Blancpain Carols Tribute Love

In preparation for Valentine’s Day 2018, Blancpain specially launched a sweet and warm ladies watch, once again expressing its true feelings for women.

Blancpain Limited Valentine’s Day Watch 2018

   The dial background design of this new watch pays tribute to Valentine’s Day full of tenderness and romance. On the white sky of mother-of-pearl, 19 gorgeous flash diamonds and 4 rubies are brilliantly cut with a star-shaped logo. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 29.2 mm, the bezel is set with 48 diamonds, the two lugs are set with a total of 20 diamonds, and the crown is decorated with a brilliant rose-shaped diamond. This gem setting process requires a metal base to insert the gem into the surface of the disc. The delicate and unique sapphire moon phase disk is tilted to the 6 o’clock position, which is the first of its kind in all Blancpain watch collections.
   The dial background design of this new watch pays tribute to Valentine’s Day full of tenderness and romance. On the white sky of mother-of-pearl, 19 gorgeous flash diamonds and 4 rubies are brilliantly cut with a star-shaped logo. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 29.2 mm, the bezel is set with 48 diamonds, the two lugs are set with a total of 20 diamonds, and the crown is decorated with a brilliant rose-shaped diamond. This gem setting process requires a metal base to insert the gem into the surface of the disc. The delicate and unique sapphire moon phase disk is tilted to the 6 o’clock position, which is the first of its kind in all Blancpain watch collections.

   The moon phase disk is trimmed with thin strokes, and the opening and closing are slightly rounded. This typical female ‘Moon Beauty’ smiley is a comedic parody of the traditional moon phase of Blancpain-there is a moving beauty mole on the corner of the mouth of Moon Phase. Flies, then called mouche, were fly-shaped spots. At that time, women in the court would draw a beauty mole on the face in response to the admirer, and the meaning changed with different positions. As a complication in the craftsmanship of haute horlogerie, the moon phase was almost lost. It wasn’t until the early 1980s that Blancpain reintroduced it to the stage of timepiece production. Since then, the beautiful Moon Face has become a Blancpain brand logo.

Blancpain Limited Valentine’s Day Watch 2018

   The shape of the monthly cycle on the dial of this new watch reflects the deep roots between the timepiece industry and astronomy. The moon phase on the dial is synchronized with the profit and loss of the moon phase in the real sky. Its mechanical device consists of a 59-tooth gear, which is equivalent to two complete 29- and a half-day moon phase cycles. This explains why the gear drives a week and the moon phase appears twice on the dial. The minute and hour hands resemble sage leaves, and the second hand is shaped like Cupid’s arrow.

High-precision technology

   The new Valentine’s Day watch is equipped with an internal 913L automatic movement. This movement is equipped with a balance wheel equipped with gold fine-tuning screws, and an antimagnetic silicon hairspring. This material was recently introduced into the watchmaking industry, bringing several important advantages that are beyond doubt. First, because of its low density and lighter weight, silicon has a stronger seismic advantage. Secondly, its advantages against magnetic field intrusion cannot be underestimated. The hairspring made from this is not only perfect in shape, but also effectively synchronizes with the movement’s isochronous function, which further improves the accuracy of timing.

   The sapphire glass back of the watch also hides a mysterious design that only the wearer can appreciate: the rhodium-plated gold oscillating weight is inlaid with a heart-shaped pattern penetrated by a ray of sunlight and an arrow of love . The new 2018 Valentine’s Day watch with red alligator leather strap is limited to 99 pieces, each engraved with a unique limited number.

Light Hollow Is Not Enough To See Patek Philippe 5180/1r

The 240 movement is now a well-established and well-known family of family members. It includes everything from basic functions to complex functions. However, if you choose it from the perspective of the ‘Appearance Association’, the 240 SQU first launched in 2008 The movement should be the most beautiful 240 movement in many people’s hearts. In 2017, in order to celebrate the 240th anniversary of the movement, Patek Philippe launched a new rose gold version equipped with this hollow movement, with its gorgeous and exquisite craft figure, Once again caused the coveted feelings of collectors in the market.

Feature one: change to rose gold
The version launched before 5180 was white gold, and the addition of a rose gold version after a few years was not only a series of generations, but also regarded as Patek Philippe’s intentional celebration of the 240th anniversary of the movement. The dial of the watch can clearly see the hollow support ring that connects the movement to the case. The support ring not only shoulders the supporting effect, but it is also designed as 12 spoke lines and can also be used with the pointer as a time mark. The blackened lancet is matched with the gold dial / movement. It inherits the contrast effect of the previous platinum and blue steel hands, so that the wearer will not be lost in the movement’s beautiful gold carving when reading Visual appeal.

In addition to the supporting part of the case and the movement, the supporting ring is also located at the 12 o’clock position.

Feature 2: 240 SQU movement is also time consuming
The reason why 5180 is highly respected is that it further ‘artifies’ ultra-thin movements, not only for hollowing out time-consuming and labor-intensive movements (for 240 SQU movements, it only takes Week), Patek Philippe also carved beautiful carvings by hand on the surface of the remaining support plate after hollowing out. This 5180 / 1R engraving pattern is mainly composed of vines and spirals. At the same time, the clockwork box on the front of the movement The bridge can also find the brand’s symbolic decoration that is cleverly integrated into the Carrejohua cross. After the hollowing out process, the man-hours spent on the engraving process of the movement also exceeded 130 hours. This shows the depth of Patek Philippe’s intention.

The thickness of the 240 SQU movement is only 2.53mm, and the overall thickness of the case is only 6.7mm. It is commendable that this model has also undergone hollowing and engraving, which is twice as difficult as the production of ordinary ultra-thin watches.

Feature three: PP mark rarely appears here
Turning to the case back, in addition to enjoying a wide range of penetration and superb gold carving techniques, this 5180 / 1R has a new look because of the lack of a complete substrate. PP marks are rarely engraved on the On the micro-automatic plate, this also means that while the watch is focused on sensory enjoyment such as thinness, lightness, transparency, and beauty, it still does not forget to strictly require its overall quality or must reflect the high level of watch production.

The ultra-thin plus engraving may cause the movement of the movement to be unstable in general impressions, but the 5180 / 1R still passed the check of the PP mark and was rarely engraved on the micro-automatic disc.

Calatrava Ref. 5180 / 1R

18K rose gold material / 240 SQU self-winding movement / hour, minute display / sapphire crystal, transparent case back / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 39mm / reference price: 651,300 RMB

Living Moments Lawrence Sports Legend Li Xiaopeng Appeared In Shanghai Congratulations To Iwc Lawrence Children’s Drawing Competition Winners

September 12, 2017, Shanghai —— IWC Lawrence Children’s Drawing Contest winners were born through selection. The 12-year-old Chinese boy Hou Yi won this honor. IWC engraved this special painting on the bottom of the Lawrence Special Edition Limited Watch. Part of the proceeds of the watch will be invested in the Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation to improve the lives of young people around the world.

   This year’s winner, Hou Yan, is from Shanghai, China, and is a Special Olympics athlete. Many young contestants in the IWC Lawrence Children’s Drawing Competition are from charity projects supported by the Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation around the world. Hou Yi is also one of them.

   Hearing the Olympic gymnastics star Li Xiaopeng coming to school to congratulate, the teachers and students of Hou Yun and Jing’an Qihui Special Education School were particularly excited. Hou Yi’s award-winning paintings created under the theme of “Time Well Spent” were also engraved on the 11th Lawrence Special Edition—the special edition of the IWC Express Vinci watch “Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation” (Model: IW393402) on the bottom of the watch. In the painting, a little boy skiing happily raised his hands, which symbolized the wonderful moment when Hou Yi, a Special Olympics athlete, participated in the Special Olympics, and gained confidence and pride.

   The Special Olympics International (referred to as the Special Olympics International) provides opportunities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities to participate in Olympic-style sports training and competitions. It is estimated that there are currently more than 8.5 million people with intellectual or physical disabilities in China.
Guest Greetings:

   Li Xiaopeng, member of the Lawrence World Sports Association: ‘Congratulations to Hou Yi and Special Olympics International. Hou Yi won the IWC Lawrence Children’s Painting Championship, affirming his efforts and also the special work of the International Special Olympics in China Recognition. The drawing contest is very meaningful. It helps people with intellectual disabilities to break down barriers to society and fully demonstrates the power and spirit of sports. I would like to thank IWC for more than 12 years. Part of the proceeds goes to the Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation to support charity. This is really an imaginative idea. ‘

   Christoph Grainger-Herr, Chief Executive Officer of IWC Schaffhausen: ‘Congratulations to Hou Yi and the Special Olympics. As a global partner of the Lawrence Sports Foundation, IWC will Part of the income of the Lawrence Special Edition Watch is invested in the global Lawrence charity project to help the participating youths. The winners of our drawing contests come from all over the world, including Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Russia, Uganda, and China this time. Hou烨 ‘s paintings reflect the fun of sports and the importance of sports, which is also the idea that IWC is happy to share. ‘
   Ye Jiaqian, Director of Marketing and Development, Special Olympics East Asia: ‘Everyone who supports the Special Olympics business in Shanghai is proud that his children’s work will win the IWC Lawrence Children’s Painting Competition. Hou Yi is also very happy and for many people I am happy to see my work. It is exciting to participate in this competition, and it is very educational for all our teenagers. It is learned that children from different countries around the world have participated in it. Is proud of its continued growth. ‘

   IWC IWC expresses the special edition of the Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation (model: IW393402) with a diameter of 42 mm and a stainless steel case with a blue dial. The newly developed removable lugs with the curved corners of the lugs ensure that the black Santoni alligator strap fits perfectly on the wrist. The special engraving on the bottom of the watch shows the care for vulnerable children and adolescents. Reference retail price: RMB 97,800

Longines (Longines) Beijing International Equestrian Masters Dress Down To

Modern equestrianism, known as the ‘king of sports’, originated in the United Kingdom. At first, it was only enjoyed by princes and aristocrats. Participants were dressed in formal attire, elegant and rigorous. Equestrian sport also has a long history in China, and it has been popular since the Han and Tang Dynasties. A fascinating glamour sport with a history of 700 years, a watchmaking brand with a 180-year glorious tradition, and an elegant legend written together for nearly a century.

On March 4, 2013, the 2013 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters held the official launching ceremony at the Pangu Seven Star Hotel in Beijing. This event has been included in the International Equestrian League schedule. This is the third Longines watch after two consecutive years of success. The Beijing International Equestrian Masters is also currently the highest level of professional equestrian events in China. The 2013 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters is about to kick off at the China National Stadium (‘Bird’s Nest’) on April 18-20. Longines continues to be the title sponsor and official timekeeper of the 2013 Beijing International Equestrian Masters. On the day of the event, Mr. Li Nianxi, Secretary General of the Chinese Equestrian Association, Mr. Michael Mronz, President of Tome Equestrian, Ms. Li Jing, and Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, joined hands with Mr. Rudgbierbaum, known as the ‘Father of German Equestrian’ The Longines Elegant Ambassador and rider Jane Richard attended the launch ceremony.
Modern equestrianism that originated in England and was introduced to Europe in the 16th century. Because only the aristocrats and nobles could enjoy it at that time, the equestrian sport has always manifested its unparalleled noble style. In addition, the contestants were dressed in costumes and displayed in front of many on-site spectators. Therefore, the knights were often referred to as ‘the king of sports’. Equestrian sport has a long history in China. As early as the Han and Tang dynasties, riding and shooting, polo and other equestrian entertainment activities have become popular. In 1900, in the second modern Olympic Games, equestrian jumping obstacle course became one of the official events. In the equestrian events of the Olympic Games, there are often members of the royal family of the country. The most famous of them is Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II of England. She participated in the equestrian events of the 21st Olympic Games of 1976.

Equestrian sport is both a strict relaxation and a competitive sport advocating etiquette. It is calm, restrained, precise, and controlled; gentleman has no lack of passion, but competition wins and loses lightly; it is a fashion sport, and it is also a life attitude. It requires participants to always maintain generous love, dedication, courage, and dignity, and adhere to the purpose of ‘virtue and honor above all else’.
At the end of 2012, the cooperation between Longines and equestrian has been further improved. Longines has signed a ten-year cooperation agreement with the International Equestrian Federation, becoming its top partner, and will be the official sponsor of the International Equestrian Federation timing and timepiece To carry out a series of cooperation in the seven major areas of the International Equestrian Federation. With superb watchmaking technology, the concentration, precision and experience that perfectly meet the requirements of equestrian competition, Longines has timed equestrian sports for nearly a century. It has also created many classics for this aristocratic sport and a series of top events. Elegant watch.
The equestrian display area and experience area at the press conference added a lot of highlights to the scene. Whether it is exquisite horse equipment or horse models, they all attracted the attention of the guests. The equestrian professionals at the site introduced the equestrian knowledge such as display merchandise, schedule rules, etc., so that every guest present could feel the charm of equestrian sports while understanding the equestrian culture.

‘2013 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters’ is organized by the Chinese Equestrian Association and the National Stadium. Tome Equestrian joins hands with the world’s most famous equestrian club-Aachen World Equestrian Congress, and Lu has the title of ‘Father of German Equestrian’ Deger Bierbaum is co-creating world-class equestrian events at the Bird’s Nest. The event is more dedicated to spreading the deep culture contained in the equestrian sport, and to show the world the unique charm and charm of Beijing, a city with a sense of history and modernity.
At the event, Mr. Michael Mronz, President of Tome Equestrian, introduced the preparations for the 2013 Longines Beijing Equestrian Masters: The current International Equestrian Masters attracted international first-class riders and hosts of the Chinese National Equestrian Team. At the same time, the sand field will be used in the Bird’s Nest in 2013; it will attract nearly 100 of the best obstacle horses in China; through the ‘’ unified sale, the race ticket price adopts a friendly style to attract more audience participation; the equestrian carnival area of ​​the grandstand More people can feel the real equestrian sport and participate in it to experience its infinite charm. This competition will once again show the special charm of the open-air night obstacle course.
According to reports, on the day of the opening ceremony, performances related to equestrian-related Chinese elements, equestrian gymnastics, dressage steps and other beautiful LED night shows will bring a shocking visual feast. A series of activities including the main event, U15 and VIP equestrian training camp will also be launched one by one; the organizer will also hold a fashion photography competition, and photography enthusiasts can use the lens to capture the momentary scene on horseback with their hearts. Showing different elegance and classic lenses.
The 2013 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters is not only the highest level of professional equestrian events in China, but also integrates fashion, health and entertainment. Each VIP can enjoy first-class service, exquisite cuisine of a five-star hotel while enjoying a wide variety of events, and can participate in the equestrian training camp in the Bird’s Nest Central Athletics Zone to interact with stars and customers from all walks of life. Chairman of China Equestrian Association Pan Zhichen also fully affirmed Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters. He said: Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters is a two-star obstacle course of the International Horse Federation. Since it was held in 2011, it has greatly driven and influenced the development of domestic equestrian events in the direction of branding and quality. The competition not only promoted the exchange of high-level athletes at home and abroad, but also promoted and promoted the equestrian sport, accelerated the development of Chinese equestrian sport and the spread of equestrian culture, and also meant that the development of Chinese equestrian sport was in line with the world and would better promote The development process of Chinese equestrian internationalization, specialization, socialization, marketization and professionalization.
For the second consecutive year, he was named the Beijing International Equestrian Masters. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, said: Longines has been fully involved in equestrian sports for nearly a century. A chronograph with a jockey and his horse on the surface. With its expertise in watchmaking technology, Longines has established a close cooperative relationship with the sports world. The brand has long supported the elegant equestrian sport, and has a close and solid relationship with equestrianism.

The Counterattack Of The Goddess, Only Tissot Watches Make People Love

When the autumn and winter season changes, Woman Power’s fashion energy strikes, coupled with the recent marriage of the goddess in the art world, the goddess’ good mood and popularity follow the news, attracting attention The flashing pink hearts and fantasy bubbles are greatly surrounded by the goddess’ beautiful wedding style and romantic atmosphere. When you are blessing or longing for it, you may use this every minute to inspire yourself, love yourself more, and you can write a new life. Page.

Handsome Goddess Power Generosi-T-Tianjie Series
   In the early autumn of Tissot, the new women’s watch of the Tianjie series will be launched to help build your workforce. Appreciating sisters is a cool gesture of domineering, especially on the big screen and in politics. This year, several female heroes and female politicians have risen enough to compete with male characters. In daily life, they are the focus. Tissot watches now launches Tianjie series women’s models. The watch, a new style, came at the right time. At a glance, the streamlined square design contains the gentle connotation of generosity and tolerance. It conveys the feminine rigidity and softness, which is suitable for everyday occasions. The Generosi-T Tianjie series cleverly combines the character of generosity with the trend. With the overall design of the stainless steel case and stainless steel bracelet, it shows its firm and strong characteristics, generous and open-minded, and the luxurious version of the dial design uses mother-of-pearl. The disc, set with top Wesselton real diamonds as an interpretation of the time mark, under the powerful appearance, release charming charm of time. The 2016 autumn and winter women’s trend depicts the prospects of novel black clothes, furs, and street sports styles. Tianjie series is undoubtedly the most perfect wrist accessory.

Generosi-T Women’s Watch

• Swiss-made ETA F03.111 quartz movement
• 316L stainless steel case
• Wear-resistant sapphire crystal
• Mother-of-pearl face plate set with top Wesselton diamonds
• Water-resistant to 30 meters
• Table diameter 24mm
• 316L stainless steel strap with push-button folding clasp

Generosi-T Tianjie Series Women’s Watch

• Swiss-made ETA F03.111 quartz movement
• 316L stainless steel case
• Wear-resistant sapphire crystal
• Mother-of-pearl face plate set with top Wesselton diamonds
• Water-resistant to 30 meters
• Table diameter 24mm
• 316L stainless steel strap with push-button folding clasp

Generosi-T Tianjie Series Women’s Watch

• Swiss-made ETA F03.111 quartz movement
• Gold PVD 316L stainless steel case
• Wear-resistant sapphire crystal
• Mother-of-pearl face plate set with top Wesselton diamonds
• Water-resistant to 30 meters
• Table diameter 24mm
• Gold PVD 316L stainless steel strap with push-button folding clasp

 The Garden of Desires Dance with Flamingo-Flamenco Series
   If the Tian Jie series is paired with a strong and powerful female in daily life, then the Flamenco series is definitely suitable for a little woman full of fantasy. When the trend of watch design returns to the path of small watch paths, fashion trends are constantly reviewing classics, embracing the beauty of retro style, the birth of the flamenco series can be said to be complementary to the Tianjie series, suitable for alternating wear with it, showing compactness The roundness is like the finishing touch of a jewellery watch. Whether it is to match the new clothes in the autumn and winter to grab the mirror, or the networking of fresh people, to the Christmas ball, etc., the Flamingo series is perfect for matching. The design concept of the series is inspired by the Flamingo, and its preference for its pink feathers, long legs and graceful wings is a common impression on people. Therefore, Tissot watches give Flamingo women’s watches a simple and pure style. But with a slightly curved design, the lines around the bezel are transferred to the lugs, which can be said to be a flamingo two-foot walking room or flapping wings, with a beaded mother-of-pearl dial and a jewelry-like crown And a slender leather strap or chain strap, to satisfy women’s imagination of walking into the new art palace of fashion flowers and plants and splicing gardens in the fall and winter. It is worth mentioning that the 26mm diameter is enough to make people think of retro, and then use gold or rose gold PVD treatment, so that Flamingo women’s watches add beautiful luxury touch, more addictive.

Flamingo women’s watch

• Swiss-made ETA F03.111 quartz movement
• 316L stainless steel case
• Wear-resistant sapphire crystal
• Mother-of-pearl face plate
• Water-resistant to 50 meters
• Table diameter 26mm
• Leather strap with push-button folding clasp
Flamingo women’s watch

• Swiss-made ETA F03.111 quartz movement
• Rose gold PVD 316L stainless steel case
• Wear-resistant sapphire crystal
• Mother-of-pearl face plate
• Water-resistant to 50 meters
• Table diameter 26mm
• Leather strap with push-button folding clasp

Flamingo women’s watch

• Swiss-made ETA F03.111 quartz movement
• Gold PVD 316L stainless steel case
• Wear-resistant sapphire crystal
• Mother-of-pearl face plate
• Water-resistant to 50 meters
• Table diameter 26mm
• Gold PVD 316 L stainless steel strap with push-button folding clasp

Rolex Presents The 20th Domingo World Opera Vocal Competition

‘Operalia is an Olympic event in the opera world. Singers from all over the world compete here, fight hard, and finally win. Fresh vitality and blood sparkle the passion and joy of life. All this proves that the cause of opera will be endless and evergreen. ‘
——Plácido Domingo
Mr. Domingo, President of the National Grand Theater, Chen Ping, with Chinese winner Yu Guanqun (first from left) and Wang Yunpeng (first from right)
    From June 4 to 10, 2012, Rolex presented the 20th Domingo World Opera Vocal Contest in Beijing’s prestigious National Palace of Fine Arts in Beijing. Many diverse and talented rookies active in the international opera world gathered on the world’s leading opera stage. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the competition, and it is the first time that the competition has come to China. Through the support of the competition, the top Swiss watch brand Rolex also continued its strong support for the arts, and the male and female players who won the most welcome from the audience each received an Oyster Perpetual Diary Watch provided by Rolex. Rolex’s pursuit of perfection and excellence, and the support of talented individuals and institutions in the art world, Mr. Plácido Domingo and his beloved vocal competition are vividly interpreting these concepts.
    On the evening of June 10, the outstanding contestants of the twentieth competition passed the fierce competition of the finals, and finally submitted a surprising answer to the competition: this competition produced two side-by-side awards and multiple single awards. The super-level performance of the players has made this competition a unique influence in the international opera world. At the same time, two parallel awards (men’s second prize and men’s first prize) are very rare. They have been extremely rare in previous competitions, confirming that the level of participating singers is improving year by year, and it has also made it difficult for the jury to judge. .

Domingo hosted the most exciting award ceremony
    In the end, the men’s first prize in this competition was tied for the winner of the American tenor Anthony Roth Costanzo (age 30) and the Mongolian baritone Amartuvshin (26 ); The female winner is American soprano Janai Brugger (29). That night, Janai Brugger was nominated three times by Mr. Domingo. In addition to the first prize, she also won the Pepita Embil Domingo Zarzuela Prize and the Most Popular Award. Yana Brugg studied vocal music at DePaul University and then studied at the University of Michigan under Shirley Verrett. She was a member of the San Francisco Opera Merola Project. She is currently a second-year artist at the Domingo-Thornton Young Artist Program at the Los Angeles Opera.
    In addition, it is particularly worth mentioning that the two Chinese players who broke through and entered the final also achieved proud results. Chinese baritone Wang Yunpeng won the second prize, The Don Plácido Domingo, Sr. Zarzuela Prize and the most popular audience prize; soprano Yu Guanqun won the second prize. At the same time, Helga Schmidt, the director of Palau de les Arts in Valencia, Spain, was also named by Guanqun in Giuseppe Verdi’s opera ‘ ‘I Due Foscari’ will play the heroine, and she will perform this opera in Valencia in January 2013 with Mr. Domingo to commemorate Verdi’s 200th birthday.
    At the end of the competition, Mr. Placido Domingo also officially announced that the 21st Domingo World Opera Vocal Competition (Operalia) will be held in Verona, Italy from August 19th to 25th, 2013. To celebrate the centennial of the famous Festival of the Arena of Verona.

The American soprano who won the first prize in this contest sings affectionately in the Yana Brugg competition
Rolex and Domingo World Opera Vocal Competition
    The Domingo World Opera Vocal Competition was founded in 1993 by Mr. Placido Domingo, a famous international tenor. As one of the most outstanding performing artists in opera history, Mr. Domingo has been a Rolex brand spokesman since 1982. He is not only a legend in the music industry, but also a generous and enthusiastic mentor, and has always given his full support to talented young artists. Mr. Domingo’s idea of ​​hosting this annual event stems from his early experience as a professional singer. He is well aware that artistic newcomers need professional artistic education opportunities, and he is looking forward to showcasing their talents. This event not only provides support and opportunities for young singers in the above two aspects, but also further helps them gain worldwide recognition. This is due to the high reputation of the event and the continuous support of Mr. Domingo for the winners.
    By presenting the Domingo World Opera Vocal Contest, Swiss watch leader Rolex continues to fulfill its commitment to art. Rolex continues to support those talented individuals and institutions that share our values ​​and are constantly striving for perfection and excellence. Mr. Placido Domingo and the World Opera Vocal Contest, which he devoted to his heart, perfectly interpreted these spirits, and was able to establish a close cooperative relationship with them, and Rolex is proud of it.
    Over the past 20 years, this talented and unique competition has become a global event in the music industry. The success of the event year after year is due to Mr. Domingo for his enthusiasm, generosity and dedication. The new generation of singers participating in the contest, like the competition itself, are fully committed to excellence, personal achievements and creative talents, which are in line with the characteristics of Rolex.

Mr. Domingo devoted himself to the competition as the sole conductor of the finals
List of winners
• The Culturarte Prize
The prize is $ 10,000. Courtesy of Guillermo and Bertita Martínez. Picked by Italian tenor Antonio Poli (26)
• The Don Plácido Domingo, Sr., Zarzuela Prize
The prize is $ 10,000. Won by Chinese baritone singer Wang Yunpeng (age 24)
• The Pepita Embil Domingo Zarzuela Prize
The prize is $ 10,000. Picked by American soprano singer Janai Brugger (29)
• Two third prizes
USD 10,000 each. Russian baritone Roman Burdenko (age 28) and Russian soprano Nadezhda Karyazina (age 25)
• Two second prizes
USD 20,000 each. The men’s tied winners are American tenor Brian Jagde (32) and Chinese baritone Wang Yunpeng (24); the female winner is Chinese soprano Yu Guanqun (29)
• Two first prizes
USD 30,000 each. Men’s tied winners are American tenor Anthony Roth Costanzo (age 30) and Mongolian baritone Amartuvshin (age 26); women’s winner is the United States Soprano Janai Brugger (29)
• Two Most Popular Audience Awards
Each received a watch from Rolex. Captured by American soprano Janai Brugger (29) and Chinese baritone Wang Yunpeng (24)
• Two Birgit Nilsson Prizes (Wagner-Strauss Repertory)
$ 15,000 each. Men’s award only to American tenor Brian Jagde (32)-

Six Titanium Watch Recommendations

With the popularity of all-steel watches, titanium watches have gradually emerged. Titanium has a hard texture, which is 30% harder than steel, lighter than steel, and highly resistant to corrosion. Titanium watch is very comfortable to wear, because it is different from nickel and does not irritate the skin, even if it is worn when sweating, it has no effect. In addition, because of its light and hard texture, titanium watches are more durable.

Omega 300MChronometer series 2232.80.00 watch

Watch Series: Haima
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: Titanium
Strap material: titanium
Domestic public price: ¥ 24,800
Watch details:

Citizen Eco-drive Satellite Clock Table

Citizen’s new limited-edition solar-powered satellite timepiece exhibited at Baselworld in 2011-Citizen’s ‘Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE’ shines with its unique innovative technology The audience. This watch can receive satellite signals worldwide and automatically adjust the time, and the dream of human beings connected with outer space through time signals blooms on the wrist.

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Clock-Space Star
Over the years, Citizen has continuously introduced watch technology products combining leading technology and perfect design at the Basel exhibition, which deeply explained its brand spirit of being innovative and dare to challenge. From the Super Air Eagle in 2007 to receive light kinetic energy radio wave tables, to 2008 launched the light kinetic energy super chronograph designed for motorsports with an accuracy of up to 1/1000 seconds, and exhibited three types of light kinetic energy in 2009. Concept watch, and in 2010, the concept watch Eco-Drive DOME was successfully mass-produced. Citizen showed its unlimited possibilities of light kinetic energy with its self-transcendence. In 2011, Citizen created another glory and launched a new generation of timekeeping products, Citizen’s ‘Space Star’ light kinetic energy satellite timepiece. It can automatically capture from 24 navigation satellites 20,000 kilometers away from the earth according to the position of the watch. Signal from the nearest satellite and proof the time and date of the watch. Whether it’s sailing in the vast western Pacific Ocean or standing on the snow-capped world’s highest peak, the ‘Space Star’ can bring you precise time enjoyment without borders and regions, allowing you to enjoy the fullness and confidence of planning.
While continuously challenging higher technologies, Citizen adheres to the product research and development purpose of “fusion of technology and beauty”, and once again demonstrates the unique design that can only be achieved by relying on light and kinetic energy. The design of Citizen’s ‘Space Star’ was inspired by the infinite reverie of outer space. The metal bezel embedded in the sapphire glass mirror frame symbolizes the satellite’s orbit around the earth, and the round case below is like a suspended earth in the vast space, echoing the ‘satellite trajectory’; black is the main tone The three-dimensional three-dimensional dial, boldly matched with bright green spiral corrugated coils, is just like a steady stream of satellite signals coming from the deep universe, exuding an infinite sense of vitality. The groundbreaking new technology is integrated with the design concept of crossing space, making ‘Space Star’ the latest milestone in the future of Citizen’s inquiry.
As an unwavering advocate of light kinetic energy, Citizen tirelessly pursues the perfect fusion of green technology and exquisite design. Adhering to the spirit of never-ending innovation, Citizen continues to achieve new breakthroughs on the road to exploring the future world, and the unlimited potential of light kinetic energy is also fully released in the process of unremitting exploration!

Richard Miller Accompanies Nadal On The 2016 New Season Journey

Rafael Nadal, the legend of Roland Garros, is not only a partner of Richard Miller, but also a close friend of the brand. Like other partners of the brand, Nadal is also personally involved in the development of exclusive watches; on the contrary, Richard Miller wholeheartedly supports Nadal, regardless of glory or trough, victory or defeat, from beginning to end, even beyond his tennis career . 2015 was a great year for Nadal and Richard Miller. During the Roland Garros French Open event, the brand launched the RM27-02 watch equipped with an excellent tourbillon movement.

   The watch was named ‘Raphael Nadal’. Richard Miller creatively built the integrated structure of the substrate and the ring for the first time with NTPT® carbon fiber (excellent technical performance). The tourbillon movement can resist the impact of up to 5000G , So that the brand has made significant progress in the movement architecture. This watch is very important for Richard Miller, it defines a new approach to architecture: with three-dimensional elements, the emphasis is on the depth of the movement. Rafael Nadal started to wear RM27-02 to participate in the game. For Rafael Nadal who has a fixed program before serving, ‘lucky charm RM’ has become a necessity. Rafael Nadal has a special interest in RM27-02, which is already an indispensable strategic calculation tool when he is playing on the tennis court.

   Another major event of Richard Miller / Raphael Nadal in 2015 was the charity auction of the RM27-02 prototype watch on OnlyWatch. Rafael Nadal also donated his match jersey to the Monaco Muscular Dystrophy Prevention Association and gave it to the successful bidder of the watch. All the proceeds were donated to the Luc Pettavino Foundation to fund the muscles. Research on atrophy prevention and treatment. The RM27-02 watch sold the second highest price (650,000 euros) that night, making the sixth OnlyWatch charity auction a complete success.

   One thing is obvious: New Year marks the return of Rafael Nadal to its peak. In the annual International Tennis Super League (IPTL) team tournaments held in Asian cities at the end of 2015, Rafael Nadal announced that he had found his best form by virtue of his outstanding performance. Swiss player Roger Federer has no doubt about the Spanish player’s ability: ‘(Rafael Nadal) showed his excellent tennis skills in the Grand Slam.’ Uncle Tony also confirmed: ‘Last month, (Rafael Nadal) isn’t far away from being in the world. ‘

   On January 2, 2016, the Abu Dhabi Tennis Invitational. Following the victory of compatriot David Ferrer in the three sets the previous day, Rafael Nadal played well in 7-6, 6 in just 1 hour and 30 minutes. -3 defeat of Milos Raonic, to win the first crown of the New Year, this is another proof of his return to the top.

   Rafael Nadal’s humility and determination to reach and maintain the top ranks in the world’s tennis scene prove his commitment. ‘If you are number one in the world, you must constantly improve your performance, because you know that others are also working hard. We wish our friend Rafael Nadal all the best in 2016 and we hope he can return to the ATP world rankings One, and continue to bring us amazing performances in the Grand Slam final. ‘(Photo / Wen Watch House Xu Chaoyang)

The Richemont Group And Lvmh Group Increase The Price Of Products In The Uk Market By 10%

According to sources, Richemont decided to increase the price of luxury watches in the UK market by 10%, including IWC, Cartier and Vacheron Constantin, Panerai and Jaeger-LeCoultre watch prices. The amplitude is slightly lower.

   Similar to Richemont’s brands, the price of Hublot watches under the LVMH Group has also increased by 10%. The price changes of Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet have been similar.
   The watchmaking industry is still holding its breath, expecting Rolex watch prices to rise. Following the Brexit referendum, the exchange rate of the pound against most currencies declined. Compared with other global competitors, retailers in the UK market enjoy a considerable price advantage. To date, Rolex has not responded.
   The Swatch Group’s brand watch prices have also not changed. Compared with the global average, the prices of Blancpain, Omega and Longines watches in the British market this summer will be much more affordable.
   The weakness of the pound has led to a massive influx of Swiss watch exports into the British market this summer. In August this year, Swiss watch exports to the British market increased by 23.5% year-on-year; as a comparison, this figure for the US market was down 12.4% year-on-year.