Citizen ‘island City’ Sails To Open The Twelve Cities Chronicle

Time tells good stories, and watches are the chroniclers.
   For nearly 100 years since the brand was founded, Citizen has been adhering to the responsibility of “making watches that citizens of the world love” and has entered the life chronicles of thousands of citizens. In the time of entering China’s Jiazi, Citizen has experienced the essence of Chinese urban culture, and it has been precipitated and developed along with the evolution of citizens’ demand for watches.
Explore urban culture
   Since its birth, Citizen has worked hard to make ‘watches that citizens of the world love.’ As the brand is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary, in order to dig deeper into the essence of urban culture and further explore the lifestyle of urbanites, Citizen has sponsored the 2017 “China 12 City Brigade ‘activity. In the first stop, Qingdao, took the lead in bringing a high-standard surprise experience to urban travelers.
   This time, the cooperation with Raspberry is just out of the idea of ​​’just to give the best to you’ advocated by ’12 City Private Travel’, and the 100-year insistence of Citizen ‘let more people wear it’ ‘Better watch’ coincides. Citizen hopes that through this ’12 City Private Tour’ event, it will further dig into the city story and analyze the city culture, so as to dig out a more comfortable lifestyle for urban travelers.
Experience authentic Qingdao life
   As we all know, Qingdao is also known as the ‘Island City’, known as the world’s beer city and the world’s sailing capital. When you arrive in Qingdao, you must experience sailing. In addition to leasing 3 professional-class sailing boats known as the ‘Yellow Sea First Ship’, this event also invited three professional sailors with rich sailing experience to escort. As a reliable partner for maritime adventures, the new PROMASTER series 200m light kinetic diving watch will also follow this trip to go out to sea, so that explorers can experience the thrill of playing with the waves in the blast, and can also feel the professional support brought by the PROMASTER series.

   In addition to letting city travelers experience the vibrant and passionate sailing competition, Citizen also had the honor to invite Mr. Ouyang Qingcheng, the executive chef of Hyatt Regency Qingdao Hotel, to present the top seafood feast for everyone.
Listen to a watch tell a story in the city Visit a craftsman in the city
   Speaking of enthusiasm for the profession of chef, Chef Ouyang knows deeply: The chef industry is like the art industry, and the most important thing is to adhere to ‘intelligence’. The production of each dish is not only the exploration and improvement of technology, but also the inheritance and innovation of art. ‘Different perspectives are different. You think this is the way you imagine, but when you eat, it will become like you are paying and eating from the customer’s perspective, and you will better understand where the problem is and how to do it. Better. So I ask employees to ‘don’t stand inside and look outside’ and taste their stuff. ‘

   Speaking of adherence to the profession, Ouyang Qingcheng said: ‘Since I choose to keep going, I will not look back. I have been insisting on it for 30 years. Going in one direction, aiming for the better and better Direction, implying that you have no better direction, and will urge you to continue to work hard and strive for perfection. ‘For the ultimate pursuit, there will never be perfect activities and dishes, but there can be better pursuit, better pursuit. A better mentality, always believe in Better Starts Now, and believe that every step is a better start.
   As a watch brand that also practices the ‘craftsmanship spirit’, Citizen’s pursuit of technology and beauty has never stopped. In order to manufacture ‘watches loved by citizens around the world’, Citizen has always been committed to innovation and developed products such as light kinetic energy and super titanium. TM, satellite time synchronization and other leading technologies in the industry.
   Over the past 100 years, Citizen’s technical refinement, refined products, and service excellence have explained the original intention of the brand “born for citizens”. The first stop of this Qingdao station was a success, and the excitement of ’12 City Private Tour’ continued. With the concept of ‘Better starts now’, Citizen will continue to move forward with the spirit and vision of a century-old brand to continue to provide better and better services to urban citizens.