Leaping On Horseback, The Scenery In The Equestrian Field Is Infinite

For many people, equestrian is well-deserved and the most elegant sport, so everything associated with equestrian sport will naturally make people elegant.

 At the recent Longines qualifying competition (formerly known as the FEI World Rider Rankings for Jumping, and later won the Longines title), Christian Ahlmann from Germany led the race and calmly crossed the last obstacle. , Try to get ahead. The 38-year-old German player has jumped to the top of the list in the race in December last year. In January this year, his continuous success allowed him to win the championship with an undisputed score of 2585, leading him to 2390 points. The second Swiss player, Steve Guerdat, scored 195 points. The third place was Nick Skelton from the United Kingdom with a score of 2333.