Radar Opens Newly At Marina Bay Sands Hotel In Singapore

(February 2014, Singapore) The relocation of the radar meter at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore was completed, and it was first moved to # B1-86 / 87. The store has been completely renovated, and the smooth lines are said to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. The beautiful lighting and comfortable carpets always welcome visitors.

   On February 11th, this brand-new radar shop was officially opened. Black is the main point for this store. Black glass and black cloth panels, plus mild lighting decoration, are waiting to welcome every visitor. The simple lines and design reflect the brand’s minimalist philosophy. Simple and luxurious, it is precisely the design concept and reputation of the radar table.

   There is a VIP area inside the radar watch store, which is another highlight of this watch store. Separately separated locations allow shop assistants to provide better services to customers. This area also provides customers with newspapers and leisure magazines in order to achieve the most comfortable environment. There is also a small book reading area in the store, where carefully selected design books are placed for customers who visit the store to read. In addition, the corner of the store also displays the international design awards obtained by the radar table, and a small exhibition of the production process of the radar table material, showing you the innovative materials that the radar table is proud of.

   New address: Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore B1-86 / 87. For more brand news, please stay tuned for Watch House. (House of watches / text Ruan Ruan)

The Charm Of Fine Watchmaking Watch House Beijing Skp Jewelry Watch Festival New Appreciation

On the afternoon of May 7, 2016, ‘Beijing SKP Jewellery and Watch Festival New Appreciation’ arrived as scheduled. This event was co-organized by Watch House and Beijing SKP. The SKP mall, a bustling commercial and shopping mall in Beijing, brings together top watch brands from around the world. This appreciation event not only gives a glimpse of new watches during the 2016 Geneva and Basel watch fairs, but also shows the superb craftsmanship of well-known brands For complex watches, netizens are recruited by the Watch House Forum and WeChat.

   The VIP room located on the third floor of the Beijing SKP mall has not yet officially started. Many table friends have gathered to exchange ideas with each other.

   The event started on time at 2 pm. First of all, the editor-in-chief of the Watch House will introduce some new watches of the 2016 Geneva and Basel watch fairs that have been on sale at Beijing SKP. The watch friends who were present have been deeply attracted by the new watch and are attentive.

   The most anticipated time has come. Beijing SKP’s professional shopping guides will lead you watch friends to various specialized stores to try on watches, appreciate new watches in all directions, and get close contact with watches. The staff present were also enthusiastic to solve all the questions about the watch for the table friends. At the end of the event, Beijing SKP also prepared a beautiful companion gift for each attending tablemate.
——2016 Beijing SKP New Products——

   The most striking aspect of the OMEGA Speedmaster Moon Phase Real Time Observatory is that it presents the true scene of the moon. This watch uses the photos of the moon taken by NASA to creatively reproduce the true image of the moon’s surface in the dial. The strong black and white contrast portrays the details of the moon’s surface to life. Upon closer inspection, you can even see a footprint left by the astronaut on the moon.

   The 2016 new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak opens the ‘golden age’ of Audemars Piguet. The design is inspired by the new style on the 40th anniversary of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series in 2012. The Royal Oak automatic winding watch uses a 37mm diameter 18K yellow gold case with silver or ‘Grande Tapisserie’ large grid decoration. Blue dial. The anti-glare treatment of the sapphire crystal case back allows the wearer to see the finely decorated gold rotor in the self-winding movement.

   Glashütte’s original new red gold watch is equipped with the latest 36-type movement and uses a silicon balance spring weight balance for more stability. The drive train has been rearranged and adjusted. At the same time, the power reserve has been increased to 100 hours by expanding the barrel and adopting an efficient two-way winding mechanism. This movement will gradually replace the previous 39-type movement, and will launch a movement with different functions based on the 36-type movement.

Summary: The ‘Beijing SKP Jewellery Watch Festival New Appreciation’ was successfully held, which not only made everyone know about some of the new watches this year, but also enhanced the communication between watch friends. Give everyone more opportunities to experience contact with the watch. The successful holding of the watch house special event cannot be separated from the support and attention of all watch friends. Here, the watch house would like to express its sincere thanks to everyone, and also to Beijing SKP for providing this rare event. New product appreciation meeting, watch the watch home pay attention to more exciting activities in the future.

Creative Director Of Cartier Leather Goods Marlin Yuson

New York-born Chinese designer Marlin Yuson graduated from New York University. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in art history and economics, she continued her studies at the New York Fashion Institute (FIT) and earned a degree in design.
 She has extensive experience in the fashion and luxury industry. From Salvatore Ferragamo in Italy to Ralph Lauren in Milan and New York, she also worked in accessories design at Calvin Klein in New York. Until 2002, she finally found a bigger stage in Cartier, and injected extraordinary creativity and imagination into Cartier’s leather goods.
Marlin joined Cartier as the director of marketing for the accessories department and moved to the design department three years later. Today, as the creative director of Cartier’s leather goods department, Marlin travels to and from Cartier’s Paris headquarters and leather goods workshop in Florence, Italy. Not only that, she is also the designer of Marcello de Cartier handbags. This fashionable handbag has attracted more than 100,000 women around the world.
 ‘At Cartier, we have more time to find inspiration and carved details, instead of pursuing new trends every season in order to blindly pursue new trends. We hope that each piece of design can perfectly integrate elegance and modernity, Classic and full of personality. ‘Marlin said. The new high-end leather goods series Jeanne Toussaint & Louis Cartier is another leather masterpiece launched by Cartier under the leadership of Marlin Yuson.

Materials Combine New Bell & Ross Br-x1 Black Titanium Watch

BELL & ROSS BR-X1 is a perfect combination of materials and watchmaking technology. The new BR-X1 Black Titanium watch, through the combination of 44 parts of titanium, ceramic and rubber, It is lightweight, abrasion resistant and ergonomic. The latest design of the representative shell uses a variety of materials with infinite possibilities, which is very revolutionary and masculine.

BR-X1 introduces new style again, using composite materials such as titanium, ceramics and rubber to achieve a durable and lightweight wearing experience

The new BR-X1 Black Titanium watch, which is as strong as an off-road vehicle but light as a remote control aircraft, is unique in its innovative design of a 45mm grade 5 titanium case. The square case is covered with a high-tech ceramic and rubber ring. The bezel is like a piece of armor around the edges, which protects the watch from impact. Its innovative curved handle is used to start the countdown function; the handle also uses high-tech ceramic materials and has rubber inserts designed using ergonomic principles to make it more sturdy and easier to operate. The rubber push-in inserts are integrated into the case at 9 o’clock, making it easier to activate the countdown function even with gloves. The face plate is made of gray inorganic glass with fine-gloss metal hour markers with luminous inserts. Like a transparent window for admiring a unique movement, its upper bridge plate (after black DLC treatment) is X-shaped and becomes Its unique logo.

The BR-X1 Black Titanium is mainly based on black and space silver, which strengthens its visual modernity. This outer plate is also made of gray glass, showing the subtle movement structure and showing its precise design.

The delicate Superluminova® luminous hands are clearly legible. The central hour and minute hands indicate time in the traditional way, while the small second hand is at 3 o’clock. The hollow-out date display dial is located at 6 o’clock on the face plate. The minute counter in the timekeeping function is located at 9 o’clock. Instead of hands, the chronograph dial uses an ultra-light aluminum dial like a turbine blade. The speedometer scale on the periphery of the faceplate is used to calculate the speed with the timing function. The strap is made of black rubber, reminiscent of the woven canvas strap used by modern astronauts. The new BR-X1 Black Titanium watch design uses a variety of materials and precision watchmaking technologies with unlimited possibilities to ensure readability and precision in any environment. The black and space silver series are the mainstays, perfectly displaying the avant-garde Masculinity.

BR-X1 Black Titanium

Titanium, ceramic, rubber material / BR-CAL.313 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 45x45mm / limited to 250 / Reference price: 139,000 RMB

Beijing City May Day Shopping Guide: Jinyuan Yansha

Next I want to introduce to you is the last place of this May 1 Beijing city watch shopping tour Jinyuan Lufthansa Shopping Center. From culture to food, Jinyuan Lufthansa has formed a unique business model with high-end positioning, international brands and first-class services. It has become the premier large-scale high-end retail market in China. It leads the concept of high-end consumption and urban lifestyle, and interprets modern elegance. life. The clock and watch brands on the side of the first floor of the mall are also very rich. Let’s take a look with the author below.

Location and transportation

   The shopping mall is located on the Kunyu River in Haidian District, Beijing, between the West Third Ring Road and the West Fourth Ring Road. It is a prime location in all directions. Cousins ​​can take subway line 10 and get off at Changchunqiao Station, walk for 5 minutes, or take bus No. 33, 79, 425 and get off at Yuanda Road Station, the transportation is very convenient.

Parking space introduction

    There are two above-ground and underground parking lots in the mall (preferably, the above-ground parking lot is convenient to find parking spaces).
activity description:
   There will be discounts every weekend from April 15th to May 14th. On May 13th, there will also be a ‘Time Permanently, Omega Watches Appreciation’, interactive and exquisite gifts waiting Cousins ​​for sightseeing.

Introduction of specific watch brand representatives:

Omega Store (Jinyuan Lufthansa Store)

   After entering the store, the first thing that caught my eye was the Omega store, with very talkative sales and good service. The watches are more abundant, and those who like Omega can take a look.
Address: Beijing Yansha Friendship Shopping Center Jinyuan Store 1-X-1001 East Side No. 1 Yuanda Road Haidian District
Longines Store (Beijing Lufthansa Friendship Shopping Center Jinyuan Store)

   Going forward is the Longines store. The soft lighting creates a comfortable atmosphere, the staff is warm and attentive, and the watches are complete.
Address: No. 1 Yuanda Road, Haidian District, Jinyuan Store, Beijing Lufthansa Friendship Shopping Center

Rolex Store (Beijing Lufthansa Friendship Shopping Center Jinyuan Store)

   Rolex watches have a very high status in the hearts of the people, and a Rolex watch is also a good choice during the holidays. From Longines, you can see a very textured Oriental Watch Rolex store.
Address: Jinyuan Store, Ground Floor, Lufthansa Friendship Mall, No. 1 Yuanda Road, Haidian District, Beijing
   In addition, there are many well-known Swiss brands here. Chopard, Earl, Breitling, Tag Heuer, etc. are all among them. It is also a good place to buy watches. The heart-warming tablemates may wish to take a look. If you are tired, you can also go to the nearby Summer Palace and Xiangshan to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the capital and enjoy a good time during the holidays.
Summary: In fact, the three days are very short. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a certain plan before you travel. If you are planning to buy watches in Beijing, you may wish to take a look at the Mayor’s watch buying strategy prepared by the Watch House for everyone who likes it. Beijing watch Raiders. Finally, I hope that everyone can find love watches and have a leisurely holiday experience in the May 1 Beijing city watch purchase tour.

Fearless Wang Yang Abyss Brief Comment On Girard Perregaux Hawk Series Sea Hawk Sea Eagle Series Dive Watch

Powerful and individualistic GP Girard Perregaux’s new Hawk Seahawk sports watch series is powerful and powerful. Conceptual innovation is the first. The avant-garde design contains the exquisite craftsmanship of the brand that has evolved since 1791, without fear. Challenging environment challenges, showing the brand’s outstanding tradition with a new look. Today’s Watch House brings you a brief review of Girard Perregaux Hawk series SeaHawk diving watch. The official model of the watch is: 49960-11-131-FK6A.

 Hawk (Eagle) stands for elegance, dexterity, wisdom and power, while the new SeaHawk diving watch and ChronoHawk chronograph sports style is strong, I have a sound show of Girard Perregaux’s status and achievements in top sports watches, and reaffirm the brand Extensive experience and technical level in sports watches: As early as 1880, the brand began mass production of military watches, and in the 1940s launched the first generation SeaHawk diving watches.


The new Hawk watch series condenses all the expertise and design aesthetics of the brand, heading for the 21st century. The 44mm stainless steel case is full of momentum and dynamic silhouette, reminiscent of another classic octagon Laureato of the brand. Laurel series; the case structure and the bezel are a challenge to the production technology.


The case structure, especially the screw-in case back, has excellent impact resistance; the crown at 4 o’clock has an integrated wristband design, which will make it more comfortable and comfortable to wear. The frosted stainless steel and rubber details of the bezel, octagonal ring and crown have a strong contrast; the texture modification inspired by the classic Girard-Perregaux splint shape makes the black dial clear.

The watch is paired with a black rubber strap, which is integrated with the case, and equipped with a new safety buckle, made of stainless steel.


The watch is water-resistant to 1,000 meters, and has no fear of the abyss of the ocean, and has a strong personality. SeaHawk is equipped with a decompression helium exhaust valve. Rotating the bezel counterclockwise can calculate the cumulative diving time, which is definitely a model for professional diving watches.


The frosted stainless steel and rubber details of the bezel, octagonal ring and crown have a strong contrast; the texture modification inspired by the classic Girard-Perregaux splint shape makes the black dial clear.


The watch’s white luminous hour markers and hands, power reserve display and small second hand are dotted with orange, and the date is displayed at 1:30. The dial layout is balanced. The 10 o’clock position is the normal small seconds dial, and the 6 o’clock position is the power reserve design of the watch.

The watch comes with a black rubber strap and a stainless steel folding safety clasp.


The watch is equipped with GP Girard-Perregaux GP3300 self-winding movement, which is self-evident. The frequency of the movement is 4 Hz, which means that it vibrates 28,800 times per hour, with 27 gems built in. The watch can provide a power reserve of less than 4 hours when full.

Summary: The new Hawk watch series condenses all the technical expertise and design aesthetics of the brand, and heads for the 21st century. As a professional diving watch, the watch is water-resistant to 1,000 meters, and deep diving is not a problem. At present The domestic price of this section is: 88,000 yuan. Don’t miss it if you like diving or sports.

For more watch details, please click: zhibai / 28555 /

Grand Seiko Begins A New Journey With The New Ladies Automatic Winding Series

GrandSeiko launched the 9S25 new self-winding movement at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2018, designed for women’s watches. Today, GrandSeiko is proud to announce the launch of another new movement, the 9S27, and a series of five exquisitely designed watches for women. With the launch of these five watches, GrandSeiko will start a new era of women’s watches.

New Lady GrandSeiko Watch

Thin and efficient, perfect combination

   The new GrandSeiko 9S27 self-winding mechanical movement strikes a perfect balance between high performance and a slim case, a achievement that can only be achieved by a true watch manufacturer. It has excellent performance, accuracy of up to +8 to -3 seconds per day, and a power reserve of up to 50 hours under full chain conditions. The vibration frequency is 8 rpm, the movement diameter is only 19.4 mm, and the thickness is only 4.49 mm. It is suitable for wearing on each wrist. The appearance of each watch is equally slim and elegant.

Clearly polished through the sapphire crystal case back

Thanks to the superior MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) technology, the escape wheel can be specially designed into the shape of five petals

   Each movement is handmade, assembled and adjusted by artisans located in the Hiraishi Advanced Timepiece Workshop in northern Japan, just like all other GrandSeiko mechanical watches, to the highest level of craftsmanship possible. The hairspring uses the latest Spron610 alloy, and the pallet fork and escape wheel are manufactured using MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technology. Each watch undergoes a strict 17-day test procedure.

Five watches in stainless steel and 18K gold

Mother-of-pearl dial engraved with diamonds

   This series includes five watches, two of which are made of stainless steel and three of which are made of 18K gold. Two stainless steel versions with a diameter of 27.8 mm show the best of GrandSeiko. The case is polished with Zaratsu (grinding method) to show GrandSeiko’s signature high-quality gloss. The second hand is hand-fired blue steel hands, and the minute and hour hands are treated with hairline grinding technology. Visible even in the weakest light. One uses a scented brown dial with shading inspired by the linen pattern, while the other uses a mother-of-pearl dial and diamond-cut hour markers. The three 18K gold models have a diameter of 28.7 mm. The cases are available in white, yellow and rose gold. The bezel is embedded with 42 diamonds. The mother-of-pearl dial is embedded with 12 diamonds. There is also a larger diamond set on the crown.

   This series of watches equipped with the 9S27 movement will be launched in June, opening a new chapter in the history of GrandSeiko.

Women’s automatic winding watch
Movement specifications:
9S27 self-winding mechanical movement
Vibration frequency: 28,800 rpm (8 rpm)
Precision static day difference +8 to -3 seconds
50 hours power reserve (full chain state) 35 jewels
Diameter: 19.4 mm, thickness: 4.49 mm

. Case
Stainless steel (STGK007G, 009G)
18K white gold case with bezel set with 42 diamonds (STGK003)
18K yellow gold case with bezel set with 42 diamonds (STGK004)
18K rose gold case with bezel set with 42 diamonds (STGK006)
11 diamonds (0.08 carats) (STGK007G)
55 diamonds (0.73 carats) (STGK003,004,006)
High-definition double curved sapphire crystal with non-reflective coating
Water resistance 10 bar, anti-magnetic function 4,800A / m
Diameter 27.8 mm, thickness 11.2 mm (STGK007G, 009G)
Diameter 28.7 mm, thickness 10.9 mm (STGK003,004,006)

. Strap
Stainless steel, tri-fold push button switch clasp (STGK007G, 009G)
Catfish leather, tri-fold buckle (STGK003,004,006), ISK white gold buckle (STGK003)
18K Yellow Gold Buckle (STGK004), 18K Rose Gold Buckle (STGK006)

Official suggested retail price: 37,000 yuan (STGK007G), 34,000 yuan (STGK009G)
€ 30,000 (STGK003), € 29,000 (STGK004,006)
Available in June 2019

Franck Muller Presents My 「heart」

Nearing Valentine’s Day, FRANCK MULLER, a Geneva-based high-end watch brand, sincerely presents watches with creative and romantic elements, a refined and gentle Heart series, a limited edition Vanguard Tourbillon with sports elements, and The brand’s classic Crazy Hours collection. In this romantic season, carefully choose a gift for the other party, let this sweet moment carefully accompany. The brand has pioneered with innovative and sophisticated technology combined with meticulous design, and has a number of patents, which are welcomed all over the world. Each watch masterpiece contains the essence of the FRANCK MULLER brand, creating technological innovations for the history of haute horlogerie, engraved with unlimited creativity and the highest quality marks, and has won the reputation of ‘Master of Complex Functions’.
FOR HER: Heart Jewellery Watches
The Heart watch collection contains feminine femininity, refined and sensual. The lacquered dial is decorated with sun-ray texture, inlaid with gold silk figures, and a heart-shaped decoration with diamonds on the surface and at 4 o’clock, symbolizing eternal love. The crown is inlaid with a precious gem, adding grace and grace; this series is available in five case sizes and 18K gold case models, which are gorgeous and worthy of taste.

Exquisite and sensual Heart jewelry watch

FOR HIM: Sincere 60th Anniversary Vanguard Tourbillon Special Edition
Since the 60th Anniversary Vanguard Tourbillion Special Edition combines sophisticated watchmaking techniques and sports elements, plus limited production of styles, it is meaningful for ‘he’ who is suitable for both movement and quiet, and who likes the treasure. The exquisitely designed dial is set with red embossed time scales, and the number ’60’ at 12 o’clock is set with diamonds. The two blend perfectly. The Vanguard Tourbillon is equipped with an 18K white or red gold case, a mechanical movement with manual winding and a 60-hour power reserve. The watch is also elegant with a new black or brown rubber and alligator strap.

Vanguard Tourbillon seems to lead us on a journey into the future, fascinating

Crazy Hours
The arrangement of Arabic numerals on the Crazy Hours dial completely breaks the inherent law of dial display. On the tonneau-shaped dial, twelve art deco-style Arabic numerals are still arranged neatly, but the order of the numbers is not arranged in a clockwise direction. Behind it is a concept and thought of the Franck Muller watchmaker, plus Color Dreams The time scale makes this watch even more interesting.

Crazy Hours series, a combination of classic and creative, time-changing design, make the other party love it

Crazy Hours series with Color Dreams time scale, full of fun design sense