Introduction To Wenya Seiko Lukia Sxde23j Watch Tasting

Seiko Japan’s famous watchmaking company was founded in 1881. It was formerly known as Hattori Timekeeping Shop, and it was renamed Seiko as everyone knows now. In 1924, Seiko released the first watch named after the Seiko brand, and has since held an inimitable position in the watch industry. Today, the watch we introduce to you is from the Seiko Lukia series, and its official model is SXDE23J
 The Seiko Lukia series is exclusively for women’s watches, with a beautiful appearance and a size that is also very suitable for women. In addition, the price of Seiko Lukia series is generally cheaper, and it is a full-scale people-friendly brand. I believe this is another major reason for its popularity.

 This watch to be introduced today is the Lukia series, the official model SXDE23J. This watch inherits the advantages of the Lukia series, has high-quality workmanship, is made of stainless steel, and looks strong and durable. The white dial and the red hour-markers make people have a sense of makeup unique to Japan at a glance, with obvious national characteristics. Digital time scales use twisted Arabic numerals, which are lazy and pleasant. There are only three hours, minutes and seconds on the dial, which is classic but not out of date. As a classic design female watch, this watch does not have special functions, only a date display function at the nine o’clock position, to better facilitate life, which is already very suitable for daily wear. The sturdy and durable steel chain matches the overall style.

 In addition, it is worth mentioning that this watch has a very good waterproof performance, water-resistant to 100 meters, which is quite powerful for ordinary watches, water sports can also be worn. Seiko’s brand always has quality assurance, this watch is also very cheap, as long as 2950 yuan, you can have a good performance casual watch, is still very cost-effective. The classic design, sturdy material, and the best size suitable for women’s wrists are suitable for casual and formal wear. The crushes who like classic watches are worth considering.