The Ultimate Daily Watch Iwc Mark Series (Part I)

The idea of ​​finding a watch that is not only superior in performance, but also affordable, and suitable for daily wear is daunting. After all, there are too many factors to consider, including aesthetic appeal, design, wear resistance, history, technology, reliability, complexity, accuracy, after-sales service, price, resale prospects, and even brand awareness. It’s all important. Aside from the subjective criteria of potential buyers, it must be pointed out that there are very few models that can balance and meet all of the above requirements, including the IWC Mark series.

IWC Mark XV Watch

Take care of this
   Under normal circumstances, a characteristic watch is inevitable. Sometimes, for example, a vintage watch full of history lacks abrasion resistance; a watch with a full sense of technology lacks reliability; and a watch with a high price can not be optimistic about resale. Achieving the perfect balance is no easy task. Generally speaking, most modern diving watches are not suitable for daily wear. What is needed for daily activities is a slimmer and simpler watch. Formal watches are slim and easy to wear, but not robust enough and have a single style. As for modern chronographs, with few exceptions, they are also quite bulky.

IWC Mark XII watch

   Of course, no watch is flawless, especially if we want daily use, we make concessions based on subjective standards. For example, the legendary Omega Speedmaster ‘Moonwatch’ is equipped with a manual winding movement. Although it meets most of the above requirements, potential customers who prefer automatic (automatically more suitable for daily use) may still be turned away. Another signature model, the Rolex Explorer, does not have a date display function. Some people may say that without the date display window, the dial is cleaner, but personally, I think the date display function is very important for daily wear of the watch. The same is true of Jaeger-LeCoultre geophysical watches. Breitling aviation chronographs lack water resistance. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches and Patek Philippe Nautilus watches are more expensive. After closer inspection, you will find that even if the iconic design is still lacking in some aspects, it is difficult to say that it is perfect for daily wear. However, the IWC Mark series is different.

IWC Mark XVI watch

History background
   In 1936, IWC launched the first pilot watch, named Spezialuhr für Flieger. This watch is contrasting, with a black dial, fluorescent hands and a rotating bezel. Of course, it is driven by the Caliber 83 manual winding movement, which is impact resistant, rigorously tested and carefully tuned. It should be noted that IWC has never named it Mark IX, its name comes from the next watch-Mark X. Mark X watches carry the same movement and are engraved with wide arrows (confirming that the watch is government property, indicating the type of goods to distinguish them from weapons) and three ‘W’ signs (referring to Watch, Wrist and Waterproof ). In 1944, the British Ministry of Defence distributed it to the military. For five years, the Mark X watch has served various military personnel.

IWC Mark XVII watch

   Later, the Mark X watch was replaced by the legendary Mark XI, which was designed and built according to the strict specifications required by pilots during the mission. The Mark XI watch is equipped with a stop device to ensure accurate time setting; it has a soft iron inner case of Faraday cage to protect the movement from magnetic fields; the mirror assembly is stable and can withstand sudden pressure drops without loosening ; Black dial decorated with fluorescent hands, bright and easy to read. After delivery, these watches have undergone a comprehensive and thorough ‘precision navigation watch’ test for up to 44 days, and each batch must be sent to the Royal Observatory Greenwich (UK) in Herstmonceau every year Recalibration. Although the delivery of Mark XI watches to the Royal Air Force had expired in 1953, these watches were not officially retired until 1981. Mark XI watches have also been distributed to British Overseas Airlines pilots and navigators. In addition, IWC has sold more than a thousand watches through its commercial network.

The King Of The Sea Is Domineering Rolex Deepsea

Based on excellent manufacturing technology, the Rolex’s Deepsea watch launched in 2008 has a water-resistant depth of 3,900 meters, which has become a major target for commercially available watches. In 2012, he participated in James. Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge is an experimental watch developed based on it. To achieve the ultimate deep diving goal, the model is imported with different alloy materials to make the case, and the thickness is increased to bear the extreme high pressure shock.
Rolex has always been leading the industry in the field of diving watches. In 2008, Rolex launched Deepsea to expand the waterproof depth to 3,900 meters, becoming a commercially available watch.

2012-Deepsea Challenge
In 2012, Rolex built a new generation of experimental watches based on Deepsea. Cameron’s undersea adventure pushed the watch’s actual deep diving record to 11,000 meters.

In August 2014, Rolex launched the ROLEX Deepsea watch model, which is the ROLEX Deepsea D-Blue watch. This was the first time that Rolex launched a new model during a non-table show, which caused widespread discussion at the time. As soon as the watch was launched, it immediately became the darling of the attention. First of all, it inherits Rolex’s adventure genes, and it carries a legendary brave story behind it, which has far-reaching significance. Compared with the ROLEX Deepsea diving watch introduced in previous years, the main difference, or the only difference, of this ROLEX Deepsea is the design on the faceplate.
The 2014 ROLEX Deepsea watch is equipped with a gradient color dial. The ‘D-Blue’ color on the dial is composed of two colors of dark blue and black. The color change from dark blue to lacquer black is reminiscent of the ocean. The blurred area seems to be in the abyss of the ocean floor, looking up to the last rays of sunlight projected from the sea level, and then disappearing in the endless darkness, full of reverie space. Such a two-tone faceplate design is also the first appearance in a Rolex model, and the awesomeness of this watch can be seen here. In addition, James. The green submarine coloring of Cameron’s exploration activities is color-coded ‘DEEPSEA’ to highlight the significance of commemoration.

Rolex’s patented Ringlock case system makes the watch exceptionally rugged, waterproof and pressure resistant. The middle nitrogen alloy stainless steel ring serves as the support for the entire watch. It supports the arch-shaped sapphire glass with a thickness of 5mm in the front and a grade 5 titanium alloy back cover at the rear. The crown, like the submarine hatch, secures the movement inside.

This model also has a number of excellent features, such as the Rolex patented Ringlock system, helium exhaust valve, making the watch has excellent ruggedness, water resistance and pressure resistance. ROLEX Deepsea can also withstand a strong water pressure of 3,900 meters, equivalent to a pressure of 3 tons. Diving to the depths of the ocean will not affect the normal operation of the watch. On the other hand, ROLEX Deepsea is also equipped with Rolex’s patented Glidelock extension system, allowing divers to easily adjust the strap without using any tools even when wearing a wetsuit, and experience a stable and comfortable wearing experience. Because it meets strict technical requirements, ROLEX Deepsea can be said to be a popular choice for diving professionals, regardless of whether such a deep diving function is needed by ordinary people. What it shows is unshakable brand value. This ROLEX Deepsea is priced close to NT $ 400,000, which is slightly higher than other Rolex dive watches. However, because of its superb functions and topicality, watch fans naturally buy it. Currently, there is a stir of speculation in the market. A watch is hard to find. It is not easy for watch fans to get started.

2014-Deepsea D-Blue
The two-tone faceplate changes from bright blue to deep black, reminiscent of the blurred zone of the ocean, where the last sun shines from the sea surface and disappears into the endless abyss.

Dior Viii Series Continues To Write A Century Of Elegance

Dior launched the Dior VIII watch series in spring and summer of 2011, in order to pay tribute to Mr. Dior, a great designer. This watch not only shows time, but also transcends contemporary fashion trends, like the high-end uniform design interior wardrobe. Elegant and attractive black highlights its immortal value through high-precision ceramic.
Reference data
Dior VIII, 33mm, mechanical movement
Black paint oscillating weight
Black high-tech precision ceramic case, bracelet and bezel
Bezel set with diamonds and black high-tech precision ceramic slices
Black paint hour markers
    ‘The principle of luxury is simplicity over everything.’ Christian Dior once said. Just like the ‘Bar suit’ designed in 1947, the Lady Dior bag launched in 1995 and the ‘J’ADORE’ perfume in 1999, the new Dior VIII watch is also classic The masterpiece of couture fashion and charm, adhering to the long tradition of Dior, showing the design style of geometric figures, full of eternal charm of female beauty.
    The ultra-thin case and its delicate accessories are simple and neat. The bracelet is made of high-precision ceramics cut in a pyramid shape, which is elegant and noble. Time passes, the light shines on the cut surface, the light shines, like the plaid line of the ‘cannage’ pattern on the Dior Lady Dior handbag, showing the beautiful design. The pyramid shape faintly lets you see the shadow of the ‘Bar suit’.
Reference data
Dior VIII, 33mm, mechanical movement
Oscillating weight decorated with green haute jewellery
Black high-tech precision ceramic case and bracelet
White gold bezel set with long step-cut tsavorite
Black lacquered hour-markers with diamonds
    In 2011, Dior launched the Dior VIII watch series to pay tribute to Mr. Dior, a great designer. The name of the Dior VIII watch consists of 8 letters, which is also the lucky number of the founder of Dior.
    This watch not only displays time, but also transcends contemporary fashion trends, such as the high-end uniform design interior wardrobe. Mr. Dior reminds us from time to time: “Premium uniforms are always at the forefront of the times.” The elegant and attractive black of this watch highlights its immortal value through high-precision ceramics.
    Mr. Christian Dior wrote in his fashion dictionary published in 1954: ‘I can write a book about black. You can wear black at any age, any occasion, and at any time. In the women’s wardrobe , Everyone must have a ‘black dress’. ‘
Reference data
Mechanical movement ‘Dior Inversé’, tailor-made for Dior by Frederic Jouvenot
Black paint oscillating weight
White gold oscillating weight set with diamonds
Black mother-of-pearl hour-markers with diamonds
Black high-tech precision ceramic case, bracelet and bezel set with diamonds
Limited edition of 18 Dior watches
    The Dior VIII watch collection is decorated with diamonds and precious stones. A string of diamonds set in the center of the dial, some bezels are set with gems, some are set with pyramid-shaped high-precision ceramics with white diamonds, and all are baguette diamonds, topaz, tsavorites or pink sapphires mosaic. Combining the watch making process with the fine jewelry making process.
    ‘Elegance is a whole, and the visible and invisible parts are just as important.’ From a technical point of view, the Dior VIII series watches are noble and exquisite jewelry. The collection was created at the Dior Watch Studio in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the hometown of Swiss watchmaking. It is equipped with multi-faceted luminous hands, diamond-shaped hands and unidirectional rotating bezels. The back of the dial is engraved with the words ‘VIII place Vend me’.
    Through the transparent case back, you can see the self-winding (refining) movement, faintly visible with black or painted oscillating weight. This series is limited to 88 pieces each in four styles and is equipped with a ‘Calibre Dior inversé’ automatic winding (refining) movement. Just like the whirling of a waltz, the swing of the oscillating weight on the dial is reminiscent of an embroidered petticoat, a lace corolla or a pleated skirt with diamonds. It perfectly combines Swiss cutting-edge technology with the rich creativity of Paris.