when full. This brings the trouble of frequent adjustment of the date and time. This time, Tissot and the ETA Research Center designed a clockwork box with a completely new structure by improving the traditional clockwork structure, and tried to make the power reserve more durable, thereby increasing the energy reserve of the movement and achieving an amazing 80 hours. There is no need to wind during the period; the strong power reserve cannot meet the high requirements of the brand for itself, Tissot and the ETA Research Center are also committed to improving the adjustment system to keep the movement of the movement accurate and dynamic; and a major factor to keep the movement of the movement stable The scale division in the watch’s original adjustment system was cancelled and replaced with an innovative technical component.

 The Tissot Mechanical Power 80 movement is the birth of this revolution in ideas and essence. With the Tissot Haoji series automatic mechanical watches, you will witness the amazing charm of this revolutionary movement for the first time, please wait and see!

 Tissot’s first watch using this movement

The Essence Of Sports Chronograph: Zenith El Primero Sport Watch

Zenith sincerely recommends the El Primero Sport watch, adding a new chronograph to its iconic collection. This brand new watch masterpiece is launched in three styles, with classic shapes, which reflects the brand’s pure style, and also inherits the fine tradition of sports chronograph. The 45mm stainless steel case is equipped with the famous El Primero 400 B automatic mechanical movement, which can vibrate up to 36,000 times per hour. It combines the style elements of the original 1969 original El Primero chronograph to reproduce this legendary history Watches.
   The new El Primero Sport chronograph is designed with a large and vigorous case, 45 mm in diameter, and is made of stainless steel commonly used in advanced sports timepieces. The crown and grooved buttons are generous and eye-catching, which is not only easy to use, but also enhances safety. Its screw-in design ensures a waterproof depth of 200 meters. The El Primero Sport watch features a curved sapphire crystal. The lugs are ergonomic and fit perfectly to the lines of the wrist, recreating the perfect spirit of sports design. The transparent sapphire crystal case back reveals the El Primero 400 B movement and the exquisite rotor with Côtes de Genève motif.
   The El Primero Sport watch has a unique surface design that expresses the spirit of dynamic sports with strong and vigorous lines. The large faceted rhodium-plated hour markers are covered with Super-LumiNova® SLN C1 super luminous material, and full-hand patterning (with exquisite hand interpretation of an improved ancient technology to create a very textured matte straight pattern) Or a dark gray surface in sharp contrast.
Classic new face
   The El Primero Sport watch has a unique surface design that expresses the spirit of dynamic sports with strong and vigorous lines. The large faceted rhodium-plated hour markers are covered with Super-LumiNova® SLN C1 super luminous material, and full-hand patterning (with exquisite hand interpretation of an improved ancient technology to create a very textured matte straight pattern) Or the dark gray surface forms a sharp contrast, and the center-shaped ‘sword-shaped’ hour and minute hands are prominently shaped for easy and clear reading. The small seconds on the chronograph are also faceted, faithfully continuing the unique aesthetics of this watch. The positions of the three counters are carefully designed to ensure optimal readability. The chronograph’s second hand is embellished with the brand’s unique star pattern, and its bright red color is even more eye-catching, which perfectly echoes the red ’36’000 VpH’ painted on the surface. There are also speed scales on the edge of the surface.
Masculine design transforms three different styles, glowing fashionable sporty style
   A new member of the El Primero collection, this sports watch has unlimited styling potential. The silver-toned and dark-gray surface designs decorated with full-hand patterns are combined with three distinctive and exquisite straps to form a refreshing sports style, and all shapes can meet the trendy sports style of the city.
   El Primero Sport watch, stainless steel case, 45 mm diameter, silver hand decoration, center hour and minute display, small second hand at 9 o’clock, calendar display at 6 o’clock, chronograph accuracy of ten times One second, tachymeter scale, 200 meters waterproof, sapphire crystal glass and case back, dark brown alligator leather strap.
   The first model is understated and classic, with an elegant dark brown alligator strap. The delicate silver hand-patterned face plate can show extraordinary taste whether wearing a suit or casual dress. The 45mm large watch diameter is complemented by ergonomic lug design, which can perfectly fit the line of the wrist and maintain comfort for a long time. It is the first choice for busy elite business people.
   El Primero Sport watch, stainless steel case, 45 mm diameter, dark gray hand-finished, center hour and minute display, small seconds at 9 o’clock, calendar display at 6 o’clock, chronograph accuracy of 10 One second, speed scale, waterproof 200 meters, sapphire crystal glass and case back, metal chain strap.
   The second model uses the relatively rare dark gray surface of Zenith timepieces, the speedometer and three-dimensional wide faceted hour markers, and the domineering sword-shaped hands, highlighting the deep level of the dark gray dial, and highlighting Zenith’s delicate design aesthetics. The simple and weightful stainless steel bracelet has a frosted central link, while the outer links are carefully polished. A variety of craftsmanship are combined perfectly to show the majestic masculinity.
   El Primero Sport watch, stainless steel case, 45 mm diameter, dark gray hand-finished, center hour and minute display, small seconds at 9 o’clock, calendar display at 6 o’clock, chronograph accuracy of 10 One second, speed scale, waterproof 200 meters, sapphire crystal glass and case back, rubber strap.
   The third model has a charcoal black surface with a new rubber strap, which is inspired by the perforated design of the car. This series of watches adds a dynamic and dynamic atmosphere, and fully lifts the chronograph’s fashionable sports style. The elegant aesthetics of Zenith can be interpreted in harmonious and deep colors. These three models are all equipped with new and unique buckles, which can provide comfortable wearing feeling and ensure the best safety.
   El Primero Sport watches are equipped with El Primero 400 B movement, its excellent quality reminiscent of the same series of legendary movement designed by Zenith in 1969-El Primero chronograph movement. This classic movement keeps beating to prove its legendary fame with time. The movement uses an integrated column wheel system, which vibrates 36,000 times per hour and accurately counts in tenths of a second.
The world’s most accurate chronograph
   All three watches are equipped with the El Primero 400 B movement, whose excellent quality is reminiscent of the same legendary movement designed by Zenith in 1969-El Primero chronograph movement. This classic movement keeps beating to prove its legendary fame with time. The movement uses an integrated column wheel system, which vibrates 36,000 times per hour and accurately counts in tenths of a second. The El Primero 400 B movement combines breathtakingly high vibration frequency with a power reserve of more than 50 hours. It has a central hour and minute display function, a small seconds counter at 9 o’clock, and a time and date display at 6 o’clock.

Oris Carnegie Oscar Peterson Limited Watch

Oris pays tribute to a generation of piano master Oscar Peterson with the latest jazz watch. Jazz piano master Oscar Peterson’s beautiful works are world-famous, and they still have a very important position in the jazz scene. And Oris’s record of creating limited editions is just as wonderful as the work of this great musician.
 Oscar Peterson is regarded as one of the greatest jazz pianists in history. The beautiful works and piano instruments played in his life have become the inspirational fallacy of this elegant watch design.

Oris Oscar Peterson Limited List
Case: Multi-piece stainless steel case with stainless steel crown
Diameter: 42 mm
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Function: Hours, minutes, seconds, date displayed in the center at 6 o’clock
Water resistance: 100 meters
Mirror: double-sided inner layer anti-refractive sapphire crystal
Hands: Black dial with black and white piano hour markers
Scale: Roman numeral 8 VIII is plated with rose gold
Strap: crocodile black leather strap with stainless steel folding buckle.
 Piano black and white keys are used as delicate indexes, with a central circular dial. The dial is reminiscent of a nostalgic vinyl record, and it also symbolizes Oscar Peterson’s life-long creation and many inspiring piano works. Oscar Peterson loves watches equipped with Roman numerals. Limited edition watches show this feature in a real way. The VIII is also coated with rose gold. This Roman numeral 8 is a glorious record of eight Grammy awards. The caseback carries the lion logo symbolizing Oscar Peterson, with limited numbers from 0001/1925 to 1925/1925, and 1925 was the year of the birth of this great artist.

 Oscar Peterson is considered one of the greatest jazz pianists in history. Oris pays tribute to the jazz master with the Oscar Peterson limited edition.
 Oscar Peterson has unlimited talent: The Oris Oscar Peterson limited watch is a great tribute to this jazz piano giant.
 Oscar Peterson watches come with a polished wooden case and a limited-edition exclusive DVD.

Wo Lujian Vulcain Sky God Foal Wisdom

VULCAIN celebrates the grand opening of the Beijing store, and coincides with the year of the Chinese horse in 2014, specially refined 50s President’s Pegasus (Pegasus) filigree enamel alarm watch limited series, The Pegasus symbolizes wisdom and learning, expressing the mastery of traditional watchmaking and enamel craftsmanship.

Pegasus enamel alarm clock limited series (In The Sky, limited to 18 pieces)

50s President’s Pegasus Pegasus Alarm Clock Limited Edition
Pegasus is a white two-winged deity horse in Greek mythology. Ancient Greek and Roman poets wrote many stories of flying horses to the heavens and serving the god Zeus. The legendary hero Bellerophon once saw Pegasus drinking fairy spring water in Peirene. He was able to catch Pegasus with the help of Athena and Poseidon. Killing the people, including defeating Chimera, the flamethrower. Later, Pegasus ascended to heaven and became the gods of the heavens-including the mount of Zeus, the god of the gods. Zeus greatly appreciated Pegasus, and later conferred the constellation Pegasus on the sky.

Pegasus enamel alarm clock limited series (On The Mountain model, limited to 18 pieces)

The symbolic meaning of Pegasus changed with the times. From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, Pegasus represented wisdom and reputation, and became a symbol of creative inspiration around the 19th century. Ancient Greek pottery and drawings, as well as Renaissance sculptures can be seen.
Flying over the mountains
The Pegasus was raised by the muse goddess of Mount. Helicon. Whenever Pegasus steps on the ground with two hoofs, springs will flow from the ground. These springs were later called fountains of inspiration. The Olympus mountain dwells and has been loyal to the god Zeus. Whenever Zeus wants to produce thunder and lightning, the lightning is delivered by Pegasus.

The Ultimate Daily Watch Iwc Mark Series (Part I)

The idea of ​​finding a watch that is not only superior in performance, but also affordable, and suitable for daily wear is daunting. After all, there are too many factors to consider, including aesthetic appeal, design, wear resistance, history, technology, reliability, complexity, accuracy, after-sales service, price, resale prospects, and even brand awareness. It’s all important. Aside from the subjective criteria of potential buyers, it must be pointed out that there are very few models that can balance and meet all of the above requirements, including the IWC Mark series.

IWC Mark XV Watch

Take care of this
   Under normal circumstances, a characteristic watch is inevitable. Sometimes, for example, a vintage watch full of history lacks abrasion resistance; a watch with a full sense of technology lacks reliability; and a watch with a high price can not be optimistic about resale. Achieving the perfect balance is no easy task. Generally speaking, most modern diving watches are not suitable for daily wear. What is needed for daily activities is a slimmer and simpler watch. Formal watches are slim and easy to wear, but not robust enough and have a single style. As for modern chronographs, with few exceptions, they are also quite bulky.

IWC Mark XII watch

   Of course, no watch is flawless, especially if we want daily use, we make concessions based on subjective standards. For example, the legendary Omega Speedmaster ‘Moonwatch’ is equipped with a manual winding movement. Although it meets most of the above requirements, potential customers who prefer automatic (automatically more suitable for daily use) may still be turned away. Another signature model, the Rolex Explorer, does not have a date display function. Some people may say that without the date display window, the dial is cleaner, but personally, I think the date display function is very important for daily wear of the watch. The same is true of Jaeger-LeCoultre geophysical watches. Breitling aviation chronographs lack water resistance. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches and Patek Philippe Nautilus watches are more expensive. After closer inspection, you will find that even if the iconic design is still lacking in some aspects, it is difficult to say that it is perfect for daily wear. However, the IWC Mark series is different.

IWC Mark XVI watch

History background
   In 1936, IWC launched the first pilot watch, named Spezialuhr für Flieger. This watch is contrasting, with a black dial, fluorescent hands and a rotating bezel. Of course, it is driven by the Caliber 83 manual winding movement, which is impact resistant, rigorously tested and carefully tuned. It should be noted that IWC has never named it Mark IX, its name comes from the next watch-Mark X. Mark X watches carry the same movement and are engraved with wide arrows (confirming that the watch is government property, indicating the type of goods to distinguish them from weapons) and three ‘W’ signs (referring to Watch, Wrist and Waterproof ). In 1944, the British Ministry of Defence distributed it to the military. For five years, the Mark X watch has served various military personnel.

IWC Mark XVII watch

   Later, the Mark X watch was replaced by the legendary Mark XI, which was designed and built according to the strict specifications required by pilots during the mission. The Mark XI watch is equipped with a stop device to ensure accurate time setting; it has a soft iron inner case of Faraday cage to protect the movement from magnetic fields; the mirror assembly is stable and can withstand sudden pressure drops without loosening ; Black dial decorated with fluorescent hands, bright and easy to read. After delivery, these watches have undergone a comprehensive and thorough ‘precision navigation watch’ test for up to 44 days, and each batch must be sent to the Royal Observatory Greenwich (UK) in Herstmonceau every year Recalibration. Although the delivery of Mark XI watches to the Royal Air Force had expired in 1953, these watches were not officially retired until 1981. Mark XI watches have also been distributed to British Overseas Airlines pilots and navigators. In addition, IWC has sold more than a thousand watches through its commercial network.