Four German German Glashütte Watches

Compared to the top Swiss watch brands, Glashütte Original from Germany not only emphasizes luxury decorative craftsmanship, but also complicates functions that emphasize playfulness to attract consumers. It also hopes to have the rigorous requirements of Germanic logic and practical functions Sex, as well as the design that meets the needs of fashion and life, resonate with the wearer, allowing the watch to truly fit into the wearer’s daily life and accompany him through every moment of life.

     As the only German brand under the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch group, it originated from a cluster of watchmaking workshops in eastern Germany, a small village called Glashütte. Although the German watchmaking industry is not the largest or most influential among the general public, it is definitely one of the oldest countries in the development of the watch industry. The first pocket watch in 1530 history was born here. Unlike the watchmaking industry in Switzerland or other countries, the focus of German watchmaking efforts is not just to manufacture complex timepieces, but also to develop precision and durable timepieces, and to strive to improve the error rate of the timepieces produced; after the Industrial Revolution, the Germans With its stubborn, pragmatic, and pursuit of perfect nationality as its German nationality, it continues to study the technology that meets the ‘daily needs’ as its core, and is reflected in German watchmaking. This principle is still the principle pursued by Glashütte watchmakers, and Glashütte Original, formerly a state-owned watchmaking organization, has designed classic watches that combine art and practical functions one after another in a German-style sophisticated style And watchmaking shakes the table.

     At the opening press conference of the ‘ART & TECHNIK salutes German classics’ Glashütte Original sapphire watch, the brand chose the Pano series, Germany’s first eccentric faceplate, as the main axis of the watch exhibition: Yilin supermodel Wu Pinxuan took the lead in the coolness of silver long dress The ladies appeared, holding the latest PanoMaticLunar XL rose gold moon phase watch, wearing the PanoMaticLunar classic moon phase watch on the left wrist, with the feminine rigidity and softness, explaining the low-key gorgeousness of the moon phase profit and loss change; and Cai Kangyong As a ‘number one watch fan’, with a classic black three-piece suit, paired with the PanoMaticCounter XL counter watch for the first time in Taiwan, showing its intellectual and elegant gentleman image.

     The topic and practicality of the PanoMaticCounter XL counter watch, the black surface looks serious, but the four circles formed by the eccentric hour and minute display fully show a few interesting. The PanoMaticCounter XL is equipped with a 96-01 movement composed of 584 homemade parts. In addition to the German-style eccentric face plate configuration, it has a classic column wheel flyback chronograph, a large calendar display, and a patented two-way refining. Function, keenly accumulate and save power. Glashütte Original’s exquisite mechanical process technology at the same time accurately shows the German people’s attention to detail and practicality. In addition, PanoMaticCounter XL uses a new two-position counter module, which uses gear machinery to precisely perform complex counting functions, allowing users to record all meaningful numbers in life.