Fran Muller Will Hold The Giga Tourbillon Luxury Watch Appreciation In Beijing

FRANCK MULLER, a high-end watch brand from Geneva, Switzerland, will hold a ‘GIGA Tourbillon Luxury Watch Appreciation’ in the Beijing International Trade Mall Phase III store from June 30 to July 8, 2012. The dazzling watch exhibits are worth a lot, and the total price of nearly thirty exhibits exceeds 35 million yuan.
2.8 million Franck Muller GIGA tourbillon
     One of the brightest highlights is the two GIGA tourbillon watches equipped with the largest tourbillon mechanism on the watch, with a diameter of 20 mm and a nine-day kinetic energy storage-each worth 2.8 million yuan.
    FRANCK MULLER, the flagship watch collection that represents top watchmaking skills and infinite creative inspiration, is a feast for the eyes. Including the original Skeleton Tourbillon watch, equipped with the brand’s famous tonneau-type 18K gold case, the gorgeous metal light sets off the simple and clean lines of the hollowed-out movement. It is visually more balanced and balanced with the skeleton movement. In addition, there is a masterpiece of high-end full-diamond jewelry-the mysterious and magnificent Double Mystery series, which uses two patented circular dials to display the hour and minute functions, bringing visual breakthroughs, colorful and beautiful. Recently, the Black Croco series, which is popular among fashion trendsetters, incorporates elegance in avant-garde creativity. The previously unseen ideas have transformed the supporting role of the general watch—the crocodile leather strap—into the protagonist and the crocodile leather pattern The luxurious atmosphere displayed perfectly extends to the entire watch, perfectly interpreting cool fashion, which is very addictive.
Female model display (left) Infinity series watch (right) Double-Mystery four season series watch
    Another key product is the Totally Crazy series that inherits the ingenious design of Crazy Hours. It has a very difficult breakthrough in the movement process. In addition to the retrograde display of time, the retrograde display is also disrupted. This crazy design and The idea makes people feel infinite admiration for this time creative master again. The Long Island series, which represents the ultimate expression of Art Deco aesthetics, is paired with an exaggerated digital dial with Art Deco style and a rectangular and slightly curved case to make the watch fit the curve of the wrist.
     Beijing Guomao Shopping Center is a top shopping palace located in the first-line international brands of the prosperous CBD and embodying high-quality urban life. It is also one of the unique fashion coordinates. In the elegant and elegant shops, the unique charm of the FRANCK MULLER brand and the creative artistic temperament of the masters show the luxury and low-key atmosphere. The exquisite and innovative design of each watch, coupled with complex functions and extraordinary quality, made the guests frequently stop by, and were deeply impressed by the unique charm of FRANCK MULLER.
Franck Muller Master of Complications
    The FRANCK MULLER brand was founded in 1991 and has been occupying a place in the haute horology world with its superbly functional watches. Master watchmaker Franck Muller has created many amazing top-level complex timepieces in just over 20 years. He has set a precedent with innovative and sophisticated technology combined with meticulous design, and has won many world patents for watch inventions. Welcome all over the world. FRANCK MULLER has also launched a classic casket-shaped case combined with distinctive artistic style digital time scales, which has become a legendary classic in modern watchmaking.

Louis Vuitton Valentine’s Day Also Monogram- News Louis Vuitton

To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2014, Louis Vuitton specially presents the exquisite watches Tambour Monogram VD and the brilliant diamond Monogram Forever series, letting you express your love to your love.

Tambour Monogram VD Watch (33mm)

Tambour Monogram VD (28mm)

The Tambour Monogram VD watch’s Monogram red lace lacquered dial is shiny and set with 11 diamonds, exquisite workmanship and elegance. Seen with a new Monogram embossed patent leather strap from Pomme d’ Amour.

Monogram Forever Jewellery Ring

 Monogram Forever Jewelry Earrings

Louis Vuitton presents the Monogram Forever jewelry collection with the famous Monogram flowers. Brilliant white diamonds are used in each style to add elegance to the collection. Monogram Forever is made up of three different sizes of beautiful diamonds. Five dazzling main stones present classic Monogram flowers, elegant and noble, timeless style, highlighting charming style.

Monogram Forever jewelry pendant