Burcellai, A Century-old Watchmaking Brand Dedicated To Outstanding People With Great Eyes

Baucher Lay, who has nearly a century of experience in making high-end watches, adheres to the brand philosophy of ‘not going with the flow’, and aims at top quality and fashionable design, combining fine watchmaking craftsmanship and high-end jewelry making skills. Produce a unique and high-quality product, highlighting the vision and achievements of the founder Carl Friedrich Boucherer in the watchmaking industry.
Bao Qilai is renowned for its top craftsmanship, high-quality materials and elegant design. The men’s and women’s watches produced by the brand reflect the extraordinary personality and temperament, making it an unforgettable choice for discerning discerning people. Among the brand’s supporters are Pedro Mu? Oz, founder and designer of well-known leather goods manufacturers, famous photographers Atul Kasbekar and Nela K? Nig, Boris Blank, father of electronic music, famous racing driver Fredy Barth, famous chefs and shows The host Andreas C. Studer, the famous designer Alfredo H? Berli, etc. are all outstanding people who have their own unique experience in different aspects. A family.
RisThe father of electronic music, Boris Blank, does not allow himself to be washed away by the trend, instead, his goal is to create a trend and become a pioneer in the trend. This belief coincides with Bucherer. Unique observation and the pursuit of perfection are the characteristics that this famous Berlin photographer Nela K? Nig and Bucherer have together, and it is this philosophy that has led her to success and become a darling of photography. The famous photographer Atul Kasbekar believes that as long as he strives to achieve his ideals and actively pursue ambitious goals, he will naturally be one step ahead. This is what he shares with Bucherer. According to Pedro Mu? Oz, the founder and designer of the famous leather Stallion manufacturer, each pair of Stallion leather shoes can reflect the soul and mind of the craftsman, just like every Bucherer mechanical watch can show the extraordinary skills of the watchmaker. .
Today, Bucherer, who is at the helm of the third generation of the family, J? Rg G. Bucherer, is committed to developing its watchmaking business, which was founded in 1919, through the development of different men’s and women’s watches. As the only watch brand in central Switzerland, Bucherer’s reputation has long been known around the world. In July 2007, Bucherer successfully established its own factory Carl F. Bucherer Technologies S.A. in St. Cova, Switzerland, to develop, manufacture and launch its own movement CFB A1000.