Catalog Of Patek Philippe Ref. 5940 Watch Introduction

In addition to the rounded shape of Calatrava and the unique appearance of Nautilus, the cushion-shaped case is also among the iconic cases of Patek Philippe.

 This classic case from the 1920s is naturally used to match ultra-thin perpetual calendar watches. After all, Patek Philippe first introduced the world’s first perpetual calendar watch in 1925. The strong combination of the two creates the new Ref. 5940 watch, an extremely practical complication watch with an elegant cushion-shaped case of 44.6 x 37 mm. The elegant and smooth lines of the case are deeply influenced by the Art Deco style. It is a classic Patek Philippe case design with timeless charm.

Perpetual calendar watches are undoubtedly the most practical in the super-complex watch series including tourbillon, minute repeater and two-second chronograph. It will always display the correct date according to the change of specific months. As early as the 19th century, Patek Philippe’s complication watch with perpetual calendar function was popular. After the watch became popular, Patek Philippe took the lead to reduce the original calendar device to a size suitable for planting in the watch case, which was even smaller than it is now.
In 1925, Patek Philippe introduced the world’s first perpetual calendar watch. Model number: 97 ‘975 uses the central hour and minute hands, the small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, the moon phase display is at 3 o’clock. The date is displayed by the central hand, the day of the week is at 12 o’clock, and the month is at 6 o’clock. At the same time, the leap year factor was also taken into consideration. Although it did not use a 4-year cycle display as it is used to today, it realized the instant calendar function, which was a very difficult challenge at the time.

Ultra-thin perpetual calendar with unique case
At the time, Art Deco was all the rage in Europe. Its clear and creative style has a very strong and obvious impact on art, architecture, furniture and product design. Patek Philippe also uses this style. Not to respond to the ephemeral fashion trend, but as a long-term design concept, it is extolled in the Gondolo series. The special-shaped watch series covers all chronographs with non-circular cases. The case of a special-shaped watch may be square, rectangular, triangular, or diamond, bucket, and cushion. These youthful and distinctive watches soon gained a place in the art and design field; they still prevail today. Patek Philippe’s cushion-shaped watches were all the rage, and some models were also hidden in the Patek Philippe Museum. In addition, the round Calatrava classic model, the only Golden Ellipse and the unparalleled casual elegant watch Nautilus, all highlight the timeless beauty of Patek Philippe design.
In 2010, Patek Philippe introduced a stainless steel ultra-thin two-second chronograph single-button chronograph watch Ref. 5950, which made its cushion-shaped case return to the gorgeous stage for the first time; with the advent of the new ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch Ref. 5940 , It will once again become the focus of attention. The case of this watch is 44.6 mm long, 37 mm wide, and only 8.6 mm thick. It has a very fashionable makeup and shows its masculine charm. Patek Philippe’s watchmaking workshop uses the traditional cold stamping process of the net, uses a large-tonnage stamping machine to process 18K gold small billets, and then builds it through countless continuous mechanical processes. Ultimately, after several hours of manual polishing, each case has a bright mirror effect. The graceful curved sides fit perfectly with the lugs attached to the strap. This watch has a sapphire crystal caseback, which can admire the extremely delicate movement, and it also comes with an interchangeable gold back cover.

Caliber 240 Q: The Immortal Web Legend
Caliber 240 Q movement is a masterpiece of technology independently developed by Patek Philippe’s complex watch studio. Although the movement is self-winding and consists of 275 individual parts, it is only 3.88 mm thick. Its basic movement was launched in 1977. The 22K gold mini-rotor was embedded in the splint, and the overall thickness has reached 2.53 mm. Therefore, a small space of only 1.35 mm is used to install a perpetual calendar device that can display a four-year leap year cycle while imitating the monthly trajectory. This device can automatically and accurately display the date, and adjust the specific date display according to different months, regardless of the big and small months, and February 29 of the leap year. No adjustment is required until 2100. In the Gregorian calendar, the year 2100 happens to be a hundred years without a leap month. Even if it needs to be adjusted, it will be very fast and easy; as long as the watch is not interrupted, the next 100 years will always show the correct date. The moon phase display is also extremely accurate: every 122 years it will be one day behind the actual monthly cycle, which is equivalent to a daily error of 0.002. Finally, the accuracy of the movement of the movement is also excellent. According to the Patek Philippe Seal, the daily error range for all mechanical movements with a diameter above 20 mm must not exceed -3 to +2 seconds. This is far less than the range of error promised by the official Swiss certified astrometer.

Elegant appearance
重点 This watch with the best time-keeping accuracy focuses on the dial, no matter where it is, it can be called classic elegance. The milky white grained surface and the golden case complement each other perfectly. The dial edge is equipped with a black track-type transfer minute scale, which perfectly fits the contour of the bezel. Slender Breguet three-dimensional blocks and gold leaf-shaped hands for time, as well as three auxiliary dials. 9 o’clock: Day of the week and 24-hour dial. 3 o’clock position: month and leap year cycle. 6 o’clock position: date and moon phase. All display functions are fair, easy to read, and uphold the quality of Patek Philippe as always.
With the introduction of the new Ref. 5940, Patek Philippe opened a new chapter for the return of the cushion-shaped perpetual calendar watch, just like the art deco style watches of the 1920s and 1930s in the Patek Philippe Museum are still very popular today. This elegant watch comes with a hand-stitched matte black square scale alligator strap and 18K yellow gold pin buckle.