Creative Director Of Cartier Leather Goods Marlin Yuson

New York-born Chinese designer Marlin Yuson graduated from New York University. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in art history and economics, she continued her studies at the New York Fashion Institute (FIT) and earned a degree in design.
 She has extensive experience in the fashion and luxury industry. From Salvatore Ferragamo in Italy to Ralph Lauren in Milan and New York, she also worked in accessories design at Calvin Klein in New York. Until 2002, she finally found a bigger stage in Cartier, and injected extraordinary creativity and imagination into Cartier’s leather goods.
Marlin joined Cartier as the director of marketing for the accessories department and moved to the design department three years later. Today, as the creative director of Cartier’s leather goods department, Marlin travels to and from Cartier’s Paris headquarters and leather goods workshop in Florence, Italy. Not only that, she is also the designer of Marcello de Cartier handbags. This fashionable handbag has attracted more than 100,000 women around the world.
 ‘At Cartier, we have more time to find inspiration and carved details, instead of pursuing new trends every season in order to blindly pursue new trends. We hope that each piece of design can perfectly integrate elegance and modernity, Classic and full of personality. ‘Marlin said. The new high-end leather goods series Jeanne Toussaint & Louis Cartier is another leather masterpiece launched by Cartier under the leadership of Marlin Yuson.