When It Comes To Wimbledon, I Think Of Rolex 力力士

The Wimbledon Tennis Open 2018 was held in early July. It is said that Rolex has sponsored important world events for a long time. Since 1978, it has competed with the world’s top tennis tournament, Wen The Wimbledon Championships are allied and become the 125th designated timepiece of the conference. For forty years, Rolex has played an important role in the development of Wimbledon. Whether during the game or around the field, through the broadcast of international media during the Wimbledon Media Center, Rolex timepiece devices continue to appear in these cities. Every corner of San Francisco, New York, Rio de Janeiro, London, Johannesburg, Tokyo and Melbourne can see Rolex as the official timepiece of the stadium.

After the renovation in 2009, a new awning facility was built at the Centre Court, which cost hundreds of millions of dollars, eliminating the trouble of delays due to rain in previous years.

In 1877, the world’s first grass tennis championship was launched under the enthusiasm of everyone. The Wimbledon Tennis Open was held for the first time in the All England Club. It has a history of more than 140 years and is currently the tennis world. The most prestigious competition in the world, and Rolex’s successful cooperation with Wimbledon for 40 years, mainly comes from Rolex’s respect for ‘traditional’.

I am wearing a ROLEX clock that travels around. Every year, the Wimbledon Championships are held in important cities in the world.

Wimbledon attaches great importance to historical traditions. The competition requires all athletes to wear white-colored uniforms; and finalists need to pay tribute to the royal box when entering the arena. According to tradition, audiences can also enjoy the high walls covered with ivy. Freshly picked Kentshire strawberries today, covered with fresh cream and champagne. Various regulations have become a traditional value that cannot be shaken, and ‘tradition’ is exactly the spirit of the concept emphasized by ROLEX founder Hans Wilsdorf. At the same time, Rolex insists on maintaining its essence and tradition. While constantly evolving, Rolex always strives for excellence and perfection. Adhering to the use of top-quality materials to create watches, created by top watchmakers, eventually became a classic symbol of elegance and prestige.

In the early days, it was the royal aristocracy who could take up the racket and enjoy the fun of tennis. The rackets displayed in the pavilion are made of wood, and the weight is different from the lightness of today’s rackets.

Secondly, the combination of ‘absolute accuracy’ comes from two different fields-tennis and wristwatches. When applied to tennis, ‘precision’ is one of Wimbledon’s absolute principles. 100% choose to use the ones with good patience and acceleration. Pure ryegrass, and the turf is replaced, rolled daily, and then trimmed precisely to a turf length of 8mm; in addition, whether the ball is out during the game is also judged by the Rolex-sponsored Hawkeye system. Tennis expert Roger Federer emphasized: ‘Wimbledon must do everything to be better.’ The simple spirit of Wimbledon is the essence of Wimbledon. Many top athletes choose Rolex as their personal watch, such as Roger Federer, eight-time Wimbledon singles champion. He has a soft spot for Wimbledon and said: ‘Wimbledon will be held forever and its charm is so great that it exceeds any athlete.’

The tool in the picture is a special weeder used in the Wimbledon Championship; the ’22 SECONDS’ on the left symbolizes the process of quickly pulling up the rain cover in 22 seconds when it rains

As the most authoritative and representative tennis tournament to date, Wimbledon added a retractable roof above the center court in 2009 to ensure that the court environment is not affected by the weather; despite breakthrough improvements to the court, All England Lawn Tennis The croquet club still retains Wimbledon’s unique image and characteristics, ‘harmonizes tradition and innovation’, and strikes a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. It is also very similar to the evolution of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch. The long-established partners of the Bouton Tennis Championships are truly deserved. Time flies. At Wimbledon’s central court, the birth of the championship has rewritten the history of tennis time and time again. However, respect for tradition and vision for the future have brought the two classic brands together. Adhering to common values ​​and trust in each other, the partnership between Rolex and Wimbledon Championships will be long-lasting.

Every year, fans who line up to buy tickets for the game every night, and celebrities invited to sit in the royal box, many fanatics have watched exciting games

Federer, who has won 20 Grand Slam singles titles in his career, has established a cooperative relationship with Rolex since 2001