Jiade Auction House Introduction

Established in May 1993, it is a comprehensive auction company mainly engaged in the management of Chinese cultural relics and artworks, with its headquarters in Beijing. Large-scale spring and autumn auctions are held regularly every year, as well as four ‘Gade Seasons’ auctions. The company has offices in Shanghai, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and North America.

 With the efforts of China Guardian, many national treasure-level treasures such as ‘Wang’s Book Collection’, ‘Tang Xihuai Vegetarian Fish Posts’, ‘Song Gao Zong’s Hand Book Health Theory’, ‘Zhu Xi Chun Yu Tie’ and ‘Song Song’ etc. Returning to the mainland overseas, or from private to important collection institutions; at the same time, each project has a record of breaking through regional and world art auctions. In the autumn auction of 2007, Chou Ying’s ‘Chibi Map’ in the Ming Dynasty made the auction price of Chinese paintings more than US $ 10 million for the first time with a transaction price of RMB 79.52 million. Qi Baishi’s ‘Songbai Gao Litu · Yi Shu Four-character Couplet’ (2011 Spring Auction, 425.5 million) shot by China Guardian; Wang Jizhi’s cursive ‘Peace Post’ (2010 Autumn Auction, 308 million); Qi Baishi’s ‘Landscape Book’ (2011 Autumn Auction, 194 million); Wang Ji’s ‘Poetry of Tang Dynasty Poetry’ (2011 Autumn Auction, 126.5 million); Chen Qi ‘Love and Ink Blossom’ (2010 Autumn Auction, 113.7 million RMB); Li Keran’s ‘Long March’ (2010 Autumn Auction, 107.5 million) Yuan); Zhang Daqian’s ‘Aichen Lake’ (2010 spring auction, 100 million yuan); Zhu Xi, Zhang Jingxiu and other ‘Song Mingxian title Xu Changshou’s Scriptures’ (2009 autumn auction, transaction price 108 million yuan); Tang Dynasty ‘big ‘Sacred Relics’ Fuxi Guqin (2011 spring auction, 115 million yuan); Qing Emperor Qianlong’s Qin Ding Shilan Pavilion picture book silk scroll (spring auction in 2004, transaction price 35.75 million yuan), Qing Qianlong pastel illuminated eight immortals cross chart Pankou bottle (2006 spring auction, transaction price 52.8 million yuan), ‘Minghuanghuali cluster cloud pattern horseshoe legs six-post canopy bed’ (2010 autumn auction, 43.12 million yuan); Chen Yifei ‘Mountain Wind’ (2011 spring auction, 8165 Million); Yuan Transcript ‘Two Han Dynasty Strategies Twelve Volumes’ (2011 Spring Sale 48.3 million) and other categories Stamps, Coins and many treasures have created a record high price of each item.
 China Guardian was the first batch and was continuously rated as the highest AAA qualification of Chinese auction companies, and was awarded the title of Trustworthy Enterprise issued by the government’s industrial and commercial administration.
 China Guardian was authorized by the Beijing Olympic Expo in 2008 to host Olympic special auctions. In 1999 and 2009, it was designated by the World Philatelic Exhibition to hold exclusive stamp auctions. China Guardian has also been actively participating in charitable donations and supporting art education activities for a long time.