Athens Of Switzerland Presents A New Enamel Minute Repeater Timepiece ‘north Sea Oilfield Minute Repeater Timepiece’ North Sea

Athens watch pays high tribute to the petroleum industry with the latest member of the classic series-‘Baihai Oilfield Three Questions Timepiece’.

The ‘Baihai Oilfield Minute Repeater Watch’ is crafted with enamel filling and gold carving: not only when the offshore oil rig is used to extract oil, it is dedicated to digging hidden deep in the ocean floor and belongs to the ‘black gold’ scenario of world assets. Presentation; and from the angle of looking up, vividly depicting the dazzling light of the sea water under the refraction of the sun when the marine folding arm of the oil rig rises from the black sea. Between the rough sea and the sky reflecting the setting sun, the delicate and exquisite structure of the oil rig can be seen at a glance. In the distance, another oil rig can be seen working diligently.

The world-renowned Swiss Athenian watch with mechanical watches, the rest of the sound of the spring is always memorable. The complicated timekeeping watch, in addition to being recognized as the most difficult watch to make, is also a highly respected model for professional watchmaking and watch enthusiasts. The three offshore folding arms on the dial of the ‘Baihai Oilfield Minute Repeater’ are all mobile devices made of 18K gold. When the minute repeater function is activated, the marine folding arms of the drilling platform will follow the time. The spring sound of the spring moves synchronously, and it has the sound indication of time, time and minute.

The technique of filling enamel is a rare technique. The ‘Best Questions and Answers to the Time in Beihai Oilfield’ is the best example of this ancient art. The technique of filling enamel was first introduced in the 12th century, and today only a handful of craftsmen specialize in making. First of all, the process of filling enamel requires the engraver to complete the design on the gold dial chassis to accurately sculpt a three-dimensional 3D pattern. Next, ask the enamel craftsman to fill in enamel blocks of different colors. After polishing the surface, the sculptor will carve all the metal dividers to perfection, bringing out the visual effects of the enamel process on paper.

The rose gold dial with small and simple black hour markers and streamlined hour and minute hands are designed to highlight the highlight of the center of the dial-the magnificent enamel oil table.

The Swiss watch ‘Baihai Oilfield Minute Repeater’ is the representative of the extreme craftsmanship of high-end complex watches. It is created by combining ancient traditional skills and advanced watchmaking technology, and presents it to the oil industry with its distinguished and unique attitude. Highest respect.

Technical Information

Model 736-61 / E2-OIL
Limited to 18 pieces
Movement UN-73 Movement
Power reserve approx. 36 hours
Winding method Manual winding
Function Minute repeater
Time, time, minute
Automatic time signal device
Mobile device
Case 18K Rose Gold
Diameter 42 mm
Water resistant to 30 meters
Surface: Three 18K gold movable devices on the enamel-filled surface
Table glass anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal
Case back Sapphire crystal, screwed
Crown Waterproof Crown
Strap Alligator leather strap with folding clasp