Exquisite Time Tasting Medo Berencelli Collection Collection Slim Men’s Watch

Once, I bought a watch to see the time. Today, we want to set ourselves apart. In 2016, Basel was memorable because of some new products from Mido. Except for those very tall watches, the ones closest to us were really popular. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Mido Berencelli series. The brand has launched a number of collections of commemorative watches, including couple watch pairs, commemorative ultra-thin men’s watches, mother-of-pearl watches, etc. Elegant and refined. This time, let’s enjoy one of the men’s watches together, model M027.407.16.010.00.

    The Belem Sairee series is a symbol of Mido’s elegant watches. From the first generation to the third generation, each generation has its own distinctive features. Looking at the entire Belem Sairee series, There is no doubt that this year’s new products make people look bright and even overjoyed. The elegant design is pleasing to the eye, the streamlined appearance is just right, and a touch of blue brings a little independent personality, just like life, simple and orderly, a little more delightful hobby.

Mido Belem Sairee Commemorative Collection Collection Men’s Watch

    Just by appreciating the pictures, we will never understand the real side of the watch. When you see this men’s watch from the Mido Berencelli Collection, you will unconsciously want to take a look at it, even closer, closer. Formal three-pin watch, I think this is already very good, without intentional decoration, the beauty is very natural.

Watch side

    Because it is an ultra-thin watch, there is obviously not much space on the dial. The dial with the hour hand is very close, but there is still a little space, and the second hand is also close to the mirror.


    From this perspective, you will see how thin this watch is. It also includes the space above the dial and the bottom cover, so the thickness of its movement can be imagined. Ultra-thin has many benefits, such as easy to wear, better comfort, lightweight and technical depth.

Watch strap

    The watch is equipped with a leather strap, which is soft and comfortable. Because it is an ultra-thin model, it is not suitable for metal chains, especially for thicker bracelets. This is why most ultra-thin watches are equipped with One of the reasons for leather straps or silk straps.

Double bezel

    The design of the Mido Berencelli series is derived from different classical buildings. The third generation is derived from the famous arcade of Emmanuel II. This historic building has a long history of hundreds of years. Today It is still a gathering place for artists and a place where different cultures interweave. The third-generation Belem Celli has the obvious feature that the bezel will use a double-layer bezel, which is like an arcade structure design.

Clean dial

    There are always many aspects that a watch touches. Maybe you only care about one of them, but it doesn’t matter. You can discover it slowly. The dial of this Mido watch is very attractive, high-looking and sunny, and it feels young and fashionable, which is very suitable for office workers.

Brand logo

    In order to reduce the size of the watch, the scale and text on the dial are selected in oil pressure style without using three-dimensional metal inlays. Possible to be ultra-thin.

Series name

    At 6 o’clock on the dial, the brand used the name font at the beginning of the series to bring a strong retro visual impact. ‘HERITAGE’ represents the special commemorative significance of the watch collection.

Pin buckle

    On the leather strap, the brand is equipped with a stainless steel pin buckle, which is simple in structure, easy to operate, comfortable to wear and not cluttered, and is most suitable for formal watches.

Automatic watch movement

    The screw-fastened transparent bottom cover fully displays the movement inside the watch. This ultra-thin watch from Mido uses an automatic winding mechanical movement based on the ETA 2892 movement. What’s more valuable is that the movement has been carefully polished to reach a very high level in this type of movement. The automatic winding section is extremely smooth, and you can feel the high quality of the movement.

Summary: everyone’s time is the same, but some people have a wonderful life, and some people have a bad life, it depends on your understanding and attitude to life. People who like watches want to pursue a heart longing Refined time and enjoy the beauty of the watch. Mido Berencelli’s 40th Anniversary Collection Men’s Watch uses its own language to tell you the beauty of time.