Earl Created New Colorful Jewellery, Carved Gold And Brilliant Diamonds To Praise The Love Of Huacai

Affectionate, sincere, or purely feminine, Piaget interprets the charming charm of love with precious metals, colorful jewelry and bright diamonds. Elegant watches and jewellery create a rich Valentine’s Day gift. In the world of Piaget, love is beauty. It is a sophisticated metalwork, crystal gems and superb watchmaking skills.

The Piaget oval white and rose gold watches pay tribute to the noble elegance of women with its warm luster, showing the delicate texture and moving temperament of Piaget in the 1960s. The prototype of this model is a watch worn by Mrs. Jackie Kennedy in the past. It was subsequently purchased by Piaget and kept as an exclusive collection, perfecting the legend of Piaget’s integration of watches and jewelry. The ultra-thin movement is complemented by dazzling gemstones and a finely engraved gold bracelet, displaying Piaget’s signature metalwork. Decorated with a unique ‘Palace’ on the gold surface, the bracelet presents a silky silky texture and brilliant brilliance, such as a thin yarn gently wrapped around the wrist. The combination of color and texture is free and beautiful, which vividly explains the extraordinary style of this watch. Both watches feature a vibrant turquoise dial (and a bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds) paired with a platinum palace-style totem hand strap (G0A42216), and a warm orange-toned chalcedony dial with roses Golden palace-style totem hand strap (G0A42217).


Just like the unique affection between lovers, the dial of each Altiplano jewelry watch is also unique because there are never two identical gemstones in the world. The extraordinary incorporation of colored stones into the dial has become Piaget’s iconic design. The 430P ultra-thin movement carefully crafted by Piaget’s watchmakers and gemstone craftsmen complements the colored stones, showing an unparalleled natural texture in terms of transparency, purity and texture. A white gold bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds and a clear blue turquoise dial (G0A42173); a rare opal shines pure light on the Altiplano rose gold watch, and the bright diamonds intersect with the colorful gems (G0A42174 ), Colorful colors like blooming fireworks.


As a traditional symbol of love, the elegant rose is also a totem design cherished by the Earl family. Relying on the consistent enthusiasm and persistence of the Earl of the brand, the Yves Piaget rose has been circulated forever, and the brand has drawn endless inspiration from it, creatively demonstrating other beauty incarnation with gold and diamonds. The latest design style-rose gold flower decoration-the delicate petals can be stretched on the delicate bracelet. The interlaced hollow lace makes the skin looming and exudes the beauty of the wrist. The roses are adorned with warm and clear milky white Akoya sea pearls, like the love god Venus born from the shell, singing the myth of love (G36U4400). The pink jewel exudes a gentle light and confids its affection (G436U4600).


The Black Tie classic vintage collection pays tribute to Piaget tradition and avant-garde spirit, and is a special gift for distinguished men. Rare meteorites from nature, subtly cut and embedded on the dial, showcase the contemporary style against the platinum case. The star-shaped gemstones convey an extraordinary texture and beauty, and the unique shape of the pillow-shaped case is also round and square. . In order to make the edges and corners of the case more smooth and mellow, Piaget has used sophisticated techniques to create a layered appearance with light and dark. At the same time, it is equipped with Piaget 534P ultra-thin automatic winding movement, which accurately records every moment (G0A42237).

The shape and texture complement each other, and the precious metal and rare gemstones are linked together. The Piaget celebrates the Valentine’s Day, full of innocent love, and arousing the hearts of lovers.

Like Sports Watches And Watch Them. Girard Perregaux Laureato Laurel Series New Chronograph Appreciation

As Girard Perregaux’s revival of sports series in recent years, Laureato Laurel series is impressive with its iconic octagonal bezel and integrated case structure design. At the International Haute Horlogerie Salon in Geneva this year, Girard Perregaux Laureato Laurel series Absolute watches are launched, including a junior model, a chronograph and a world time watch. Girard Perregaux has injected more fashionable and dynamic elements into this series of new models. At the same time, it conforms to Girard Perregaux’s ‘Skywalker’ theme and incorporates the deep blue of the universe into the watch to create a new model. Next, we will appreciate Girard Perregaux Laureato Laurel Series Absolute chronographs and take a look together. (Watch model: 81060-21-491-FH6A)

  On this year’s new Laureato Laurel series, the brand interprets the classics with different elements, making the new timepiece more capable and neat, and providing a new choice for modern men. Girard Perregaux Laureato laurel series chronograph has a larger case and a new structure. The black PVD titanium case and the gradient blue dial match each other, walking between the blue and the inky black, based on the earth and exploring the universe.

Watch real shot


  This year’s Laureato laurel series has increased the size of the watch, the 44 mm case shows the atmosphere. The PVD black-plated titanium case is lighter and adds comfort when worn. The classic octagonal bezel is still retained. The sides of the bezel, the lower round part and the edge of the case are polished with a polishing process, and the rest is treated with a wire drawing process, forming a contrast.

  The crown on one side is engraved with the word ‘GP’, and the timing buttons are set on both sides. After redesign, it looks sharp. The timing button can be used to stop or reset the timing device.

  The sunburst dial gradually changes from dark blue in the middle to black on the periphery, with the mystery of looking at the night sky. Gradient blue dial with three black function dials, small seconds, 12-hour and 30-minute counters at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, respectively, with white Arabic numerals and hands , Forming a sharp color contrast. The white inner bezel of the luminous element makes the matte black hour markers more three-dimensional, and the hands are also covered with a luminous coating, which is convenient for reading the time in a dark environment.

  The black rubber strap matches the model. The strap is decorated with blue stitching, and the words Girard and Perregaux are injection molded on it, which is very sporty.

  The movement is equipped with a mechanical movement GP03300-1058. The movement is decorated with Geneva ripples and pearl dots, and is polished with a fine chamfer. The back is designed with a dense bottom to protect the inside of the movement. At the same time, the movement has a power reserve of more than 46 hours, and the waterproof depth can reach 300 meters.

Summary: Girard Perregaux Laureato laurel series Absolute chronograph with black and blue as the main color. The mystery of the universe is fully displayed on the watch. The representative sports chronograph function adds a enthusiastic sports style to the watch. Urban people in cities add vibrant colors. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Tribute To True Love Cartier Releases New Film ‘the Proposal’ Directed By Sean Ellis

The film ‘The Proposal’ was screened exclusively online on February 3, 2015. The film shows three moving love stories-three couples experienced three unexpected confessions under the witness of romantic Paris. British director Sean Ellis * inspired and created freely in this director’s work. His short films Cashback and Metro Manilla were nominated for the 2006 Academy Awards and the 2013 Sundance Film Festival respectively.
   ‘The Proposal’ is directed by Sean Ellis and written by French playwright Oliver Lecot. It depicts three Paris love stories. Whether at the Rodin Museum, the concert hall elevator, or the Paris airport, Cartier Jewelry brings a surprise to the hero. In the film, ingenious plots such as hide-and-seek and misunderstanding are specially designed, and the original romance is reproduced in three staggered confession stories.
The Proposal poster

   In the first story, a pair of two little lovers start a tracking game in the garden of Rodin Museum, and the end point of the game is set at the foot of the famous ‘Thinker’ statue. The heroine is played by new-generation actor Christa Theret, who is best known for her role in ‘LOL’ by Liza Azuelos.
   The second story tells about the misses of the male and female masters again and again. The protagonist chases the lovers in the elevator at the Paris Concert Hall, but the elevator door is closed again and again, making them missed. The French-Irish actor Oisin Stack (who starred in David Bobée’s Hamlet) and the actress Ana Girardo (who starred in Fabrice Gobert’s Simon Werner a disparu) starred.
   The final story is full of unexpected twists and turns: After a series of vignettes such as losing a passport, the husband solemnly proposes to his wife again. The couple’s actors are Nicolas Bridet (who has appeared in Giles Legrand’s ‘Tu seras mon fils’) and Anne Charrier (who has appeared in Guy Mazarguil’s ‘L’ Art de séduire ‘).
   In these three moving confession stories, Cartier interprets the spirit of romanticism with gorgeous jewelry boxes, intoxicating halo and brilliant diamonds, showing the elegance and feelings of Paris.
   Sean Ellis was a photographer before becoming a director. He represented the United Kingdom in the 2014 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film with the film ‘Lost Manila’. He has worked for magazines such as I-D, The face, Dazed and Confused, Numéro, and Vogue since the 1990s.
   He then began filmmaking and completed two short films: Left Turn (psychological thriller) in 2001 and Cashback (2004), the latter of which was shortlisted for the Oscars. Since then, he directed another feature film in 2006.

World Watch Brand Rankings Top Ten World Watch Rankings 2015 Swiss Watch Rankings

If you want to give a Swiss watch an evaluation, accurate time, precise machinery, beautiful shape, status symbol, noble value can not be more appropriate. The Swiss watch culture has been passed down for more than 500 years, and it continues to shine today. In the long history of Swiss watchmaking, many excellent watchmaking brands have emerged. Their names will always be remembered. The following watch home introduces the list of world watch brands!
Patek Philippe

   Patek Philippe, a very legendary watchmaking brand, is known for making ultra-complex watches. Regardless of brand history or watchmaking technology, Patek Philippe is a well-deserved king! Of course, the price of Patek Philippe products is even more expensive, and it is difficult for ordinary people to get involved. Therefore, Patek Philippe is also known as the ‘blue blood nobleman’ in the watch!
   Patek Philippe
PHILIPPE is a well-known Swiss watch brand that began in 1839. For more than 100 years, Patek Philippe has always adhered to the philosophy of quality and adhered to the principle of quality without weight and slow work. There is only one theme, the pursuit of perfection. It pursues limited production and produces only 50,000 pieces per year. For more than a century and a half, Patek Philippe produced a very limited number of watches, and only sold in the world’s top famous stores. Patek Philippe has a number of patents and has been in a leading position in clock technology. Its watches are hand-made in the original factory, adhere to the excellent tradition of quality, beauty and reliability. Patek Philippe has a strong sense of boutique, superb craftsmanship, continuous innovation Created a world-renowned watch brand.
Audemars Piguet

   Among the major watch rankings, Patek Philippe’s position is undisputed. There are many brands that have been ranked second. However, from the perspective of the complexity, manufacturing process and innovation of the watch, Audemars Piguet is more qualified to occupy the second place than other brands. Although the Audemars Piguet brand was founded relatively late, Audemars Piguet is one of the rare brands that has always insisted on family management. Its family business has been in existence for more than 130 years. This is unmatched by other brands.
   Audemars Piguet
Piguet, a famous Swiss watchmaking brand. Founded in 1875 in the village of Brassus in the Jurassic Valley, Switzerland, it is an independent family-owned company and one of the world’s most famous watch factories. Audemars Piguet inherits and promotes the essence of traditional Swiss watchmaking, and always adheres to the brand concept of “managing the tradition and creating innovation”. Each piece of Audemars Piguet condenses the brand’s century-old superb skills in it. It is the tireless investment of artisan masters that presents the brand’s extraordinary and extraordinary efforts. The flow of time is concrete and subtle in the hands of Audemars Piguet.
Vacheron Constantin
   Anyone who knows a little about watches is no stranger to Vacheron Constantin. Vacheron Constantin introduces many unforgettable designs. From simple and elegant styles to elaborate and intricate designs, from daily wear styles to expensive diamond watches, each of them represents the highest watchmaking craftsmanship in Switzerland, and reflects Vacheron Constantin’s outstanding performance in the world of watchmaking. Status, and its pursuit of technology and aesthetics. At this year’s 2015 Watch and Miracle Asia Advanced Watch Show, the new Vacheron Constantin 57260 ultra-complex pocket watch once again shocked the world and broke the record of ultra-complex watches!
   Vacheron Vacheron
Constantin, one of the world’s most famous watch brands, was founded in 1755 in Geneva, Switzerland. It is the world’s oldest and earliest watch manufacturer and one of the world’s most famous watch factories. Vacheron Constantin has inherited the essence of traditional Swiss watchmaking without interruption, and has also innovated many watchmaking technologies, which has made great contributions to the watchmaking industry.
Lange A. Lange & Sohne

   Some people may ask: Is the complexity and craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaking so outstanding that it is invincible? The answer is no. The only people who dare to challenge the Swiss are the Germans and their German watchmaking brands. Lange is one of the outstanding representatives of German watches! Its founder Ferdinando Adolf Lange laid a solid foundation for the development of German watches, and also made outstanding for the watch manufacturing industry. Contribution!
   Lange A. Lange &
Sohne is a very precise German mechanical watch brand. Its unparalleled superb technology and high-level perfect handwork are its main features. This is a rare non-Swiss watch brand. It is an authentic eastern German product that once disappeared due to the authoritarian rule of the former East Germany, but the two countries rejuvenated after reunification. Lange insists on making only mechanical precious metal watches, making its quality and price high.

   Blancpain always embraces the unwavering faith in time and watchmaking, forges extraordinary watchmaking abilities, adheres to a low-key, frank, and pragmatic brand attitude. Cultural enrichment is a vital and beautiful pursuit in human life. Although known as ‘the oldest Swiss watch brand in existence’, there are not many glorious deeds in history. And during the quartz storm period, Blancpain has a seemingly incoherent period. All these have a fundamental impact on Blancpain’s ranking.
   Blancpain was born in 1735. It is the oldest watch brand in Swiss history and the first registered watch brand in the world. As one of the top watchmakers of complex mechanical watches, Blancpain is also one of the very few brands in the world that can design, develop, manufacture, assemble and sell all of them independently. The Blancpain 1735 ultra-complex watch brings together the most sophisticated complications: ultra-thin, moon phases, perpetual calendar, dual chase chronograph, tourbillon, minute repeater is one of the most complicated automatic winding watches in the world.
Jaeger LeCoultre

   Jaeger-LeCoultre is well-known for its self-produced movements, and today it still maintains a high output. How good is Jaeger-LeCoultre’s movement? In addition to Jaeger-LeCoultre’s own use, even other top brands such as Vacheron Constantin and Breguet use Jaeger-LeCoultre-made movements. This fully shows the affirmation of Jaeger-LeCoultre movement. However, in terms of watch manufacturing, Jaeger-LeCoultre still has some shortcomings, so it ranks sixth.
   Jaeger LeCoultre is a haute horlogerie manufacturer based in Le Santier, Switzerland. Since its establishment in the Jura Valley in Switzerland in 1833, it has become a significant watch brand in the history of watchmaking. As a pioneer in the top watchmaking industry, Jaeger-LeCoultre not only combines precision timing technology and superb artistic talent, but also makes outstanding contributions to the development of the entire watchmaking industry.

   Breguet is one of the oldest watch brands. The brand was founded slightly later than Vacheron Constantin. Breguet has made great contributions to the manufacture of watches and clocks. Master Louis Breguet invented the tourbillon watch in 1795, bringing the manufacture of mechanical watches to the highest level. It has set a milestone for the development of watches.
   Breguet has been the most important synonym for Swiss timepieces for many years, and was developed by Abraham Louis Breguet (A.-L.
Mr. Breguet was founded and the brand dates back to 1775. Born in Neuchâtel, he spent most of his time in Paris. He devoted himself to studying all aspects of watchmaking. He created countless great inventions in his lifetime and had a profound impact on the watch industry. Today, the creativity and ingenuity that Breguet has inherited are getting better and better, and its simple neoclassical design is even more surprising.
   Regrettably, during the heyday of the watch industry, Breguet failed to develop together, but instead transferred to a businessman who failed to carry it forward. It was not until Mr. Hayek took it back that Breguet regained youth.

   Piaget, like Jaeger-LeCoultre, has been known for its self-produced movements and has since transformed from a traditional watch to a jewellery watch brand. After the brand transformation, Piaget did not waste the movement manufacturing technology. Became the brand with the highest level of movement manufacture among jewelry watch brands. Piaget most demanded ultra-thin watch movements, but this made the movement very fragile. At the same time, there are high manufacturing costs, so now it is in an awkward situation.
   Earl Piaget, 1874 by Georges Edouard, 19
Piaget). Since its birth, Piaget has been adhering to the brand spirit of ‘Always do better than required’, incorporating superb craftsmanship and unlimited creativity into each piece of work, and at the same time giving priority to the development of creativity and the pursuit of details, and the craft of watches and jewelry Fully fused together. Piaget captures the charm of time, and every watch and jewellery piece is an unremitting search for superb craftsmanship.
Glashütte Original

   Glashütte Original is the second German brand in the top ten watches list. Glashütte has a unique national standard style. German industry pays more attention to technology. The factory has high technical content, strong functionality and durable products. The German watch industry also maintains this tradition. In addition, German watches generally do not pay attention to the dial design like Swiss watches, and the size of watches is not as delicate as Swiss watches.
   Since 1845, Glashütte Original has always represented Germany’s top watchmaking craftsmanship, inheriting the pure bloodlines of the watchmaking industry of the Saxony Kingdom to the present day, and is renowned worldwide. In 1920, watchmaker Alfred
Helwig invented the flying tourbillon, which established Glashütte’s original solid foundation in the field of complex watches.
Girard Perregaux

   Girard Perregaux has always been committed to continuous innovation. The brand has registered nearly 80 patents in the field of watchmaking, establishing a tradition of extraordinary excellence, especially in chronology. Long-term investment in research and development has enabled Girard Perregaux to maintain its advantage in the global watchmaking field and continue to improve in all aspects.

   Girard-Perregaux, one of the world’s top ten watches, dates back to 1791. For more than two centuries, it has independently designed, created, developed and produced watch external parts and the ‘heart’ of the watch— — Movement. Through this comprehensive and comprehensive operation mode, the brand has nearly 80 patents, more than 100 models of complete top-level movements and world-renowned mechanical watch series.