Heirloom Classic King Reappears Tag Heuer Carrera Heritage Series China Premiere

Among the many TAG Heuer models, Carrera is undoubtedly the oldest and most classic series. Recall that in 1964, Jack Heuer’s first electric shock car, the most severe test of endurance race ‘Carrera Pan American Mexico Road Race’. In order to pay tribute to the true brave and highly skilled riders, the first Carr era Carrera watch was born, and with the continuous growth of motorsport, it also became famous and became a classic. TAG Heuer launched the Carr era in 1996 and 2002. This time the Carr era heritage series reloaded into the battle to reproduce the old style, while also reviving the Swiss watchmaking pioneers of the king of the wind, for the 2011 TAG Heuer ‘Mastering of Speed ​​with the times’ theme opened a gorgeous prelude.
  At the beginning of 2011, TAG Heuer brought Carrera’s heritage series to China, and it was highly praised by the industry for its time-spanning design sense and simple style, outstanding features without losing its restrained elegance, and it was also very popular with watch and racing lovers. Favor. It is worth mentioning that this new watch is based on the 1950 Carr era Carrera watch, while following the original taste of TAG Heuer retro style, adding many modern elements, highlighting that it is completely different from the ordinary chronograph Elegant charm.
  This watch is a masterpiece exclusively customized by China. In terms of color and overall design, more consideration is given to oriental traditional aesthetics, unique individual digital time scales, cloisonne willow leaf hands, and easy to read. The dial, ignoring the ingenuity of 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, is full of classical elements and bold creative arrangements. The Carrera Heritage Series is not only full of TAG Heuer’s vision for the Chinese market, but also aims to bring TAG Heuer’s pioneering spirit of 150 years of pioneering and continuous climbing to the top of success to China.

About TAG Heuer——

  Since its establishment in 1860, TAG Heuer has been hailed as a model of Swiss avant-garde precision watchmaking, and is the world’s fourth largest luxury watch brand under the world’s largest luxury goods group, LVMH. As a century-old pioneer in Swiss watchmaking, TAG Heuer insists on creating the most accurate timing tools and exquisite watches-it is the first to achieve chronological accuracy of 1/10 seconds, 1/100 seconds, 1/1000 seconds or even 1/10000 second luxury watch brand. TAG Heuer is also an exclusive member of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie-FHH, the top watchmaking club in Switzerland. Adhering to the unremitting pursuit of innovation, excellence, achievement and dignity, TAG Heuer has received great recognition in the field of watchmaking and design, and has won numerous high honors such as the Geneva Watch Contest, the iF Design Award, and the Red Dot Design Award. , Also invited many Hollywood superstars and sports names to endorse the brand, including Hollywood icon Leonardo Di Caprio (Leonardo Di Caprio), the most successful golfer Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods) , Women’s Professional Tennis Association tennis champion Maria Sharapova, and the Chinese performance artist Mr. Chen Daoming who recently joined the dream team in 2010. They used their outstanding performance to interpret the unique qualities of TAG Heuer- ‘Noble and extraordinary, achieve excellence.’

Girlfriend Is Not Difficult To Coax Five Best-selling Luxury Female Watches

For elegant and noble modern women, the watch is not only used to read the concept of time, but is given a simple or gorgeous artistic profile and more additional functions. Wandering between women’s wrists, the romantic atmosphere revealed is more like a living artwork. Below is a list of the five best-selling luxury women’s watches. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra
    For women’s minds, Jaeger-LeCoultre designers, watchmakers and engineers have a thorough grasp. They understand that a single strap can hardly meet the diverse preferences and requirements of female customers. Therefore, they are especially equipped with the elegant and elegant Reverso Squadra ladies’ watches A new and fast strap replacement system-without any tools, it can make the watch change instantly, showing different charms endlessly. After the lady removes the day clothes and puts on the gorgeous evening dress, she can replace the commonly used rubber chain strap for the watch, and replace it with a high-quality leather strap with a pleasant color. For the lucky owner of the Reverso Squadra women’s watch, the strap that is changed at any time provides a variety of combinations for changing dress. Fashion and luxury co-existing colored straps, paired with diamond-set rose gold case materials, provide the wearer with visual and tactile and pleasing satisfaction. The ever-changing colors, while creating today’s fashionable women, carry the beauty of its different sides.

Chopard Xtravaganza
    The fusion of fine watchmaking and fine jewelry is a dream carefully crafted by Chopard. Xtravaganza watch with unique elegance and free and easy aesthetic design, once again proves that Chopard’s creativity and technical courage are as imaginative and unrestrained. This enthusiastic watch collection has now been added with a matching pendant, which once again shows that in Chopard’s workshop, a wide variety of clocks and jewelry craftsmanship are inextricably linked.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Log
    With a new design, this Rolex watch is not only exquisite and elegant, but also for the first time with a diamond-set bezel. The 36 mm case encloses the beautiful moment when the sakura is falling in the wind. The feminine charm of the design also allows it to accompany ladies to different occasions, or to enjoy various lifestyles: elegant, or sports, or leisure.

Chanel J12 Chromatic watch
    Titanium ceramic watches that combine titanium with high-tech precision ceramics are the latest technology! There is a shining star in the Chanel booth at the Baselworld 2011 in Switzerland, which is the J12 series Chromatic watch. As a Chanel classic watch series, J12 is a classic model that creates sales myths. This Chromatic watch not only follows the classic design style of the J12 series, but also enhances the technology of high-tech precision ceramics once again-with titanium metal The high-tech precision ceramics are produced by mixing high-tech precision ceramics. The high-tech precision titanium ceramics are 20% lighter and 25% stronger than the original high-tech precision ceramics, so it is lighter and harder. The appearance of high-tech high-precision titanium ceramics in silver gray is not just as simple as the texture of ceramics. The new material has a dual color, and the colors will change into a faint colored light as the surrounding light changes.

Patek Philippe ref. 7059ladiesfirst
    The case of this rare super-complex women’s watch combines classic design, traditional art, feminine elegance, and true charm. The two-second chronograph watch features a distinctive general case, paired with vertical lugs and screw-fastened straps to reflect the classic and traditional side.
    The soft, romantic color of rose gold and the 153 flawless top Wesselton diamonds set on the bezel are another aspect of the feminine charm of this watch. Admiring these two rows of brilliant diamonds carefully, people have reason to believe that the sophistication of jewellers-screening, layout and setting-will definitely add another level of complexity. This watch’s creamy white matte dial also shows that the hidden mechanical movement is also an extraordinary device.