Hermes Crystal Clear Horse Steed Pocket Watch

For a long time, steeds are the brand characteristics of Hermès. This year, Galloping Horse inspired the brand to create two unique collection pocket watches, witnessing the combination of Fine Watchmaking and wheel engraving. In keeping with the brand’s riding origins, the decorative crystal finishes come from the two crystal glasses carefully crafted by Cristalleries Royales de Saint-Louis in the early 19th century. Master craftsmen breathe life into these two unique pocket watches in the world.

In a quiet workshop, these crystal artisans have adhered to tradition for many years, as always. We can still admire the few carving artisans who have sharpened their artistic attainments with their hearts and hands in a quiet atmosphere.

The production process starts with a perfect and pure delicate crystal plate. The craftsman scribes the pattern with Indian ink, after which each crystal plate needs to be carved for 15 days. One is transparent crystal and the other is frosted crystal. The sculpting craftsman fixed the crystal finish on the lathe, and mounted the copper grinding wheel and diamond grinding head in an alternating manner: the moment the grain was touched, the dust particles flew in the wind. Each touch must be precise and delicate. The engraving pattern gradually replaced the Indian ink. The outline of the pattern was the first, and then the surface.

 The production process requires extreme patience. When the engraving craftsman slowly removes the material, the design pattern is clearly displayed, and the tools required are more sophisticated. Relying on experience and extreme precision, he combined the techniques of Yin and Yang carving to create relief shapes and shapes; he made good use of the characteristics of the crystal surface to present a matte or clear effect. Adhering to the professionalism and meticulousness of the sculptor, the sculpting craftsman completely releases the galloping dynamics of the steed.

Eau Arceau Pocket Chevaux sauvages is a gem of skilled craftsmanship. The dial is fired in a large open flame enamel to highlight the low-key progressive color gradation of gray or blue. Hermès Watch chooses the brand’s own H1837 movement, which gives these two white gold pocket watches a heartbeat, paired with exclusive watch bags and straps made of shiny grey or electro-optic blue alligator leather, making this unique timepiece work perfect.