New Montblanc Twin Smart Strap

Montblanc introduces new watch smart accessories *, straps equipped with intelligent digital components, will give traditional watch information reminders, step tracking and new Montblanc Pay mobile payment * and other intelligent functions, leading luxury wearable New era of equipment.
* This accessory is not available in the Chinese market. Montblanc Pay is currently not available in China.
 Montblanc cleverly combines traditional high-end watchmaking technology with wearable pioneering technology, and launches a new TWIN smart strap, which makes the beauty of machinery and the charm of technology bloom together on the wrist. This trendy smart strap can be used with most commercially available watches to enrich people’s smart functions to help people stay connected to the outside world in real time.

 This simple and elegant accessory enables users to receive information and track fitness data anytime, anywhere, and the new payment platform created by Montblanc also provides users with a secure and fast mobile payment solution. As a result, the traditional mechanical watch becomes the perfect companion for intelligent life.
 “Montblanc’s new TWIN smart strap further narrows the distance between traditional watchmaking and the world of smart watchmaking,” said Nicolas Baretzki, global CEO of Montblanc. “Classic mechanical watches are full of wearers. Historical value and emotional meaning of special significance, and the idea of ​​smart watch straps is derived from the increasing expectations of people to add smart functions to traditional watches. Therefore, we have developed this model which is suitable for major brands and most watches. Smart watchband. Without any change, traditional watches can be more closely connected with the wearer in a new and elegant way through a clever combination with the Montblanc TWIN smart watchband. ‘
Classic strap + smart module
 The Montblanc TWIN smart watch band consists of two parts: a smart module with a curved display and a special watch band suitable for most watches on the market.

 The slim and lightweight smart module is made of high-quality watchmaking material stainless steel, covered with special curved glass, scratch-resistant and shock-resistant, and can be used as a mechanical buckle to fix the watch between the wrists. Sophisticated design that matches most watches. Under the elegant protective glass, the monochrome OLED curved display can read the information notification. When new information is received, in addition to the vibration reminder, the LED light source array on the display will also flash to remind. The smart module can connect Montblanc TWIN supporting applications (supporting Apple iOS system) with NFC chip equipped with a security module via Bluetooth function to easily achieve contactless payment. This intelligent module meets the IP68 waterproof performance standard and has a battery life of up to one week.
 The specially made Montblanc TWIN smart strap is excellent in quality and comfortable to wear, and can be easily replaced on most watches without the use of any tools. The length of the strap can be adjusted according to the size of the wrist. The two widths of 22 mm and 20 mm comply with the standard lug width of most men’s watches. The strap is made of high-quality rubber composite material, with a special block structure design, which is easy to operate and adjust the length. The strap cover material is available in four personalized options: black calfskin, vintage brown calfskin, black nylon, and black-gray striped nylon. It can be used with classic watches or more modern models.
Enjoy the convenience of mobile payment with a wave of your wrist
 Montblanc launched Montblanc Pay, a new mobile payment platform for TWIN smart watch bands, which transformed mechanical watches into digital wallets for the first time. Simply touch the wrist in front of a compatible payment terminal to complete contactless payment. Montblanc Pay users can link up to five credit cards in the digital wallet of the Montblanc TWIN companion app. Montblanc works with Visa and MasterCard to ensure that Montblanc Pay meets the highest security standards and is easy to use. The Montblanc TWIN smart strap has a built-in security sensor that can turn off the payment function immediately after the watch is stolen or lost. Through cutting-edge data encryption technology, users’ credit cards and other personal information are always protected to prevent leakage.

Customized memories for you
 Capturing the flow of time between square inches is the unwavering goal of fine watchmaking. Montblanc TWIN supporting application uses a new digital way to interpret the time track, and records the user’s schedule through a beautiful circular pattern of arcs. Tap to zoom in, and the schedule of each lap becomes a digital diary for easier and more intuitive time control. The new ‘memory’ feature automatically synchronizes with the user’s iPhone, showing all calendar events in the phone app. During the event process, the algorithm will automatically select a picture or video image taken by the phone and add it to the corresponding calendar event. Users only need to check the Montblanc TWIN supporting application to easily recall the past scenes and establish a closer emotional bond with the watch.

Technical Parameters
System compatible with Apple iOS
Display OLED display with curved SR + glass
Size 47 x 26 mm
Thickness 6 mm
Battery Up to one week on a single charge
Waterproof and sealing performance
Vibration yes
Bluetooth Yes
NFC payment
Notice yes
Payment Montblanc Pay mobile payment
Languages ​​Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese
Reminder method Vibration, LED array flashing
Double button
About Montblanc
 Following the pioneering spirit of 1906, Montblanc redefines writing culture with groundbreaking innovations. To this day, the brand has always adhered to the concept of continuous innovation and exquisite craftsmanship to create each product: including luxury writing instruments, high-end timepieces, leather goods, accessories, perfumes and glasses. Each of Montblanc’s new creations contains ingenious and innovative features and eye-catching design, whether it is a writing instrument made in Hamburg, Germany, a watchmaking sacred place, Swiss Jura Mountains, Reno, and Villeret Watch Factory , Or high-quality leather goods produced in Florence, Italy, all highlight the heritage of the brand and the exquisite skills of the craftsmen in each workshop. Montblanc’s classic hexagonal white star logo has become a symbol of both long-lasting quality and innovative design, describing the brand’s commitment to creating a boutique life partner for consumers worldwide. Montblanc, rooted in writing culture, constantly fulfills its firm commitment to cultural undertakings, always devotes itself to the spread of cultural fields from an international perspective, promotes art culture through different types of activities, and praises those who have promoted the journey of contemporary art and culture Role of art patrons.