Ingenuity, Walk Into Cartier’s Future Door

Cartier is a wise elder and an educated teacher. It quietly points us to the perplexity and gives us inspiration for life. It transforms abstract time into eternal art, so that people can appreciate the philosophy of life carefully.

  The Cartier Time Art Exhibition is one of the largest timepiece art exhibitions open to the public. It has been held in Zurich, Switzerland and Singapore. This exhibition in Shanghai will be from historical heritage, style evolution, aesthetic design through Cartier’s collection of works, master craftsmanship, watchmaking essence, complex movements, innovative technologies, and multimedia video and live demonstrations by watchmakers and craftsmen. From multiple perspectives, it provides a valuable opportunity for the majority of audiences to explore the evolution and cultural influence of art and crafts in the field of watchmaking.

  Although each exhibition hall has a different theme, what impressed me most about this grand exhibition was Cartier’s future door. Seeing this miracle, I understand why Cartier is so respected by people. This is Cartier’s last showroom, which showcases the research of Cartier’s new innovation laboratory. The exhibition hall was specially designed by curator Tokuhito Yoshioka. He interpreted this innovative world to visitors from a new and unique perspective, allowing people to cross the door of time and discover the wonderful world of the future.

  As a pioneer in the field of watchmaking, Cartier has always insisted on innovation and bold breakthroughs, and has led the development direction in each era. In the name of Innovation and Development, Cartier’s ID series concept watches subvert the inherent watchmaking tradition and open up a whole new direction for mechanical watches. In this area, I am fortunate to witness two unique concept watches: IDOne, the world’s first mechanical watch for life without adjustment; IDTwo, which can provide a high-performance power reserve of up to 32 days in a standard-sized case Watch. It completely overcomes the aging lubricants encountered in daily watch wear and the inaccuracy caused by impact, gravity, magnetic force, and temperature changes, which fundamentally solves the problem of adjusting the watch and creates a timeless and precise Miracles make the dream of the watch without adjustment a reality.

  Neither the IDONE nor IDTWO concept watches will be released for sale. However, they are testbeds to validate design concepts, some of which have been mass-produced in Cartier’s fine watchmaking series. In the future, Cartier will continue to advance the development of the ID concept watch project and create new technologies that can advance the most advanced level of mechanical timing accuracy.

  Since the first wristwatch was sold in 1853, Cartier watch creation has evolved over the past 100 years. Its design tradition originates from the simple geometric figures of the Art Deco period, and is deeply influenced by 18th-century Asian art, Egyptian architecture, and animals. The diverse influences of portraits and pop art in the 1960s not only reflect popular elements and design styles from different periods, but also leaders, and this leadership position is constantly evolving. Just like today’s fine watchmaking series, it underscores the rich heritage of the brand since the beginning of the twentieth century.

  This heritage not only continues to this day, it is also an indispensable key element of Cartier’s personality. Similarly, the outstanding concept watches Cartier IDTWO and IDTWO also show that, no matter in the past, present or future, creativity in the field of watch innovation has always been a vital part of Cartier.

  From the beginning of the twentieth century to today, despite the richness and diversity of Cartier’s timepieces, it is invaluable to maintain a coherent and unified vision. Throughout the various changes and combinations of Cartier’s design, an all-encompassing visual perception has never changed, making his work known and confusing.

  The reason why Cartier mechanical timepieces can show their long-lasting charm is not only the result of superb design and superb craftsmanship, but also the complementary and harmonious interpretation of the two. The fascination of mechanical clocks is not only reflected in the design, but the vitality contained in them also seems to be closely related to our lives. It is this fusion of mysterious mechanical vitality and its external design that has allowed Cartier to make the most of his passion for watchmaking.

Summary: In Cartier’s world, nothing is impossible. The door to the future brings us more thinking. The future is where you stand on the side of the present door, looking to the side of the future door, full of curiosity and longing. With the yearning for the door, it is the ignorance and yearning for the future that gives me more courage to chase. The beauty of life is always shown in her progress. Life is a one-way line without a return journey. Everyone moves forward with all his time and makes full use of every time to surprise his future self. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
Exhibition Information

Exhibition Hall: Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum, 7th floor (200 Huayuangang Road, Shanghai)
Duration: July 19-October 12, 2014
Opening hours: 11: 00-19: 00 (closed at 18:00), closed on Mondays