Omega Speedmaster ‘ultraman’ Limited Edition Watch Open Online Booking

Switzerland’s famous watchmaking brand OMEGA has once again released the ‘Speedy Tuesday’ watch-the Speedmaster ‘Ultraman’ limited edition through its online platform. ‘Ultraman’ is the main character in the series of Ultraman series produced by Japan’s Mariya Production Co., Ltd. It can be called a model in the series of ‘giant monsters’. To pay tribute to this classic character, Omega presents the new Speedmaster ‘Ultraman’ limited edition watch.

   This new Speedmaster watch incorporates elements of the Japanese science fiction film Ultraman in the 1970s. It is extremely innovative, but even more proud of its true origins in space, as it launched in 1967 with Omega. The lunar watch can be described as the same.

 The Speedmaster Moonwatch, born in 1967, attracted the attention of the fourth creative team of the Ultraman series with its unique orange chronograph seconds hand. The watch’s striking orange color matches the color of the heroic and fearless monster special attack team uniforms, making the Omega Speedmaster series moon watch an indispensable combat equipment for fighting monsters.

 The new ‘Altman’ chronograph seconds hand completely retains the design of the 1967 prototype: the same orange hue, the same size. At the same time, the watch also uses a black and orange aluminum oxide bezel, echoing the orange chronograph seconds hand. The classic small dial design is also surprising. Since Altman can only change into superhero mode for only 3 minutes, the watch is located at 3 o’clock, the first 3 minutes of the minute dial are decorated with orange, and the small second dial at 9 o’clock can see Ultraman’s profile. The strap changing tool is inspired by the Ultraman Transformer Beta Magic Wand, with a UV lamp at one end of the tool. When the ultraviolet light shines on the dial, the Ultraman pattern on the dial will appear more clearly.

 The dial is decorated with a vintage-style Omega logo, giving it a nostalgic look. The caseback is engraved with ‘#SpeedyTuesday’ and ‘QUALIFIED BY NASA FOR ALL MANNED SPACE MISSIONS’ (certified for NASA spacecraft missions for all manned space flights). The watch is paired with a black and orange ‘NATO’ NATO military strap and a spare black leather strap.

 The Omega Speedmaster “Ultraman” watch is limited to 2,012 pieces in the world. It is highly collectible and carried in a special hexagonal watch case. It pays tribute to the monster’s futuristic hexagonal worktable.

Celebrity Watch: Celebrating Precious Moments Together

Moments of celebration light up our lives-not only to celebrate important events, but also simple but special moments of joy that we share with family and friends. Baume & Mercier presents exquisite watches, engraving timeless memories, and commemorating beautiful moments with brand lovers. For birthdays, weddings, freshmen, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, and other important milestones in life, a Baume & Mercier watch will be a precious gift to commemorate special moments in these life journeys.
 Humberton, Cresmer, Lingnei and Kaplan blue series-Baume & Mercier carefully crafted each watch, making the watch highly aesthetic, while also emphasizing the wearer’s elegance. The multi-functional Baume & Mercier watch is also a close friend in daily life, evoking the warmth and intimacy shared by friends and lovers.
 Although the watch has witnessed the passage of time, it also engraved the colorful memories of life. The warm emotions recorded by Baume & Mercier watches fit perfectly with the brand’s motto: condensing precious moments in life.
 The exquisite watch brought by Baume & Mercier has intimate interaction with the wearer, and its elegant atmosphere and multiple functions are enough to make it the perfect companion in the journey of life. As a souvenir of important events in life, the special information carried by Baume & Mercier watch makes it more independent and personalized.
 Dates, names or words that are closely related to these important events make the watch enter the wearer’s life and become a permanent part of the watch itself. Baume & Mercier provides customers with these special momentary services engraved on the back of the watch. In 2012, Brands can increase the scope of engraving to maximize the recording of precious information and memories. The engraving service provided by Baume & Mercier marks that the watch has become a personalized accessory, which is closely connected with the moments of celebration in life, commemorating the past and looking forward to the happy moments in the future.

 Among many festivals, Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly the most personal: that day, the decoration that symbolizes love, the connected love and the delicate roses, meanwhile expresses the power of passion and love at this special moment. For centuries, whether it is for lovers or couples, Valentine’s Day has not only existed only for romantic love, but also closely linked family and friends.
 In this festival of eternal love, the Baume & Mercier watch will become the most suitable gift, not only carrying the precious memories of the past, but also showing the good times shared by more lovers. A Baume & Mercier watch is a Valentine’s Day gift to commemorate the moment of love and make time last.
 The Baume & Mercier watch fits the intimacy conveyed by Valentine’s Day in this way. Among them, especially the Humberton series. The Humberton series has both men’s and women’s watches, which embodies the spirit and deep love of seaside life, perfectly conveying the love and respect between men and women.
In this holiday season where we express our hearts to our close loved ones, Baume & Mercier watch is a special gift of life, both for the recipient and the gift itself.

Warm humberton
 The timeless, laid-back and elegant Humberton watch is the epitome of intimacy and harmony. Inspired by historical models from the 1940s, the Humberton series presents a very stylish rectangular case, bringing a wonderful combination of sophisticated design and attractive and easy life. Humberton’s product line is probably best suited to the celebrity’s DNA and brand philosophy: beach life, family view, warmth and authenticity.
 The fascinating Humberton series subtly blends a unique rectangular case with powerful lines to present today’s casual life. Different angles produce the effect of a prism, and you can find different kinds of fun when viewing at different angles. These architectural elements easily represent Humberton’s coastline and grand homes. The Humberton series with rich emotions is the best gift to capture important moments in life.