2014 ‘clocks And Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch & Clock Exhibition Iwc Stands Directly

The 2014 “Watches and Miracles” Asia High-end Watch Fair officially opened in Hong Kong today. As an annual event in the high-end watch industry, this show will share with us the traditional culture, expertise and exquisite craftsmanship of major brands. During the four-day exhibition, Watch House will report this event for you throughout. Here is a record of the actual shooting of the International Pavilion:

  As a watch brand with an important position in the world’s watch manufacturing industry, IWC is very sophisticated about the exhibition hall layout. The elegant style highlights the brand’s long history and also incorporates modern details and decoration, thus showing It gives the elegant impression of IWC as an internationally renowned brand.


Summary: Having seen the look of the IWC booth, we are more looking forward to witnessing the brand’s high-end watches. In a later report, the watch house will offer you, including the new products brought by IWC at this exhibition and earlier. A classic, stay tuned!

Entry-level Selection Three Casio Watches Recommended

Bring a casio watch. In our school days, it was an absolutely fashionable item. Fashion, youth, and durability. These are the images that Casio watches give us. Today, Casio is still the first choice for students and friends to buy a watch, because it has not only a strong reputation, but also a beautiful shape, but also has rugged and durable characteristics. Today, the Watch House brings you three casio watches, I hope everyone likes them.

Casio YOU ​​Series GA-100-1A2D

Watch series: G-SHOCK series
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Rubber
Strap Material: Rubber
Case diameter: 35 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 1190
Watch details: casio / 2998 /
Watch review: The oversized dial with a diameter of 35mm gives a solid and solid texture; the dial ring and raised hands make the entire watch extremely three-dimensional; the center is the pointer dial with a dual display design of the LCD panel; Not only can the watch be shockproof and waterproof, the hands also have antimagnetic function; it also has a countdown function, an alarm function, and an indirect alarm function. Huge keys make operation faster and more accurate.

Casio ANALOGUE OCW-T1000B-1A watch

Watch series: OCEANUS series
Movement type: solar power
Case material: titanium alloy
Strap material: titanium alloy
Domestic public price: 11090
Watch details: casio / 20121 /
Watch Reviews: The watch is equipped with 6 global radio waves, sapphire crystal glass design, solar tough movement, titanium alloy case and bracelet, new motor movement, independent drive function, making switching mode and displaying world time more Fast, high-performance and easy to operate; the appearance uses high-tech grinding technology, carefully polished, reflecting the comfort of the new OCEANUS model and high-quality brilliance; the metal part of OCW-T1000B is based on titanium alloy, and is coated with black IP Ionic coating, looks more elegant and calm.

Casio CHRONOGRAPH series EF-527L-1AV watch

Watch series: EDIFICE series
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 43 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 1490
Watch details: casio / 21675 /
Watch reviews: I think this watch is very good in color matching. The pure black dial design, the pointers have been used in yellow design, and have a luminous display function. The watch uses a 43 mm diameter design and a stainless steel case. It is matched with a black leather strap, which looks stable in naughtiness.

Summary: I think Casio is a transitional watch for student watches and workplace watches. I believe that after entering the workplace for a period of time, friends who like watches will definitely choose more suitable watches for the workplace. If you are still a college student or a recent college student, buying a Casio watch is definitely a good choice.

Leaping On Horseback, The Scenery In The Equestrian Field Is Infinite

For many people, equestrian is well-deserved and the most elegant sport, so everything associated with equestrian sport will naturally make people elegant.

 At the recent Longines qualifying competition (formerly known as the FEI World Rider Rankings for Jumping, and later won the Longines title), Christian Ahlmann from Germany led the race and calmly crossed the last obstacle. , Try to get ahead. The 38-year-old German player has jumped to the top of the list in the race in December last year. In January this year, his continuous success allowed him to win the championship with an undisputed score of 2585, leading him to 2390 points. The second Swiss player, Steve Guerdat, scored 195 points. The third place was Nick Skelton from the United Kingdom with a score of 2333.

Rolex 2011 Men’s And Women’s Watches Recommended

Rolex specially selected the brand’s most representative precious metal men’s and women’s watches as the holiday shining recommendation. The warm gold steel and bright diamonds bring the dazzling glory of women’s watches, making the wearer the focus of the end of the year, or the best reward for his year’s achievements. Rolex exclusive eternal rose gold brings the latest interpretation of this year to the world-renowned Daytona watch, equipped with a noble and elegant black crocodile leather strap, which winds up on the wrist and brings the texture of winter.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona is created entirely for men who believe in the ultimate life. Wearers and car enthusiasts alike love the challenges of unrestrained speeding and rapid cornering on the road, enjoying the unrestrained speed And shock of passion. The Daytona watch was born in 1963 and has since become inextricably linked to speed racing. The short-distance chronograph function of the chronograph movement of the watch can be calculated to 1/8 second; the speedometer scale on the outer ring can read the speed data immediately after a certain driving distance. With such outstanding performance, reliability and efficient data reading, the watch has become a racing equipment. On the surface, the name of the famous American racing track is engraved in red: ‘DAYTONA’ (Daytona).
The watch is equipped with CERACHROM black word circle, which was exclusively developed by Rolex and made of top ceramic. This latest word ring follows the 1965 style design; the word ring is more resistant to scratches, erosion and permanent shine. The scale on the outer ring is carefully plated with pink gold through the PVD process, making the numbers easy to read. This precision timepiece is approved by the Swiss Precision Chronometer Center and is equipped with a 4130 movement created by Rolex in 2000. This movement is equipped with a column wheel and vertical cross-linking device. Its precision structure has been studied for many years, making it more reliable but simplified. It is a fruitful result of Rolex watch technology. The 4130 movement is also equipped with a blue PARACHROM Breguet balance spring; this blue balance spring is fully developed by Rolex, using the latest alloy, with high efficiency anti-magnetic and up to 10 times the cushioning capacity. The watch’s oyster case is 18ct eternal rose gold created by Rolex; the surface is chocolate-colored and set with gold hour hands; the black crocodile strap is paired with 18ct eternal rose gold safety clasps, all of which reflect the fine design Meticulous aesthetic craftsmanship and noble temperament. FOR HER
The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Women’s Diary design is feminine and youthful. The watch is exquisite in craftsmanship, and its color and material are perfectly crystalline, exuding elegance and elegance. The watch is redesigned in accordance with Rolex’s classic tradition. It is studded with sparkling and magnificent gemstones. Its bright charm is not afraid of the test of time. It is beautiful for a long time and creates an eternal legend in a flash. This watch has a unique gold crystal dial, which delicately interprets the feminine charm of women, which is completely the focus of the watch. The material of the dial releases the charm of natural crystal in gold in a unique way. When the dial and light meet, this noble material exerts magical charm, like a dreamy glowing light, dazzling, showing the magnificent temperament of the watch. Each Jin Jing dial is ingenious, and each other is a treasure of art. On its original dial that exudes elegant light, it is set with 10 eye-catching diamonds, and the outer ring set with 46 precious flash diamonds reflects each other, presenting a noble and elegant temperament, a new interpretation of gorgeous and moving, make every wearer be Enthusiastic. The content of this watch is as outstanding as all Rolex Oyster watches. It has a two-way automatic winding and waterproof system with constant movement. Wearing this magnificent and outstanding watch, you can enjoy the bright present at the same time and embrace the eternal light. .