It Looks Ordinary: Voutilainen Vingt-8

Kari Voutilainen is one of the most famous independent watchmakers today. In 2005, Kari developed the world’s first minute repeater. In 2008, he produced the Masterpiece Chronograph, with the chronograph second hand in the middle, and three small dials showing hours, minutes, and 30 minutes. In particular, The Masterpiece Chronograph is the first watch in the world to use a new Carbontime balance.
    Carbontime The new Carbontime balance wheel, made from a single carbon fiber (Monofilament carbonfiber) hairspring, a transparent ceramic balance wheel and a Tantalum-Gold compensation enamel, has the advantages of anti-magnetic and no temperature difference. Traditional beryllium bronze alloys have better isochronism.
    And Vingt-8, the small three-pin on the front looks very ordinary, but in particular, Kari uses a new escapement structure on this watch, equipped with the first homemade manual movement Calibre 28, patented double escapement wheel The system, an oversized balance wheel, the balance curve of the balance spring is a common Breguet type, the interior is a rare Gaussman Grossmann curve, and the double escapement wheel is directly driven, which saves more energy than the traditional lever escapement. The entire movement is polished by hand, and the visual enjoyment on the back is unparalleled.