Going To The Brand Headquarters To Watch, What Kind Of Experience Is It?

One of the most successful things Seiko has done in recent years is to separate Grand Seiko from the high-end series and become Seiko alone. A premium brand under the group. From the perspective of positioning and workmanship, Guanlan Lion and common Seiko are completely different, and it is really a little awkward to belong to a brand. Operating as a separate brand is at least strategically correct. After the efforts of Mr. Yoshimura, chairman of Seiko China, Guanlan Lion has now achieved the same price in China and Japan, and the same price in online and offline. In this way, domestic consumers can enjoy Japanese fine watchmaking technology at a more generous price. On September 20, Guanlan Lions held an important event in Tokyo, announcing that Tianhai Yuxi became the spokesperson for Guanlan Lions in Asia. Watch World was fortunate to be invited to fly to Tokyo to witness this event. According to the schedule of this Japanese event, the first stop is to watch at the Seiko headquarters in Tokyo. Although I have visited two Seiko watch factories before, this is my first visit. The Japanese are more pragmatic and very particular about efficiency. The staff first led us to a large room. After a brief introduction, the blue lion was shared with the media present. Watching the Blue Lion Spring Drive 8 Days Rose Gold Watch with the model number SBGD202 has always been one of my favorite items. I feel that only by holding the watch in my hand, trying it on, playing with it, and personally feeling, can we get a deeper understanding of this watch. This is not to say that pictures are not important, but just watches. Pictures can only be used for reference. It is easy to be fooled by just looking at pictures. It’s like chatting online. Can you think the other person is a beautiful woman with just a few pictures? Of course it depends on the real person! Among the several watches I saw this time, there was a heavyweight— Crown Blue Lion Spring Drive Eight Days Chain Rose Gold Watch , model SBGD202. This watch comes from the miniature master workshop of Seiko Epson. The master watchmaker demonstrated that the splint of the 9R01 movement was polished with a wooden stick. In May this year, I visited this workshop. I remember when a watchmaker showed me how to use a small wooden stick to finely polish the movement splint. This stick is made from a native Japanese tree. The 9R01 movement used in the SBGD202 is polished with this wood stick. At that time, the master watchmaker demonstrated the polishing scene and still remembers it. 9R01 manual winding movement can not help but remind me of Swiss independent watchmaker Philippe Dufour. His polishing is among the best in the industry. The tool that Philippe Dufour uses to polish the movement plywood is a wooden stick made from a local Swiss tree. It seems that at the level of top-level watches, the ideas of East and West are very close. The markings on the dial of the real shot of the watch are reminiscent of the night sky in Nagano Prefecture. The first impression of the watch is that it is heavy. Although it is equipped with a leather strap, it is still heavy on the hands. The main reason is that it is slightly larger, reaching 43 mm, and uses a rose gold case. The dots on the dial are reminiscent of the night sky in Nagano Prefecture where the Miniature Master Workshop is located. The hand-wound movement is covered with a large splint, which is more robust and shockproof. The eight-day power reserve display is located on the side of the movement, clearly indicating the remaining power reserve. This watch’s 9R01 movement not only has a power reserve of eight days, but also has been specially adjusted to achieve a day difference of plus or minus 0.5 seconds. For most Spring Drive movements, the day difference is plus or minus 1 second. Trying on the SBGD202 The SBGD202 is the pinnacle of the Blue Lion Spring Drive watch. No matter the design or the details of the work, it can be described as unparalleled. You can really feel it when you carefully savour it. Of course, its price is not cheap, reaching 308,000 yuan. SBGA407G adopts ice blue snowflake surface design. Most Crown Blue Lion Spring Drive watches will not be so expensive. For example, SBGA407G ice blue snowflake surface sells for 41,000 yuan. The watch is 40 mm in diameter, the biggest feature is the dial. Snow flakes are more common in white, such as SBGA211G. And this watch uses the ‘ecstasy’ blue. Its design is inspired by the snow and blue sky of Xinzhou, which has a very oriental flavor. Take a good look at the pictures of the SBGA407G you have seen before, but I was not impressed. This time, I finally got a chance to see the real thing at Seiko headquarters. I feel that the real thing looks better than the picture. This is an elegant and charming Spring Drve, every detail has been properly handled. 7-8 o’clock is a fan-shaped power reserve display, with 3 o’clock calendar window, this is the standard layout of the Crown Blue Lion Spring Drive watch. Its power reserve reaches 3 days. Although it is not long-term power, it is enough to meet the needs of daily life. Because of the rare opportunity, I tried it on, and it felt quite suitable for a formal dress. The second hand of the Spring Drive watch slides smoothly across the dial, seeming to perfectly echo the continuity of time. There were also several other Crown Blue Lions on the scene, such as high-frequency mechanical watches SBGJ233G made of ceramic and titanium, mechanical watches SBGM221G in two places, and several Crown Blue Lion quartz watches. Looking at other Crown Blue Lion watches as a whole, these Crown Blue Lion watches have reached a very high standard in terms of design, workmanship and characteristics. It is believed that after the accumulation of time, the crown blue lion will ‘stretch out its claws, and the lion howl’. After reading the watch, the next step is to watch people. Who are you looking at? Naturally, the national treasure star of Japan Yumi Nozomi. This is also the highlight of this Tokyo event. Just how hot is Tianhai Youxi? Let’s use a Weibo post to illustrate it. When I was in Tokyo, I posted the Weibo of Tian Haiyouxi as the spokesperson for the Blue Lion Asian region. The average number of Weibo readings in the past was several thousand. Tian Haiyouxi also served as the spokesperson for the Blue Lion Asia region. From here, there are more comments and likes on Weibo than from the past. Many of these commenters are loyal fans of Tian Haiyouxi. It seems that Tianhai Yuxi is not only a superstar in Japan, but also has a considerable influence even in China. Tenkai Yuki was born in 1967 and was admitted to Takarazuka Music School with the first place. It is said that during the interview, her excellent performance left a deep impression on the examiner. He and Tianhai Yuxi’s mother said, ‘You have such a wonderful daughter!’ After graduating from Takarazuka Music School, Tianhai Yuxi joined The Takarazuka Opera Troupe, which is well-known in Japan and the world. Tian Haiyouxi cooperated with Guanlan Lion as early as 2016. Here is a brief explanation. The actors of the Takarazuka Opera Troupe are divided into five groups: flowers, moons, snow, stars, and universe. Since the actors of the troupe are all women, when performing, they often need female cross-talk and play male roles. This is called male service. Only actors who have reached the top level in each group can be called starring men. Tian Haiyouxi, with her excellent strength, has reached a state of perfection in crosstalk roles. She broke the record of her predecessor, Makoto, and became the youngest member of the Takarazuka Opera Troupe to star in male service. After leaving the group, Tian Haiyouxi entered the development of the film and television industry. Relying on the colorful performances of ‘Divorce Lawyer’, ‘Queen’s Classroom’ and ‘Boss’, she has become a front-line actress. She has been selected as the best female boss in Japan, ranking first for many years. Tian Haiyouxi’s height in the performing arts career and the pursuit of the ultimate in performing arts, just like the crown blue lion’s height in the Japanese watch altar, and the ultimate pursuit of watch technology. The two have a very high degree of fit. In fact, as early as 2016, Tian Haiyouxi began to cooperate with Guanlion, when she was the spokeswoman for Guanlion. After years of cooperation, the two sides appreciated each other and cooperated with each other. This time she ‘upgraded’ from the crown blue lion female spokesperson to become crown blue lion’s spokesperson in Asia, which is logical. And because Tianhai Youxi had starred in male service, and has a heroic style, which made her have no sense of disobedience in driving the crown blue lion male watch. The host specially tried a few microphones, Tian Haiyouxi, as the spokesperson for the Blue Lion Asia spokesperson, and chose Wako Department Store. Wako Department Store is a well-known high-end department store in Japan. In fact, it has a close relationship with Seiko and Blue Lion. Because whether it is Heguang Department Store, Seiko, Guanlanshi, their big boss is the same person-Hattori Shinji. Mr. Hattori is also the CEO of Seiko. He is the fourth-generation heir to the family of Seiko founder Kintaro Hattori. From this we can imagine the strength of the Hattori family. The conference was very special. Before the official start, the host first tried a microphone for Yuki Tenkai and Shinji Hattori. Hold each microphone to say a few words, and then ask the media at the scene if the sound is clear and everyone can hear it. Behind this seemingly small move, the attention to detail is reflected. Mr. Shinji, the CEO of Seiko, also made a speech that is particularly worth mentioning: this press conference started on time and the stars were not late. This situation is very rare in the press conference I attended. Domestic brand conferences basically have a convention, and they always start later than the original time, sometimes half an hour or even longer. If it is a press conference with celebrities participating, celebrities are even more late. Everyone is used to this. After all, the media teachers are very busy, and the stars are big, so it’s enough to be able to come to the press conference, can they be asked to be on time? However, the conference held in Tokyo, Japan, mainly by the Chinese mainland and Taiwanese media, started on time. Not only are there no media late, but even big-name stars like Tian Haiyouxi have arrived on time. This shows what? I think it is worth pondering. Tian Haiyouxi is here. Mr. Hattori presents flowers to Tianhai Youxi. ‘Queen’ When Tianhai Youxi appears, the entire press conference is on. Tian Haiyouxi is higher than expected, his temperament is really good, and it is real and natural, and he is not contrived at all. On the day of the event, she wore a white snowflake-covered Blue Lion Spring Drive watch model SBGA211G. Show your own crown blue lion watch Tianhai Youxi is more talkative, said a lot on the day. Since it was in Japanese, simultaneous interpretation was provided on site. In addition to wearing the crown blue lion herself, she also chose the crown blue lion watch as a gift for her brother. At the press conference, Mr. Hattori congratulated Tian Haiyouxi by sending flowers. After the photo conference of Mr. Hattori and Yuki Tian in front of Seiko Bell Tower was over, Mr. Hatami and Mr. Hattori went to Seiko Clock Tower to take a group photo. I didn’t see the security guard either at the conference site or at the Seiko Clock Tower. Tianhai Youxi always feels so kind and natural, there is no big star shelf. Without talking about acting skills, just being a human, I think it is worth learning by some domestic stars. The second visit to the Seiko Museum was still very rewarding. In the afternoon we also visited the Seiko Museum. This is my second visit to the Seiko Museum, but I still find it very rewarding. Seiko’s brand culture, as well as many antique watches in history, and even some of Japan’s earliest clocks and watches, are displayed in this museum in detail. If you are a watch enthusiast, definitely have a chance to visit the Seiko Museum. It will not only make you feel the breadth and depth of the watch world, but it may also refresh your perception of the Seiko brand.