Brandpa Blancpain’s Original Villeret Chinese Calendar, Limited Edition Debut In The Year Of The Rooster

Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, Blancpain has launched a limited edition of Villeret’s classic Chinese calendar with the element of the rooster. At 12 o’clock on the dial, you can see the spirited rooster standing on the flawless large fire enamel dial in a vigorous posture. In addition, through the sapphire mirror on the back, you will see a rooster-shaped pendulum made by the master of gold carving, which is a masterpiece of art. To sum up the elements, we can see that Bao platinum pays tribute to the profound Chinese culture with this Villeret classic Chinese calendar.

The treasure version of the Chinese New Year of the Rooster Chinese Calendar (Platinum) has a rooster-shaped oscillating weight carved by a master gold sculpture, which means a turning point.

Leave the old and welcome the new turn in life
The precious year of the rooster Chinese calendar is limited edition, and once again combines high-end watchmaking technology with traditional Chinese elements. A closer look reveals that the rotating rooster-shaped oscillating weight has a subtle homophony of ‘turning opportunities’, which is an auspicious sign of ‘new year’s blessings’ in traditional Chinese culture. The auspicious rooster totem implying the fortune is coming to life. It automatically winds up with the swing of the wrist timepiece, and welcomes a new year with vigorous power.
This Chinese calendar for the Year of the Rooster is limited to a 45mm-diameter platinum case. The crown is decorated with a convex-cut ruby, and under the lugs are 5 hidden adjustment buttons that are patented by Platinum. Can ensure the beauty of simple and smooth lines on the surface. At the same time, this Chinese calendar for the Year of the Rooster also incorporates all the classic logos and features of the Villeret classic series, such as a double-layer bezel, a large open flame enamel dial, hollowed-out willow-shaped hands, and snake-shaped blue-steel hands with a standard Huai calendar. This limited edition of platinum is limited to 36 pieces, numbered 1 to 50, skipped every 4th, so the design will be a smile. In addition, treasure platinum also launched a non-limited edition of rose gold.

Platinum material / 3638 self-winding movement / hour, minute, calendar, moon phase, Chinese traditional lunar display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / 45mm diameter / limited to 36 pieces

Bao platinum original Villeret classic Chinese calendar
Speaking of this Chinese calendar, we must mention Bao Bao’s love and mastery of traditional Chinese culture. In the timepieces launched by Bao platinum, many Chinese elements can often be seen, and at the same time, there are watches based on traditional Chinese folk tales. The most special thing is that Baobo not only draws Chinese elements on the dial, but also subverts the function, and launched the brand’s first Chinese calendar in 2012. This is the five-and-a-half-year study of the Chinese calendar and the re-invention of the movement device, which combined the dual-track calendar with the single-track legislative calendar.
In the process of making the Chinese calendar, Bao platinum has overcome many watchmaking challenges. For example, the irregularity of the Chinese calendar’s yin and yang combination is a great problem. But after successfully solving this difficulty, Bao platinum can be said to have pioneered the traditional Chinese timekeeping method (Zodiac Year, Tiangan Earthly Branches, Five Elements, Hours, Moon Phases) clearly and accurately on the dial. Once this milestone model came out, it became the focus of all collectors. Since then, every time the Chinese calendar comes, Baobo’s gold carving masters will personally manipulate the year of the zodiac into a new animal image decoration and engraving on limited edition models.
The dial layout of this Chinese calendar is exquisite. The hour, minute and standard Huai calendars are on the dial. It also integrates important timing elements in the traditional Chinese calendar, such as twelve hours (24 hours), the lunar date, and the lunar month (combined). The leap month is displayed), the zodiac year, and even the five elements and ten days. The twelve zodiac signs correspond to the twelve Earthly Branches, which are matched with the Ten Heavenly Stems in turn, forming sixty basic units or sixty stems, commonly known as ‘sixty Jiazi’, which constitute the core content of traditional Chinese culture. In addition, the moon phase display is also closely related to the traditional Chinese calendar, because this function is also indispensable on the Chinese calendar.
The Chinese traditional lunar calendar uses the yin and yang calendar system, that is, the solar calendar with the monthly unit (29.53059 days) as the basic unit, which is different from the standard Huai-ri day with the solar day as the basic unit. A lunar year contains 12 lunar months (354.36707 days), which is about 11 days less than a lunar year (365.242374 days). Therefore, there are leap months in some years to meet the cycle of changing seasons. Since each Chinese lunar month (including the leap month) begins on the day of the new moon, the month is 29 or 30 days long. It can be seen that the lunar year including the leap month is actually 13 months, which is longer than the solar calendar. On the contrary, the lunar year without the leap month is only 12 months, which is shorter than the solar year. The typical characteristic of this traditional calendar is the cause of the uncertain date of the Chinese New Year.
This Chinese calendar is equipped with a 3638 self-winding movement, consisting of 464 parts set with 39 gems, and a power reserve of up to 7 days. The watch is complex in craftsmanship and exquisite in technology. It perfectly presents many time elements without periodic patterns on the dial. Among them, the hour hand, minute hand and standard Huai calendar are located in the center of the dial; the small dial at 12 o’clock displays hour numbers and characters (24-hour cycle); the three-line position displays five elements and ten days (10-year cycle); 9 The lunar month (12-month cycle), lunar day (30-day cycle), and leap month are displayed at the o’clock position; the year window at 12 o’clock displays the Chinese zodiac sign (12-year cycle), and the moon phase display is on the dial 6 At o’clock.

Accurately Master Tasting Treasure Qilai Plavi Traveltec Ii Three Places Chronograph

This year coincides with the tenth anniversary of the launch of the Bucherer’s Plavi TravelTec series. Bucherer specially introduced the newest member of the series, the TravelTecⅡ watch, with a more structured case design, perfect It highlights the three locations and timekeeping functions of the Bucherer TravelTec series.

   This new Plavi TravelTec II watch was launched at this year’s Baselworld.

Case diameter 47.4 mm

   This three-place time chronograph (model: 00.10633.08.33.01) is certified by the official Swiss Observatory and has a water-resistant depth of 100 meters, which is perfect for any environment. The diameter of the case is 47.4 mm, which is different because the side of the case is fitted with a small crystal glass window to see the system operation of the watch. Equipped with a self-winding movement of CFB 1901.1 developed by Bucherer, integrating time display and timing functions in three places.

Screw-down stainless steel crown

   The screw-down stainless steel crown is very easy to rotate, and the frosted crown is embossed with the Bucherer brand logo. The crown is very eye-catching with metal protection and black peripheral protection.

Black rubber strap

   The black rubber strap is embellished with exquisite leather inlays, which continues the series with the luxurious material combination. It is matched with the stainless steel folding clasp, which is durable and engraved with the Bucherer brand logo and English name. Above the crown is the timing start button, which controls the start and stop of timing, and below it is the timing reset button.

Sharp side lines on the case
   The sides of the case have sharp lines and brushed finishes, and a large stainless steel crown at 10 o’clock is used to change the time zone. The bezel is engraved with numbers for 24 hours to indicate the time in the third time zone. Small crystal glass windows are mounted on the side, so that the movement can be seen at a glance.

The lugs are sharp

   The lugs are also clean and sharp, with edges polished and polished with the brushed sides of the sides.

Dial shows three places time

   Nine innermost hour markers on the dial show the time in the first time zone, 24 hours in the outer circle display the time in the second time zone, the numbers on the bezel show the time in the third time zone, and the three time zones are clearly displayed. And all can be set with a single button, very easy to operate.

Clear date at a glance

   The small seconds at 3 o’clock, the date display window at 4 and 5 o’clock, the date display will automatically adjust forward or backward with the hour setting, and equipped with a magnifying eye bubble on the sapphire mirror, 6 o’clock The chronograph hour dial and the chronograph minute dial at 9 o’clock. The arrangement is neat and clear at a glance.

CFB 1901.1 automatic movement

   The design of the caseback with a dense bottom shows the time difference between the 24 major cities around the world and the prime meridian with the sun representing the world time zone. Among them, Lucerne, the birthplace of Bucherer, is highlighted by black carving. It is equipped with a self-winding movement of CFB 1901.1 developed by Bucherer, certified by the Swiss official observatory, with a diameter of 28.6 mm and a thickness of 7.3 mm, providing a power reserve of 42 hours.

   Summary: It can provide 3 places display, the time difference between the 24 major cities on the back of the table is a very practical tourist function. The rubber strap and diving depth of 100 meters are also very sturdy and durable enough to cope with any environment.

Snowflakes In A Linear Movement Kunlun Watch Corum Jinqiao Watch

CORUM Kunlun Watch recently launched two new Golden Bridge watches, decorated with a new ‘snowflake’ inlay process. The two new watches are the Golden Bridge watch and the Golden Bridge women’s watch. The case of these two watches, including the crown, is paved with fine diamonds as a whole. It is intriguing to the rectangular movement that is mounted vertically in the case and can be clearly discerned through the double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal .

The new Golden Bridge watch and Golden Bridge women’s watch are decorated with snowflake inlay technology, giving the watch a distinguished atmosphere

Snowflake mosaic technology is a unique diamond mosaic technology. It closely mounts diamonds of varying sizes, different cuts, and sizes, completely covering the metal surface. Each diamond is completely different, but it must be closely fitted to each other, and the distance between them is even to the micron. As a result, this process cannot follow any inherent laws, breaking the standardized model in which all diamonds in the brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamond setting process can be replaced.

Golden Bridge Women’s Watch Set with 245 Diamonds, Diamond Weight 1.28 Carats, Fine Diamonds

The snowflake inlaying process requires the diamond inlay master to have rich experience and pioneering spirit. Each diamond is carefully screened and carefully arranged. In the end, the overall effect is like a mural or expressionist style painting, and the inlaid bright diamonds are arranged one by one. Since then, the master of gem setting has performed a superb technique. Because each diamond is uniquely cut, each claw is also shaped differently. This is a very fine and meticulous process, abandoning the neat and uniform setting mode and the need to process each setting jaw separately to firmly fix the set diamond.

The Golden Bridge watch is set with 314 diamonds. The total weight of the diamonds is 2.68 carats.

Mr. Jérôme Biard, CEO of Corum Corum, explained: ‘Every snowflake watch inlaid with Golden Bridge presented in the end is unique. The design is unparalleled in the world. This design coincides with Corum’s “breakthrough” brand concept. Therefore, we have adopted the brand’s unique characteristic movement-rectangular movement, and Corum has almost never been used in history The combination of mosaic technology offers ingenuity to collectors. ‘

Golden bridge

18K white gold material / CO 113 manual winding movement / hour and minute display / case with diamonds / sapphire crystal, transparent case back / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 51x34mm / reference price: 505,000 RMB

Golden bridge miss

18K white gold material / CO 113 manual winding movement / hour and minute display / case with diamonds / sapphire crystal, transparent case back / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 43x21mm / reference price: 332,000 RMB

With A Precision Chronograph Watch, Let The Troubles Of Late Be Swept Away

Being late is always dealing with people to a greater or lesser extent. Presumably everyone has had a late meeting due to a timing error on the watch or the appointment did not arrive as scheduled. Then a precision chronograph watch is the only option to get rid of the lateness.
Recommended watch: Athens Sonata Bell

 Accompanied by the unique design of the Sonata bell, and its precise performance that cannot be ignored. The Sonata Bell is a mechanical watch with its own patented self-winding movement. It took seven years for the dream team, engineers and technicians of Athens Watch to develop this homemade movement, showing unprecedented precision and multiple functions. The movement combines 22K gold automatic disc and silicon anchor escapement. The anchor escapement and escape wheel are made of silicon, which is an innovation. The silicon balance spring and the highly acclaimed Athens inertia balance wheel have further improved the accuracy of the Sonata bell watch, which is another innovative result of the Athens watch. The brand is constantly exploring and applying novel materials, producing all silicon watch parts through its group member Sigatec.
 Related watch information: Choosing to hide the perfect perpetual calendar system to operate under the faceplate, without revealing this sophisticated mechanical component, is purely a technical consideration. This perpetual calendar watch not only can accurately indicate the day, date and month, but also has a moon phase disk to watch the moon’s profit and loss. This C. 58 million calendar module is unique in that it consists of a disc that rotates only every 4 years on its axis. The grooves of different depths on the edge of the disc represent different lengths of the month mechanism. More specifically, different from the clockwise moon phase disk design, Mr. Gerd-Rudiger. Lang follows the anti-clockwise moon phase etiquette of the ancient pocket watch, making the subverted traditional moon phase more attractive.
Recommended watch: Bell & Ross BR01 Paratroopers Tourbillon Watch

 Bell & Ross’s original goal: to become part of the history of traditional Swiss watchmaking, to design the ideal professional timepiece to face the challenges of extreme environments and situations. The Bell & Ross watch, which brings together the expertise and intelligence of a large number of watch designers and aviation control dashboard experts, has become an important piece of equipment for astronauts, pilots, divers and bomb disposal experts.
Recommended watch: Alpina World Time Zone Watch

 The world time zone watch is equipped with a movement modified from Startimer Manufacture’s own movement AL-710. The new world time zone movement ensures that all functions of the watch can be easily operated by simply turning the crown. What’s more worth mentioning is that the price of this watch is much lower than other equally high quality world time zone watches. In addition to having excellent features, reasonable prices make Alpina world time zone watches even more icing on the cake.
Recommended watch: Roger Dubuis limited edition watch

 As one of Roger Dubuis’s finest examples of precision machinery in the 21st century, Excalibur Quatuor has once again surpassed the limit of precision and is a breakthrough in modern watchmaking. Due to the effect of gravity, as the wrist swings, the position of the watch changes continuously, which results in running errors. Although the tourbillon can partially solve this problem, Excalibur Quatuor offers a new solution. Excalibur Quatuor’s four balance springs work in pairs and are carefully laid out to instantly offset running errors caused by position changes. In other words, the one-minute offset of the gravity of the tourbillon, the Excalibur Quatuor can be offset instantly.
Recommended watch: Franck Muller seven-day power reserve watch

 The master of the watch, Pierre-Michel Golay, explained that the barrel-shaped seven-day power reserve series is retro in beauty, because of its exquisite craftsmanship and precise movement design. With a 7-day power reserve, time has become even more precious. To achieve this performance, a barrel is added to the movement. The window at 11 o’clock shows the remaining energy at all times and the seconds at 6 o’clock. This pure, classic lines and precise, well-balanced proportions are an ideal match for the design, and its shape highlights the characteristics of the FRANCK MULLER barrel.
 Related watch information: franckmuller /

Red Has A Set Of New Year Red Fire Watches Recommended

In 2011, everyone’s busyness and hardships are about to pass, and a brand new 2012 will be ushered in. I hope that everyone will be able to go smoothly in 2012. Red has always represented the meanings of celebration, auspiciousness, passion, and unrestrained in our history. If you want to buy a watch at this time, you can consider the red department, hoping to win a good color for the coming year!

TUDOR FASTRIDER 42000 red dial watch
 My first impression of this watch is that it has unlimited vitality. Tudor’s position in sports watches and racing watches is quite powerful. This watch is divided into two types: red dial and black dial. Core, 46-hour power reserve, stainless steel polished case, of course, the timing function is also essential.

Tag Heuer Chronograph 41 mm CAC1112.BT0705
 Compared to Tudor, TAG Heuer is slightly lower in the world of chronographs and sports watches, but its rich product line covers various industries. In this way, consumers will have a lot of choice when buying. TAG Heuer This chronograph belongs to the Formula One series and focuses on chrono sports style. Quartz movement, 41 mm diameter red dial, small chronograph dials at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock, rubber strap with 150 meters waterproof function, let you wear it in sports With ease.
Reference price: 9200 RMB

Panerai FER 00013
 what? You said that the price of the previous model is a bit cheap, so I think the price of this Panerai should not be cheap, the price of 70,000, 45mm large dial, automatic mechanical movement sapphire crystal glass material, red The color of the black dial and the precise timing function have changed my impression of Panerai’s casual watches.
Reference price: 72400 RMB

Omega Reduced 3810.61.41 watch
 If you still think that the first few models are not enough red, then I think this one will definitely satisfy your desire for red and festive. The classic watch series of the Omega Speedmaster series has no doubt about the quality and well-known. Price, 40mm diameter, red dial, red leather strap, sapphire crystal glass, will definitely bring you good luck.
Reference price: 12000 RMB

Burcellai, A Century-old Watchmaking Brand Dedicated To Outstanding People With Great Eyes

Baucher Lay, who has nearly a century of experience in making high-end watches, adheres to the brand philosophy of ‘not going with the flow’, and aims at top quality and fashionable design, combining fine watchmaking craftsmanship and high-end jewelry making skills. Produce a unique and high-quality product, highlighting the vision and achievements of the founder Carl Friedrich Boucherer in the watchmaking industry.
Bao Qilai is renowned for its top craftsmanship, high-quality materials and elegant design. The men’s and women’s watches produced by the brand reflect the extraordinary personality and temperament, making it an unforgettable choice for discerning discerning people. Among the brand’s supporters are Pedro Mu? Oz, founder and designer of well-known leather goods manufacturers, famous photographers Atul Kasbekar and Nela K? Nig, Boris Blank, father of electronic music, famous racing driver Fredy Barth, famous chefs and shows The host Andreas C. Studer, the famous designer Alfredo H? Berli, etc. are all outstanding people who have their own unique experience in different aspects. A family.
RisThe father of electronic music, Boris Blank, does not allow himself to be washed away by the trend, instead, his goal is to create a trend and become a pioneer in the trend. This belief coincides with Bucherer. Unique observation and the pursuit of perfection are the characteristics that this famous Berlin photographer Nela K? Nig and Bucherer have together, and it is this philosophy that has led her to success and become a darling of photography. The famous photographer Atul Kasbekar believes that as long as he strives to achieve his ideals and actively pursue ambitious goals, he will naturally be one step ahead. This is what he shares with Bucherer. According to Pedro Mu? Oz, the founder and designer of the famous leather Stallion manufacturer, each pair of Stallion leather shoes can reflect the soul and mind of the craftsman, just like every Bucherer mechanical watch can show the extraordinary skills of the watchmaker. .
Today, Bucherer, who is at the helm of the third generation of the family, J? Rg G. Bucherer, is committed to developing its watchmaking business, which was founded in 1919, through the development of different men’s and women’s watches. As the only watch brand in central Switzerland, Bucherer’s reputation has long been known around the world. In July 2007, Bucherer successfully established its own factory Carl F. Bucherer Technologies S.A. in St. Cova, Switzerland, to develop, manufacture and launch its own movement CFB A1000.

Carved Masculine Beauty Tasting Vacheron Constantin’s Master Series Of Carved Mechanical Watches

The Métiers d’Art series produced by Vacheron Constantin every year not only has beautiful women’s watches, but also men’s watches, and the history of men’s watches is even more Long time, at this year’s Geneva Haute Horlogerie exhibition, Vacheron Constantin launched four men’s watches at the same time as four men’s watches, named Mécaniques Ajourées (engraving machinery), although the entire men’s watch family does not have Women’s watches are as glorious, but the energy it consumes is comparable to women’s watches.

  At first glance, these four watches are indeed a lot lower-key than women’s watches. The difference between them is that the scales are available in black, gray, and blue. There is also a black diamond version. Of these four watches, the most The beautiful version is undoubtedly the blue version. The design of this series of watches is inspired by the central clock on the railway station. With the development of the railway system in the 19th century, the main stations in Europe at that time became mutual exchanges and cultural exchanges. symbol of. With the continuous development of the Industrial Revolution, the way people treat time has also changed dramatically, so when people go out, they need a unified time as a reference standard. Then the large central clock of the railway station appeared, and the huge and striking Roman numeral time scale provided a unified time standard for the train arrangement and passenger travel of the station.

  Later, due to aesthetic and technical considerations, the station building, which almost represents progress and innovation, has also undergone large-scale reconstruction. The original complex and compact structure of the station was transformed to be more concise and lively. The arched doors and windows and smooth ribbed vaults from the Gothic architecture met people’s requirements for the transparency and waiting of the waiting hall, and also dispersed the passenger flow. the goal of. The roman numeral scales displayed by the engraving process not only exude the retro charm of the central clock in large European train stations in the late 19th century, but also carry the meaning of architectural aesthetics.

  Unlike the colorful enamel dial on the female dial, these four models undoubtedly choose a more low-key and restrained monochrome enamel. Although the color has become less, this does not mean that the difficulty of making it will be reduced. All of the watches are selected without exception, the great fire enamel technology that Vacheron Constantin is best at. Enamel is an ancient skill. The production of enamel dials must be completed by hand. Even if today’s technology has developed to such a developed level, there is still Any mechanical equipment can replace the enamel technician. Especially for the big fire enamel, the enamel master carefully painted the decorative color on the outer ring below the Roman numeral scale with a stroke of enamel glaze. A little carelessness will destroy the overall beauty of the ring pattern.

 In particular, it is a more difficult challenge to use the dark fire enamel process to create a deep black effect of light and shadow transition, because the darker the color, the more light is reflected, and even small flaws can be exposed. However, in order to highlight the mellowness of black, the enamel master must create a completely smooth and uniform surface, so as to avoid excessive bubbles in the subsequent enamel firing processes. Of course, this is not only for black, but the other two colors are also in this way!

 This watch not only has a long design meaning, its biggest highlight is undoubtedly the engraved movement it is equipped with. The 4400SQ movement on this watch is the engraved version of Vacheron Constantin’s most famous manual movement 4400, and it is also the first time for Vacheron Constantin. Try to sculpt the classic home-made movement. In order to cope with the big watch trend, Vacheron Constantin launched the successor to the 1400 movement in 2009. Compared with the 1400, the most obvious difference is that the diameter has increased by 8 mm. The subsequent change is the power reserve. From 40 hours to 65 hours. Compared with the 1400 movement, the 4400 hides the large steel wheel and exposes the small steel wheel, but the small steel wheel is not polished with a more textured satin surface, but is commonly polished. The wheel train is no longer divided and becomes A whole splint, and no pallet fork shock.

 So to be honest, I am really not particularly cold with the solid version of the 4400. Although this movement surpasses the predecessor in practicality and inherits some of the legacy of the predecessor in the overall style, the overall style is more modern and technical. Although I have no right to comment on whether this style is good or not, I always feel that the unique tradition and softness of Vacheron Constantin are missing. And for the deleted details I mentioned above, some people may say that these places are irrelevant, but I believe that the essence of top-level watches is to see how a brand handles those insignificant places, because top-level watches are not count Cost is best for everything.

 But when I saw the engraved 4400SQ movement, I completely dispelled all my prejudice against the movement. Its beauty surprised me, especially the triangular engraving of the barrel and balance wheel. It’s so sharp. Although the two movements are of the same origin, I can’t find any solid version of the movement. It is a completely new movement. Its appearance seems to make me return to the former European train station. He couldn’t help raising his head and looked up at the glass dome that is unique to Gothic architecture and supported by arches.

 After hundreds of hours of careful carving, this movement is not an exaggeration to say that it has completely exceeded the artistic limit of the carving process. Nearly half of the material on the 4400 solid movement was successfully excavated. We must know that engraving will reduce the material of the part, and the reduction of the material will inevitably lead to the deformation of the part, which means that the risk of deformation of the movement part increases. Double or even more, but with its rich experience and deep skill, the watchmaker continuously trims each part over and over again, and ultimately guarantees that all parts can work together flawlessly. Project pioneering. If you accidentally correct the transition, it can only be troublesome for the engraver to re-carve it again.

 In order for Vacheron Constantin to create a unique three-dimensional light and shadow effect in architectural aesthetics, Vacheron Constantin has worked hard on carving. Like other engraving creation processes, this movement allows watchmakers to use existing solid movements. Shang also experienced a long process of conception, design and molding. After the creation was completed, the sculptor abandoned the previous practice of engraving the main technology board and the movement splint with a micro handsaw before using a file to manually grind and chamfer. Instead, by carefully engraving the entire circumferential surface of the movement, it creates a real three-dimensional visual effect comparable to sculptures.

  The sculptor took inspiration from the ribbed vault of the train station’s interior hall in the late 19th century, and carved a fine circular arch pattern on the movement with a charming arc using a carving knife in his hand. This circular arch pattern completely subverted The straight lines of the engraving movement condensed more complicated chamfering techniques and manual polishing processes. Sometimes in order to create clever interlaced textures, some small internal angles less than 45 degrees can only be completed by human hands. At the same time, in order to capture more light in the polished area and make the entire movement look more transparent, some places must be polished by hand to achieve a matte effect, so the engraving process of the movement’s skeleton only needs to cost at least After three days, through the ingenious combination of different manual polishing techniques, this movement not only showed its unique relief effect perfectly, the entire watch also passed the authoritative certification of the “Mark of Geneva”.

 Although Vacheron Constantin did not launch the first overall engraving movement until 1924, Vacheron Constantin never stopped its unremitting pursuit of this field, not only the pioneer of the field of engraving technology, but also the leader and innovator of this field, so We sincerely hope that Vacheron Constantin will launch more and more exquisite carvings in the future! (Picture / text watch home Mao Zhuang)

2012 Geneva Watch Exhibition Vacheron Constantin New

Vacheron-constantin Vacheron-constantin World-renowned watch brand Vacheron Constantin was established in 1755. It is the world’s oldest watch manufacturer and one of the world’s most famous watch factories. Vacheron Constantin has inherited the essence of traditional Swiss watchmaking without interruption, and has also innovated many watchmaking technologies, which has made great contributions to the watchmaking industry.

   Vacheron Constantin vacheron-constantin World-renowned watch brand Vacheron Constantin was established in 1755. It is the world’s oldest watch manufacturer and one of the world’s most famous watch factories. Vacheron Constantin has inherited the essence of traditional Swiss watchmaking without interruption, and has also innovated many watchmaking technologies, which has made great contributions to the watchmaking industry.