Fashionable, Refined Trendy Tasting Cartier Santos De Cartier Medium Watch

The Cartier brand has always focused on integrating fashion design into the watchmaking process, and has launched charming watches. Its Santos de Cartier series of watches are constantly undergoing innovative reforms, paying tribute to Albert · Santos Dumont is an example of modern celebrities who are committed to attracting the world, so that their spirit, style and passion can continue to be inherited in the classic connotation of Cartier watchmaking. (Watch model: WSSA0010)

Modern style showcases classic aesthetics
  The Cartier brand revolutionized the SANTOS DE CARTIER collection in 2018 with the launch of a new generation of SANTOS DE CARTIER watches. The new watch showcases the ingenious design of Seiko aesthetics, elegant appearance, and comfortable wearing. Based on the classic design elements, the overall details of the watch are greatly improved to ensure the superb performance of the new watch.

  The case uses the classic square design of the SANTOS DE CARTIER series, made of stainless steel, and the simple line design reflects the resolute character of men. The width is 35.1 mm, a medium model, and the familiar eight exposed screws are decorated to reflect the modern sense. Watchmaking style, the new bezel design that extends outwards is different from the old one.

  The silver-plated pearlescent dial shows exquisite and fashionable charm, continuing the large Roman numerals design of the SANTOS DE CARTIER series, the track-type dial improves the clarity of the time display, and the blue steel sword-shaped hands, the overall shape highlights the gentleman’s style.

  The design of the crown on the side also uses the Cartier logo design. The hexagonal design of the crown is convenient for the wearer to precisely time it. The stainless steel material echoes the case and is inlaid with a multi-faceted synthetic spinel. More precious charm.

  The silver bracelet in stainless steel is exquisitely detailed, with a second replaceable calfskin strap. The patented QuickSwitch patented system (Bracelet / Bracelet) has been added to the technology. It can be quickly replaced by pressing the button for quick disassembly. In addition, ‘SmartLink’ technology (bracelet) has been added. This technology can replace the link without using any tools. By pressing the quick release button on the metal link, the link can be intercepted, which is very convenient.

  The bottom of the watch uses a sealed design, which perfectly integrates the movement. The new watch uses Cartier’s 1847 MC workshop to refine the self-winding mechanical movement, which is water-resistant to 100 meters. Improved the overall performance of the watch, reflecting the rigorous watchmaking process.

  Summary: Cartier’s new SANTOS DE CARTIER series watches add a lot of extraordinary glamour craftsmanship to the previous basic design, injecting the essence of the times, whether it is a modern watch design or excellent internal performance devices, it reflects Cartier Rigorous watchmaking attitude. Interested friends might as well pay more attention to it! Watch price: RMB 46,800