Not Willing To Be The King Of The Court, The Darling Of The Nba All-star

The 2019 Charlotte All-Star Game has come to an end, and countless exciting moments in the game are still impressive. As Wade’s last All-Star trip, the “Zhan Wei Connection” that countless viewers longed for was staged on the court again; Nowitzki, who participated as a specially invited player, scored three points and three points. Long-range firepower ignited the audience; Brother Zi repeatedly slammed the game to the climax. I thought that the MVP was in hand. I never thought that the Durant of the Browns had a strong onslaught in the later period, reversed the game and successfully won the All-Star MVP title. This All-Star game can be said to be very enjoyable.



Canway Connection

James’ popularity has always been high, because on the court, he is the king. Not only has the general physical fitness of Godsend, but also possesses strong and comprehensive basketball skills. In this All-Star game, James and Wade got a chance to connect in the second half. The two made a fast break in the frontcourt. Wade held the ball offline and tacitly threw the board. James took both hands after receiving the board Dash, handsome!

Once Wade passed the ball to James, he did not look back because he believed that James would definitely be deducted. But this time it turned around. Some netizens commented emotionally: ‘Why look back this time? Because I can’t see it anymore.’

Wade and James

James and eldest son Brownie James

Zhan Huang, who was born in 1984, is also 35 years old. His eldest son has perfectly inherited his genes, possesses muscle lines and high explosive power beyond his peers, and is a rising basketball star.

James wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Collection (No. 15711OI.OO.A006CA.01) (similar model)

James wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Collection (No. 26400IO.OO.A004CA.01)

Nine of the ten watches worn by James are Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore series watches, not only because he has a relationship with Audemars Piguet, but also because the style of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore series is indeed closer to James Together. In life, Emperor Zhan still does not diminish the style of the king, and the fashionable single product comes in handy, creating a beautiful landscape.

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James wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Collection (No. 26470OR.OO.1000OR.01)

Family of five

When referring to the little emperor James, it is necessary to mention the other of the Big Three, his good partner-Dwyane Wade. Wade’s last NBA All-Star Game was brilliant and came to an end. The glorious soldier left the field. His lightning streak may not be seen again, but his glory on the court will never be forgotten.

James and Wade

Wade’s fashion taste is very famous in the league and has his own fashion consultant. In life, he often took photos with his lover, Gabriel Eunion, and showed great affection.

Dwyane Wade and Gabriel Eunion on China High Speed ​​Rail

Dwyane Wade and Gabriel Eunion

Wade is similar to James’s preferences in terms of table selection. The watches with the highest appearance rate on his wrist on weekdays should be Hublot and Jinlao.

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Wade wears Rolex Day-Date Watch

Wade and girlfriend

Wade with girlfriend and elder son

In this year’s All-Star game, LeBron also has a stylish big coffee-James Harden. Although there is no particularly dazzling performance in the All-Star, Harden is unstoppable in personal performance. In the regular season, he has scored a high record of more than 30 points in 31 consecutive games, which is expected to refresh everyone’s knowledge and obtain the regular season MVP.

James Harden

As a Mesozoic NBA superstar, Harden has a profound taste in fashion and dressing. The exquisite and stylish dress is completely different from his rough and bloody on the court. Move the show wherever you go.

Harden wears Richard Mill Men’s Watch (No. RM51-01)

Harden’s watch selection taste is exactly the same as his dressing style, and he prefers flamboyant but trendy watches, such as Richard Mill.

Harden wears Richard Mill Men’s Watch (Reference: RM50-03)

Harden wears Richard Mill Men’s Watch (No. RM011LOTUSF1TEAM)

哪个 Which moment of this year’s All-Star game has made you enthusiastic? Which lens makes you cry with tears? As time passes, White Wade, who we once adored in blood, will withdraw from this stadium that gives him glory. It is hoped that he can leave no regrets in the future games and draw a full stop.