Jacques Droaux’s ‘concert Of Ancient Music’ At The Consulate General Of Switzerland In Shanghai

On November 15th, the official residence of the Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai ushered in a unique ‘Chinese ancient music: Guqin and cymbals concert’. Attended the scene together and enjoyed the performance of the Guqin performance by the Chinese Guqin master Chen Jinlong and his disciple Chen Li, and the Chinese calligraphy art performed by Mr. Zhang Zijing, a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association. Jacques Delo helped the event, allowing guests to experience the music and enjoy the art of timepieces.

Mr. Chen Jinlong playing

Mr. Chen Jinlong and his disciple Chen Li Guqin
   Mr. Chen Jinlong and his disciple Chen Li performed guqin art with a history of more than 3,000 years using guqin, cymbals, xiao and guitars, and initiated a time-space dialogue between classical and modern. Guqin’s music is gentle and quiet. A piece of music filled with the sounds of nature and harmony lingers in the official residence, making the guests present deeply feel the profoundness of Chinese classical art. In addition to the ancient songs such as ‘Daya’ and ‘Guangling San’, Mr. Chen also performed western modern music such as ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Romantic History of Love’, using music to explain ‘the ancient is the present, the foreign is the middle’, and ‘the ancient music’ ‘And’ ancient musical instruments ‘went into the modern era and continued to glow in the contemporary vitality. Mr. Zhang Zijing raised his pen and brush to bring the guests the double enjoyment of hearing and vision.

Mr. Zhang Zijing’s calligraphy performance
   Mr. Huo Lixuan, Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai, delivered a speech before the concert: ‘As a representative of foreign organizations stationed in China, we must not only promote our country’s culture in the host country, but also actively stay in the traditional culture of the host country. Conversation. ‘This is in line with the brand spirit that Jaquet Droz insists on. Since its inception in 1738, the brand has consistently adhered to its founder’s innovative spirit and aesthetics, and has designed unique and precise craftsmanship to create gorgeous and poetic timepieces, which together with the times have created artistic miracles.

Jacques Dro watch display
   As an ambassador of Sino-Swiss cultural communication, Jacques Delo has always been committed to establishing a bridge of communication, presenting the exquisite Swiss watchmaking technology to Chinese consumers, and conveying the beauty of machinery and the story of the times.
‘Some watches tell time, some tell a story.’