Wo Lujian Vulcain Sky God Foal Wisdom

VULCAIN celebrates the grand opening of the Beijing store, and coincides with the year of the Chinese horse in 2014, specially refined 50s President’s Pegasus (Pegasus) filigree enamel alarm watch limited series, The Pegasus symbolizes wisdom and learning, expressing the mastery of traditional watchmaking and enamel craftsmanship.

Pegasus enamel alarm clock limited series (In The Sky, limited to 18 pieces)

50s President’s Pegasus Pegasus Alarm Clock Limited Edition
Pegasus is a white two-winged deity horse in Greek mythology. Ancient Greek and Roman poets wrote many stories of flying horses to the heavens and serving the god Zeus. The legendary hero Bellerophon once saw Pegasus drinking fairy spring water in Peirene. He was able to catch Pegasus with the help of Athena and Poseidon. Killing the people, including defeating Chimera, the flamethrower. Later, Pegasus ascended to heaven and became the gods of the heavens-including the mount of Zeus, the god of the gods. Zeus greatly appreciated Pegasus, and later conferred the constellation Pegasus on the sky.

Pegasus enamel alarm clock limited series (On The Mountain model, limited to 18 pieces)

The symbolic meaning of Pegasus changed with the times. From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, Pegasus represented wisdom and reputation, and became a symbol of creative inspiration around the 19th century. Ancient Greek pottery and drawings, as well as Renaissance sculptures can be seen.
Flying over the mountains
The Pegasus was raised by the muse goddess of Mount. Helicon. Whenever Pegasus steps on the ground with two hoofs, springs will flow from the ground. These springs were later called fountains of inspiration. The Olympus mountain dwells and has been loyal to the god Zeus. Whenever Zeus wants to produce thunder and lightning, the lightning is delivered by Pegasus.