Chopin Imperiale Rose Gold Two-tone Watch

The new IMPERIALE watch, which combines the unique style and the essence of noble temperament, launched by Chopard, now welcomes a new member: the two-tone Imperiale model in rose gold and steel. In order to reinterpret the brand’s famous styles from the 1990s, Chopard’s creative masters took inspiration from elegant, lively and natural women, and thus created this ultimate and subtle luxury treasure. Chopard rose gold steel imperial watch
下 Under the unpretentious appearance of the Imperiale watch, there are hidden precious and rare details. Numerous details, including the typical lugs, have been reinterpreted. This sculptural watch perfectly reproduces the splendor of the imperial era.
The engraved mother-of-pearl dial is reminiscent of embroidered cushions with royal emblems in the palace. The edges of the dial are decorated with elegant golden Roman numerals, in addition to indicating time, it is a royal symbol. The slightly curved hands resemble the sharp daggers that the monarchs used to fight. The top of the lotus-shaped crown is embellished with a small drop-shaped cut convex amethyst, which is mounted on the angular frame, adding a glory and lightness to the watch. The jewel with a touch of fuchsia is both a royal symbol of excellence and a perfect reproduction of the Chopard watch and its tonal signature.
全新 This new Imperiale watch subtly combines simplicity and nobility, refinement and sexy, exuding eternity and fashion. Available in 36mm and 40mm diameters, the watch is available with or without diamonds. The smaller models are equipped with quartz movements and the larger models are equipped with automatic mechanical movements. Paired with rose gold and stainless steel bracelets or alligator leather straps, this two-tone Imperiale watch is ever-changing, seeking to attract the most demanding women and often stay with them for any occasion.