Metro Modern And Pastoral Style Swatch 2017 Autumn And Winter Series Wonderful Listing

On August 10, Swatch, a well-known Swiss fashion watch brand, released its new autumn / winter 2017 series watches at the popular cafe in Yongjia Road, Shanghai. And the idyllic style ‘. Once again, the exquisite and rigorous Swiss watchmaking blends with the modern metropolitan style, interpreting a new chapter on nature, color and prosperity.

 In the bustling city of magic, Shanghai, there is a popular cafe named DNA CAFE. The scent of coffee is accompanied by green plants and flowers, which makes the guests aside from the hustle and bustle of the city and harvest a soul peaceful. This time, Swatch’s 2017 autumn and winter new products are on display here.

 Surrounded by the idyllic pastoral landscape, and shuttled between the modern and idyllic space, it happens to be perfectly integrated with the theme of this new product exhibition. Swatch’s Fall / Winter 2017 series of watches were creatively presented in turn, presented in a carefully arranged miniature landscape, which aroused the strong curiosity of the visiting guests, one by one, and eager to try. In the troubled metropolis, you can find such a place where you can release your heart’s innocence, but it is also a little luck for life.

In today’s noisy internet era, returning to the true is more people’s desire, and urban horticulture, DIY culture, and healthy real food are coming. The ‘Pastoral style’ series features elements such as flowers, animals and a rustic kitchen. The watch design responds to this infinite desire for simplicity and nature.

The ‘Swatch Time’ series radiates a happy spark, pursuing the essence of low-key elegance in the complexity and complexity, and again and again with a playful design to interpret the classic and fascinating Swatch style.

The ‘Swiss Plot’ series shows the true Swiss Confederation through vibrant and fun design details through classic visual labels and through vibrant and fun design details.

The ‘Color Studio’ series gives life unlimited pleasure with bold color blocks and vibrant designs.

The ‘Carnival Night’ series has completely changed its style, combining shiny gold and silver to create Gala night under the urban spotlight. Fashion style with shining gold and silver, shining in the spotlight, dazzling.

 The ‘SKIN Ultra-thin’ series of watches also launched a new autumn and winter style, blending elegance and urban rock, vividly interpreting # 自在 如 你 # ‘s attitude towards life.

 It is worth mentioning that in addition to preparing beautiful new products, Swatch also invited guests to participate in the ‘Interurban Fragrance Club’ and ‘Metro Dreamcatcher Interactive Activities’. Guests can choose one of the favorite plant and flower fragrances. Under the guidance of professionals, they can be sealed in glass bottles after free blending of alcohol and water to create their own unique and fresh and unique aroma, which is also for nature. That simple and pure yearning. The urban dream chaser is a series of colored feathers and accessories connected by needle and thread, woven into a dream catcher representing courage and good luck, representing the brand’s best wishes to visitors. With the interweaving of scent and color, the atmosphere of the conference venue is more harmonious, harmonious, and physically and mentally pleasing.

Summary: From the rural style to the carnival night, each new product in this season, with unlimited creativity, once again adds vitality, fun and design color to the magical watch world of Swatch, and explores the inner desire of urban people for the rural style and modern city. Open a new chapter in Swatch’s timepiece with a story of nature and prosperity.