Athens Original Homemade Movement Models Adhere To The Road Of Independent Brands

With the invention of the new movement UN-118, in the innovative application of avant-garde materials, Athens Watch has once again confirmed its leadership in the watch industry. Athens has always been committed to improving product quality, and at the same time, it is committed to extending the life of watches and ensuring resistance to external pressure. Diamonds are always the most ideal material. The UN-118 movement launched in 2011 is completely designed and manufactured by Athens. It uses the patented DIAMonSIL escapement, with a homemade oscillator that can be tuned with 4 screws, and a silicon 1.1.1 spring; DIAMonSIL is A revolutionary alliance of silicon and synthetic diamonds. Polycrystalline diamonds are grown on unprocessed silicon crystals through nanotechnology. New technology combines polycrystalline diamonds and silicon crystals into one, making it lightweight and easy to design. Brand new materials. It is a very lightweight but hard material that reduces friction and has the advantage of eliminating the need to add lubricant to the escapement!
Acquisition of enamel artisan Donzé Cadrans SA continues the traditional master craftsmanship
   The dial of the new ‘Navigation Observatory Watch’ adopts the exquisite enamel dial hand-made by the globally recognized enamel dial expert and the latest member of the Athens Watch Group, Donzé Cadrans. Athens Watch announced in 2011 the acquisition of Donzé Cadrans SA, an expert in advanced enamel painted dials. At the time, Francine and Michel Vermot, the helms of Donzé Cadrans, said that this would not only ensure the company’s long-term development, but also provide its expertise and skills to a company that had been in the 1980s. A watchmaker who has reintroduced the art of enamel painting and has always had a profound influence on the development of Donzé Cadrans. For the past 25 years, enamel art has been a key and enthusiastic series of watches developed by Athens. The acquisition of Donzé Cadrans has carried out Athens’ continuous development and vertical production strategy, and at the same time reflects the watchmaking tradition of Athens.
Adhere to the road of independent brand development
    Since the death of Rolf. Schnyder, the former president of Athenian Watch, the outside world has always paid close attention to the next development direction of Athenian Watch; the evolution and development of watch parts and materials has become the development direction of the Group in recent years, and as an independent brand of Athenian Watch, As early as more than ten years ago, I began to invest in the research and development of innovative materials and gradually apply them to watches. At the same time, I plan to apply these results to the strategy of developing my own movement. Unlike most brands, the future development path of Athens , Will not be limited to other movement manufacturers; in the next four years, Athens will be committed to increasing the production of homemade movement UN-118, and gradually replace the basic movement models.
    Athens last month formally announced its investment in Ochs und Junior to strengthen the business cooperation between the two parties. The cooperation between Athens Watch and Ochs und Junior is part of the long-term development strategy of both parties. First, it aims to further strengthen the mutual cooperation between the two parties; second, it also aims to consolidate and maintain the long-term cooperation between Ulysse Nardin and the talented watchmaker Dr. Ludwig Oechslin. The story of Athenian and Dr. O’Kling began in 1983. The brave and visionary Rolf. Schnyder bought the Athenian watch, and gave him full support for a watchmaking and design genius to help him develop his superb watchmaking skills. For more than 20 years, Dr. Ludwig Oklin has been given full play to his talents in Athens. He has planned to create several milestones in the history of watchmaking: the Galileo astrolabe with a gold world record, a single crown can An unusual dual time zone perpetual calendar adjusted forward and backward, the Sonata Bell with the world’s first 24-hour countdown alarm; and Freak Wonder Carrousel, the movement is used to display the time, Freak Wonder With many innovations, it is also the first wristwatch made of silicon as the escapement wheel, and the advent of this most representative model also opened the Athens watch to the foresight of investing in new materials and precision technology, and extremely Visionary leading development road.
     The footsteps of Athens always follow the belief established by Mr. Rolf, adhere to the road of innovation and research and development, continue the correct concept and direction, and show the strength and pride of independent brands!
Nautical Observatory Rose Gold Limited Watch
     Equipped with the UN-118 self-made movement, with the official Swiss Observatory certification, it has an excellent 60-hour kinetic energy reserve display and an oversized small seconds indicator, and the date is displayed at 6 o’clock. It also has the ‘Quick Set’ feature that Athenaeum prides itself on, allowing you to quickly adjust the date forward / backward. 18K rose gold model with snow-white glaze enamel dial, limited to 350 pieces worldwide.