Tissot New Definition Of Time Halma Power Latest ‘mechanical Power 80’ Movement

The courage to innovate is an integral part of Tissot’s DNA, and it is also the core idea of ​​Tissot. Adhering to this concept, Tissot has developed a high-performance movement with cross-age significance. Today, Tissot can’t wait to share the latest timepiece innovation with all timepiece lovers — the Powermatic 80 Automatic movement. This is the crystallization of the cooperation between Tissot and ETA, the world’s largest movement manufacturer. Both parties work together to push the performance of the movement in terms of precision and power storage to new limits, and continue to improve the accuracy and power reserve of watch movements The result of challenging the limits. A new interpretation of ‘time’.

 Powermatic 80 Automatic movement

 Join forces to break out of the cocoon

 ‘Innovation, from tradition’ is the brand spirit of Tissot, while ETA is good at the development of precision movements. The combination of the two parties can be described as a strong and powerful team. It is because the two companies successfully supported and carried each other that this new movement emerged. The movement improves the traditional clockwork structure, the escapement mechanism, the balance wheel structure, and improves the travel time accuracy and durability. The movement of the mechanical power 80 movement remains stable, realizing the precise operation of the watch.

 80-hour precise rhythm

 The perfect grafting of traditional watchmaking experience and innovative materials is the secret of Tissot’s success, and it has been proven time and again in practice. The mechanical power 80 movement also follows the tradition and applies professional experience to innovative materials, which not only highlights the extreme precision of Tissot’s century-old watchmaking, but also achieves an impressive power reserve of 80 hours!

 Traditional mechanical watches usually have a barrel, which stores 36 hours of power when full. This brings the trouble of frequent adjustment of the date and time. This time, Tissot and the ETA Research Center designed a clockwork box with a completely new structure by improving the traditional clockwork structure, and tried to make the power reserve more durable, thereby increasing the energy reserve of the movement and achieving an amazing 80 hours. There is no need to wind during the period; the strong power reserve cannot meet the high requirements of the brand for itself, Tissot and the ETA Research Center are also committed to improving the adjustment system to keep the movement of the movement accurate and dynamic; and a major factor to keep the movement of the movement stable The scale division in the watch’s original adjustment system was cancelled and replaced with an innovative technical component.

 The Tissot Mechanical Power 80 movement is the birth of this revolution in ideas and essence. With the Tissot Haoji series automatic mechanical watches, you will witness the amazing charm of this revolutionary movement for the first time, please wait and see!

 Tissot’s first watch using this movement