Lin Zhiling Changchun Helped Launch Longines Soymia Series New Product

On July 28, Lin Zhiling appeared in Changchun as the elegant ambassador of Longines, unveiling the new Longines Saint-Imier series watch. Lin Zhiling deserves the name of elegance, and the ‘Blue Carpet’ style is once again stunning, and she generously shares her growth in the movie, which makes people look forward to her exciting new works. Longines Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling and Longines China Vice President Li Li cut the ribbon for the opening of the Paris Spring Store
    Lin Zhiling, known as the ‘Goddess’ and elegant icon, has been sculpted specifically for Longines’ ‘blue carpet’ every time. Every time it is stunning, this time she wears a lace elegant skirt with feather hat It is even more graceful, with a British aristocratic style. The Soyimme stainless steel rose gold watch worn on the wrist is the finishing touch of the whole body, adding elegant details and showing extraordinary taste.
Lin Zhiling’s perfect interpretation of Longines Soymia series
     This time he came to Changchun, which is known as the ‘Cinema City’. This year, Lin Zhiling felt much moved to focus on the big screen. Lin Zhiling shared his new movie with the enthusiastic audience at the scene, whether it is the ever-changing look in the ‘Fuchun Mountain House’, the noble sadness in the classic ‘101 Proposals’, or the Chinese-Japanese co-production film ‘Sweet Chocolate’ The innocence and beauty of that elegance, the elegant and timeless experience, sublimation, just like the Longines watch Somia series masterpiece Tiancheng.
    This time Lin Zhiling specially shot a group of gorgeous blockbusters, with elegant elegance and good looks, but also an exhibition of cello art for the movie ‘101 Proposals’. In the blockbuster, Lin Zhiling embraces the cello and reveals the aura in the nobleness. A tune sounds as if ringing in his ear, elegant and touching.
Longines Global Elegance Ambassador Ms. Lin Zhiling wore a new Soymia series watch, which is extremely elegant