Deep Sea Star Iwc 2000 Automatic Watch

The prototype of this watch is a diving watch specially made for minesweeping divers in 1982. It was designed by the legendary designer Ferdinand A. Porsche. The Ocean Time 2000 Diver’s Watch, as its ‘civilian’ model, has an unprecedented water resistance of 200 bar, which has become a collection myth. Its follow-up models, the Ocean Timepiece GST and the Ocean Time 2000 Automatic, all share the same purpose: to create top diving instruments for ambitious professional divers and diving enthusiasts. Today’s watch home brings you the IWC Marine Time Series 2000 Marine Timepiece, reference model: IW358002.

The new Ocean Time 2000 automatic watch has perfect performance and can provide a reliable backup system under water, even for extreme underwater operations.

Case diameter 46 mm, made of titanium
The case of this watch is made of titanium and the case diameter is 46 mm, thus returning to the original design route. The large case size makes the dial clearer and provides more space for the sturdy IWC 80110 movement.

With a sapphire crystal
The watch uses a beautifully shaped dome-shaped sapphire crystal glass. The mirror is treated with anti-glare treatment on both sides. The thick and sturdy mirror provides excellent protection for the dial to ensure that the watch can continue to be safe during diving. Running.

Gear crown with mechanical feel
The crown is made of stainless steel, with gear-shaped grooves carved on the sides, and the surface is also covered with matte rubber coating, showing a low-key sporty temperament. The overall design of the crown is relatively large, making the winding feel very comfortable. The top of the crown is engraved with the IWC logo of IWC, which symbolizes its brand identity.

With a black rubber strap
This watch is equipped with a black rubber strap. The soft and skin-friendly properties of the rubber material make this watch very comfortable to wear. The waterproof and corrosion resistance of the rubber material is very suitable for applications and folds on the watch. The design allows the watch to be worn outside of a diving suit, which can adapt to the tightness of the diving suit.

Case thickness approximately 20.5 mm
The case of this watch is made of stainless steel and has a thickness of about 20.5 mm. It looks domineering, and the polished and delicate case shows a shiny metallic luster. The gear-shaped one-way rotating bezel, while facilitating rotation, also adds a bit of mechanical temperament to the watch, making the watch more masculine.

The lugs are simple and tough
The lugs use a simple and tough straight line shape, which is very in line with the overall temperament of the watch. The lugs and corners are polished finely, the mid-band is soft, and the angled back design allows it to fit the wrist and ensure comfortable wearing.

Watch with a pin buckle
This watch is equipped with a pin buckle. The shape of the buckle is tough, finely polished, and very easy to use. The pin buckle is engraved with the ‘IWC’ mark on the buckle, which highlights the brand identity.

Large luminous hands
The black dial is engraved with stripes to greatly enhance the legibility of the model. The two large hands are filled with fluorescent material in the center, and the hands and scales can be clearly seen even in extreme environments.

Equipped with safety diving system
The bezel is equipped with a safety diving system, and the one-way rotating bezel is used to ensure that when the dive is timed, misoperation will not cause the scheduled time to increase, so as to avoid the danger of sound when diving. The hands, hour markers, scales, and bezel scales are coated with luminous coating, which can be clearly read even in dark environments.

3 o’clock position with date display window
At the three o’clock position of the dial is equipped with a practical date display window. The shape of the window is simple, the layers are delicate and clear. The design of the white text on the black background is in harmony with the dial as a whole, and the reading is clear at a glance.

The watch is water-resistant to 2000 meters and equipped with an 80110 automatic mechanical movement.
This watch has a dense bottom design and is water-resistant to 200 bar (about 2000 meters). The bottom of the watch is engraved with the classic diving helmet of a deep-sea diver as the theme. The case is equipped with an 80110 self-winding mechanical movement, which can provide a power reserve of up to 44 hours.

Summary: The Marine Time 2000 automatic watch made of titanium metal is water-resistant to 200 bar. It implements the Schaffhausen IWC’s tradition of creating high-pressure watches for ambitious professional divers and diving enthusiasts. The pleasure of experiencing a watch is by no means limited to its precise performance, which is not bad. Between the squares, you can admire the ingenuity of ingenuity, precision and imagination, you can appreciate the interplay of time and eternity, the boundaries and infinity, and the time-honored natural law and its own unique taste. Perfect fusion. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Jacques De Lo Presents The New Masterpiece Grande Seconde Tourbillon Mother-of-pearl, Combining Feminine Charm With Superb Watchmaking Craftsmanship

Jaquet Droz presented the first timepiece with tourbillon at the 2017 Basel Horological Fair for the first time.

   The Grande Seconde has a place in the watchmaking legend of Jaquet Droz. This watch was born in the age of Enlightenment and revolutionized the watchmaking conventions of time only with its bold design. Pierre Jaquet-Droz ingeniously turned time into a fascinating glory feather, shining the imprint of travel. The Jaquet Droz brand was born in the eighteenth century, and the Grande Seconde condenses the spirit of this era.

   Today, Jaquet Droz reinterprets this classic model, creating a new model for women’s watches. For this reason, the artisan masters choose mother-of-pearl, a material that can shine brilliantly. The mother-of-pearl is delicate and fragile. It requires extremely delicate and ingenious techniques to prevent it from breaking. With a long tradition of mineral dials, Jaquet Droz is able to master a complete production process and once again create beautiful works. The magnificent moire effect complements the 39mm diameter red gold case, bezel and buckle set with brilliant-cut diamonds. The Roman numeral hour and minute indexes add a touch of elegance to the watch, contrasting with the blue steel hands. The Grande Seconde Tourbillon Mother-of-Pearl with a white satin strap contains secrets: the white gold mother-of-pearl is decorated with white mother-of-pearl, and the movement bridge is decorated with fan-shaped Geneva stripes.

   The Grande Seconde Tourbillon Mother-of-Pearl is exquisite and delicate, precious, exuding a soft and graceful temperament, and is equipped with a classic masterpiece of watch complications: the tourbillon. The function of the tourbillon is to offset the effect of gravity on the mechanical device and show the infinite charm of the precise mechanism. For the first time, Jaquet Droz equipped the tourbillon with a silicon pallet and a balance spring, giving this dazzling masterpiece a high degree of precision. Silicon is a magical material, flexible and hard, does not oxidize, and is not affected by magnetic fields, non-extreme temperature differences and air pressure. The silicon balance spring ensures that the Grande Seconde Tourbillon Mother-of-Pearl is accurate and reliable for a long time. The Grande Seconde Tourbillon Mother-of-Pearl has a 7-day power reserve, has an elegant design and excellent technical performance, is exquisite and precious, and precious. This model is limited to 88 pieces. The contour of the number 8 echoes the dial design, which sparkles with the soft light of mother-of-pearl and the brilliant light of diamonds.
   ‘Some watches tell time, some tell a story’

Honey’s Tanabata Warm “Wrist” Love Blancpain Tanabata Watch Recommended

Love is an eternal topic for human beings. When the Qixi Festival arrives, the story of the Cowherd and the Girl is mentioned by clichés. You can always find the shadow of your love in the romantic night. No matter if your love with Ta is separated from each other, but you are in regret, as if you are looking at Xingyue; or you are cuddling, embracing, and loving each other … On the occasion of Qixi Festival, Blancpain can interpret the true meaning of love for you .

Star Moon Lovers

On the night of Qixi Festival, even if you are thousands of miles away from your lover, the warm affection on your wrist is a declaration of love that is indifferent to each other. Blancpain’s full-calendar moon phase watch has a balanced and beautiful layout. The month and the week window are symmetrical in the middle. It is like a couple in love in love, side by side, echoing the six-pointed and slightly mysterious moon face, which is unforgettable. The Blancpain women’s full-calendar moon phase watch, the dial of the white mother-of-pearl is decorated with diamond scales, like the stars around the full moon, symbolizing the constant love for distant lovers. The men’s semi-hunting watch has perfect side face, with moon phase display function, worn on the men’s wrist, showing tenderness.


Chinese New Year Tanabata, love is lingering. Perhaps the best love is not just vigorous, but even more affectionate and interdependent. Choosing this couple’s watch as a gift for the Star Festival is the highest proof of lingering love. The ten fingers interlocked at the moment, creating a harmonious and romantic atmosphere of love. The Blancpain women’s small seconds retrograde watch, the white mother-of-pearl dial is surrounded by two diamonds, closely intertwined, as if a couple in love ignite each other. The Villeret classic series perpetual calendar moon phase men’s watch, with a red gold case and a white large fire enamel dial, highlights the gorgeous gentleman style.