How Expensive Is The Tourbillon?

The true watchmaker uses the ‘Tourbillon’ to show the brand strength, and the owner of the watch is willing to show off his identity and taste with this delicate and expensive mechanical device. Especially men, complex machinery has a mysterious appeal to them.

Vacheron Constantin Malta Tourbillon High Jewellery Watch
(The designer’s Maltese tourbillon high jewelry watch is transformed into a diamond stacking design, which makes people look at a glance. The cutter cuts diamonds into micrometers, so that the jewelry inlayer can These diamonds are perfectly set in their design. To accomplish this difficult task requires strict precision, and it takes more than 2,000 hours of careful work to create this amazing combination of diamonds.)
The Tour de l’Ile of Qujiang Constanton costs up to 12 million yuan. This watch has a dual dial. On the front dial, the 60-second tourbillon is at 6 o’clock. The watch has complex functions, such as the minute repeater, perpetual calendar, moon phases, power reserve, astronomical time difference, etc. It is the most complicated watch in the world, with only a limited production of 7 watches worldwide. Frank Mueller also sold a Mega 4 for 10 million yuan. Now the world’s most expensive tourbillon may be Piaget’s Emperador series ‘Diamond Palace’. Model G0A32146, 18K white gold, set with 1,211 diamonds, totaling 97 carats, a one-minute flying tourbillon, limited to one, has been sold, 150 million Taiwan dollars, about 32 million yuan. It has two layers, the upper layer is an electronic watch, and the lower layer is a mechanical watch. Although some people doubt that the added value of the diamond is much greater than the value of the tourbillon itself, it must be known that setting the gem itself is a very difficult process and is not inferior to the polishing of the movement.

Patek Philippe 5207 watch with tourbillon on the back
Buy a tourbillon or luxury?
The tourbillon watch represents the highest level of mechanical watch manufacturing technology. The entire escapement speed control system operates in a unique way, bringing the dynamic artistic beauty of the watch to the highest level, and has always been known as the ‘king of watches’. The same watch, with tourbillon, is ten times more expensive at once. It usually ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions. Tourbillons like Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin are generally above 3 million. Of course, there are also people-friendly prices, and some tourbillons in China sell for less than 8,000 yuan, making this micro-engineering miracle easier than ever. Patek Philippe’s 5016 is a landmark masterpiece of watchmaking. It has 506 tiny parts and contains the most super complicated functions in a gold or platinum case: tourbillon, three questions, automatic flyback date pointer perpetual calendar, and month. Phase display. The actual price is divided, but it is unified between 470,000 euros to 600,000 euros. A rose gold 5016 in 2007 was auctioned in Hong Kong at 5,013,500 Hong Kong dollars, and it is not available with money, depending on the VIP level … For most watch fans, they are just legendary fantasy watches . Patek Philippe’s advanced complication series 5207 platinum watch, advanced complication watch with instant jump perpetual calendar, minute repeater and tourbillon. The instant jump perpetual calendar display window can display the week, date, month and leap year cycle, which is the most complicated wrist One of the tables, only a few pieces are produced each year, and the market conservative valuation is 6 million yuan.
一 Once a watch has a tourbillon, the price will definitely rise, but what exactly is a concept? What is the price of the most expensive tourbillon watch? What is the general price of the tourbillon? What is the cheapest tourbillon? Jaeger-LeCoultre’s only platinum high-jewellery spherical tourbillon watch tailored specifically for the Jaeger-LeCoultre flagship store in Beijing’s Financial Street is priced at RMB 12,735,000, the only one in the world. This watch uses Jaeger-LeCoultre’s spherical tourbillon, which completely breaks through the traditional tourbillon structure. Two tourbillon frames rotate around two different axes, allowing the watch to be at any angle and position. Can effectively offset the effect of gravity on its travel time. In terms of design, this watch is also a classic, using noble all platinum material, large diamonds are set on the case and bracelet, the number is 459, and the total weight is nearly 59 carats. The watchmaker also uses special materials to create a spherical tourbillon device, and uses advanced transparent glass to show the superb time error fixed gears above the dial, as well as the unique arc-shaped perpetual calendar date display. Avant-garde style. Below the dial, the design is simple, showing the beauty of the tourbillon, the perpetual calendar and the eight-day long power reserve display are not overwhelming. Itabashi is sculpted with metal filaments, letting people see the dial at a glance, admiring the balance wheel and escapement structure in the spherical tourbillon. The back is equipped with a transparent sapphire crystal, which presents a wonderful retrograde leap year display, making the entire watch impeccable.
Think of Hermès clothing or bags as expensive, but the brand also began to explore in the professional field. Cape Cod Tourbillon watch, the movement is a Hermès H8930VMF manual winding tourbillon mechanical movement. Equipped with a dual barrel device, the power reserve can be up to 7 days. The movement consists of 237 components, including 30 gems and hand-finished splints and parts, decorated with Hermes’ special H logo. This tourbillon features two revolutions per minute in the case, a silver or charcoal grey dial, and an elegant barrel-shaped case in 18K rose or white gold. The watch uses anti-reflective sapphire crystal mirror and case back, and matte light brown or black alligator leather strap, showing the artist’s aesthetic style. The price of this watch is 1,378,000 yuan.

Blancpain Custom Diamond Tourbillon
(The brand’s original ‘Baguette’ diamond setting technology sets rectangular diamonds on the watch with exquisite craftsmanship. With its unparalleled advanced jewelry setting technology and seven-day power reserve self-winding 25A movement, it shows a high-level The pinnacle of custom jewellery and haute couture.)
Of course, the high price of these tourbillon watches is just a special case. Not every tourbillon can reach the same scary price. But in general, watches with tourbillon performance cost hundreds of thousands to millions. A. Lange & Söhne Cabaret tourbillon reference price 2 million yuan, Earl Tourbillon Relatif enamel painted relative tourbillon price 4.68 million, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak carbon concept tourbillon chronograph price is relatively low, but It also reached 370,000 yuan. The price of wristwatches has been on the rise in recent years. In China, world-renowned watches from first- and second-tier brands will increase their prices at least once a year, and most will choose March or April. The increase is generally controlled within 10%. The biggest reason is It is the appreciation and preservation of name watches.
The particularity of the tourbillon watch just makes it a hot item in the collection, which provides a sufficient guarantee for the soaring price of the tourbillon. However, as far as the tourbillon in the international market is concerned, the price is characterized by a large difference between the high-end and low-end regions. Tourbillon watches from top watch manufacturers in Switzerland generally sell for hundreds of thousands to millions. With more fine craftsmanship, strict technical standards and the connotation of the watch factory’s own brands, these watches occupy the high-end market . Correspondingly, the price of domestic tourbillons is much lower than the Swiss brand. Although there is not much difference in function, the price is generally within 100,000. In any case, the price of tourbillon watches is always higher than ordinary watches, which has been proven by the market.

Big Bang Candy Skull Watch Winter Vacation Series With Ak Ski Shaped Snowboard Skiers Essential

Exquisite arabesques seem to be imprinted under the trail left by the skier. This is the new Big Bang candy skull watch. Set against the backdrop of the Swiss mountains, the Hublot Hublot watch is connected in series. Swiss ski equipment AK SKI rubber skis, as well as the famous St. Gallen embroidery of Bischoff embroidery workshop, the top embroidery family in Switzerland, launched a limited edition watch for ski lovers — Big Bang candy skull watch Polar Blue Skull Blue Cobalt) and Big Bang Broderie Suger Skull Hot Pink.

Hublot kicks off holiday skiing
   Winter is coming, and Hublot stores can be seen in major peaks or resorts. Breakdown of world-famous ski vacations: from Zermatt to Gstaad, from French ski resort Courchevel to Verbier, Yass, USA Aspen, even Kitzbühel, Austria, Hublot’s specialty stores have opened their doors for the coming of winter. In addition, Hublot has three specialty stores located in high-altitude ski resorts, including Gstaad, Zermatt and Courchevel. Its exterior blends with local architectural features and is unique to Switzerland The shop is built in a log cabin style, symbolizing the cultural traditions and history of the area.

Superb fusion of Swiss craftsmanship
   AK SKI was the first manufacturer to use rubber on skis, revolutionizing the world of winter sports. The rubber material is also part of Hublot’s pioneering spirit in watchmaking. Hublot uses its superb watchmaking technology, combined with Bischoff’s top Swiss embroidery craftsmanship, with Hublot’s consistent aspirations-the art of fusion, proudly the Hublot’s unique skull totem, Branded on Ak Ski’s professional rubber skis and the new Big Bang candy skull watch, it shows a completely different style than before-black lines, floral arabesques bloom from it, with a colorful color theme, another achievement in craftsmanship The fusion and creation of art.
Big Bang Candy Skull Embroidered Watch Polar Blue
Big Bang Sugar Skull Blue Cobalt

Serial number 311.CI.1190.VR.AKS16 (Limited collection of 50; NTD: 875,000), case diameter 44mm, polished ochre ceramic, sandblasted ochre ceramic, extended dial skull totem pattern, 6 H osmium-plated titanium Metal screws, sapphire crystal on the mirror, anti-reflective coating on the inside and outside, ochre-colored composite resin on the lugs, stainless steel and rubber plated crown, sapphire crystal on the back and sand-blasted ocher ceramic, waterproof 10 ATM, about 100 meters, dial Skeleton dial and Mexican blue-plated skull, indexes and hands ochre and blue luminous coating, movement HUB4214, automatic winding, chronograph, 257 parts (27 gems), 4 Hz (28800) A / h), 42-hour power reserve, strap with blue rubber and black calfskin embroidered embossed strap

   The skull totem with Hublot’s classic polar blue is presented on the dial, and the vine pattern extends from the ceramic bezel to the calfskin strap. The small second and minute hands of the chronograph look at you like skull eyes. 44 mm diameter with black ceramic case, automatic chronograph movement. Limited to 50.
Big Bang Candy Skull Embroidered Watch
Big Bang Broderie Suger Skull Hot Pink

Serial number 343.CS.6590.NR.AKS16 (Limited collection of 50; NTD699,000), case diameter 44mm, polished ochre ceramic, bezel blasted ochre ceramic, extended dial skull totem pattern, 6 H osmium-plated titanium Metal screws, mirror sapphire crystal, anti-reflective coating on the inside and outside, ochre-colored composite resin on the lugs, stainless steel and rubber plated crown, sapphire crystal on the back and black titanium plated, waterproof 10 ATM, about 100 meters, dial Carbon fiber, pink embroidery and 12 black diamonds, hour markers and hands ochre luminous coating, movement HUB1100, automatic winding, 63 parts (25 gems), 4 Hz (28800 A / h) vibration frequency, power 42 hours storage, pink embroidered embossed rubber strap

   The masters of the Bischoff embroidery workshop combined top-grade silk yarn and St. Gallen embroidery to embroider skull totems with bright arabesques, extending from carbon fiber dials, ceramic bezels to rubber straps. The fusion of embroidery and timepieces shows the precision of watchmaking. 41 mm diameter, 12 black diamonds on the dial, as if pulling time into the colorful world of embroidery. Limited to 50 pieces worldwide.

Hublot ski lift in Zermatt, Switzerland

A stylish watch with a new vacation concept
   If you are ready to show Hublot’s snow vacation look-‘wear the latest Big Bang candy skull watch on your wrist and AK Ski with the same totem on your feet’, the 42-hour power reserve of the watch will fully provide what you need Time, then take the Hublot-sponsored Zermatt cable car and Hublot Express to the top of the Gant-Blauherd ski run, whether skiing or walking, you can enjoy the wonderful skiing time provided by Hublot!